KWD Market Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe 2021”

Once again, the updated KWD-Fitting Report aims to provide an overview of the developments, trends and consumed pieces of fittings. As always it explains the basic designs of fittings and gives a detailed listing of offered fittings in Europe.

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In the past four years, a large number of new or even improved connector designs have been introduced in Europe, but without abandoning the established and proven types. Even if special designs are gaining ground, it remains to be said that the almost old-fashioned radial press fitting can be regarded as the industry standard worldwide. Metal or plastic has become less of a question of dogma when it comes to the choice of material; much more, intelligent solutions for the respective areas of application are being sought, often as composite designs in metal and plastic.

In light of the stream of innovations it is increasingly difficult even for experts to keep track of things. Which fitting made of which material is best suited for which type of pipe and application? What is the difference between the joining techniques available and which are the most important suppliers?

A special focus of the new report is on the developments to both: product development and quantitative use of the most important fitting types in the most important European markets, as well as the possible development of the connector materials and material combinations.

Content of the KWD Fitting Report Europe 2021:

  • Terms and Definition
  • The Development of Fittings – a brief look back
  • Basic Designs of Pipe Connections
  • Analyis of used Fittings by Connection Type
  • Consumption of Fittings by Pipe Material
  • News on Fittings and Pipe Connections
  • Detailed Listing of Fittings in Europe

The KWD Report costs 970,- Euro (plus tax in Germany) for our subscribers of KWD-SHK and KWD-globalpipe and 1200,- Euros for all others (prepayment for orders from foreign countries). The study will be delivered as digital version; on 290 pages all fitting types for pipes in building services are described, the sales volumes in Europe are estimated and a survey gives an indication of which fitting types are used in percent. In addition to the pdf file with the digital KWD Market Report two Excel files are also supplied: Consumption of Fittings in Europe and a Detailed Listings of Fittings in Europe by manufacturer. Editors of the report are Jutta Hix and Achim Seydel.

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