Fittings + Pipe Connections Europe 2012

KWD Market Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections – Report on Situation and Trends in Europe 2012” – A detailed Information on this report is available at KWD-globalpipe.

The last report on the market situation and trends for fittings and pipe connections in Europe had been published by KWD-globalpipe in 2007. Since then the development of connecting techniques for pipe systems has been rapid with no end in sight. You’d think in the meantime the entire innovation strengthof the pipe systems industry has been focused on this area.

This has led to numerous more or less convincing fitting solutions mostly aimed at simplifying the connecting process and/or shortening the installation time. From tool-free compression joints and “raxial” press fittings to push fit fittings in a variety of different designs – there seem to be no limits to imagination.

On the other hand well-tried techniques gain renewed popularity. Thus, polyfusion welding, also known as hot plate socket welding, has recently been employed for metal-composite pipes and been presented as groundbreaking. In the same way, the almost old-fashioned radial press fitting has gone a long way to be the worldwide industrial standard. Sophisticated designs, large quantities and increasing compatibility of pressing tools have paved the way for that.

In light of this stream of innovations it is increasingly difficult – even for experts – to keep track of things.

  • Which fitting made of which material is best suited for which type of pipe and application?
  • What is the difference between the joining techniques available and which are the most important suppliers?
  • What fittings from which producer are available?
  • How many fittings are used each year per country and what type of fittings are liked most?

The aim of this report is
to provide an overview of major developments and trends in the recent past as well as of the major European suppliers of pipe connecting products.Fittingstudie_2012

Maybe it is thus possible to give answers to the most important questions and provide assistance with regard to finding the “ideal” pipe connection.

Contents of the KWD Market Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe 2012”:

  • Introduction, Terms and definition, a brief Look Back, (Page     5 –   10)
  • Basic Designs of Pipe Connections, some Trends, (Page   11 –   40)
  • Detailed Listing of Fittings in Europe 2012, (Page   41 –   49)
  • Volume Trends for Fittings, (Page   50 – 169)
  • Companies alphabetical, (Page 170 – 225)
  • German Translation / Grundlagenkapitel in Deutsch, (Page 226 – 246)

The Market report costs 840,- Euros for subscribers (990,- for non subscribers).
The Report includes the printed book as well a CD with the market report as a pdf-file and the listing of fittings as well as the consumption of fittings in Europe as Excel-files.

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