Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe 2020 – KWD Market Report

The report analyses metal pipes from steel/c-steel, copper and stainless steel, plastic pipes from PEX, PE-RT, PP-R and PB as well as aluminium multilayer pipes.

To estimate the effects of the CORONA pandemic, we have developed a crisis calculator. This enables everyone to calculate their estimate of the change in consumption of pipes for planning purposes for each country at any time.

The regularly published market report KWD-Market + Charts ”Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe” estimates the consumption of pipes for domestic engineering in Europe, divided into the areas of floor heating, radiator connection and sanitary installation.

The market report analyses the pipe materials made of metal (steel, copper and stainless steel), plastic (PEX, PE-RT, PP-R and PB) and aluminium composite pipes (PEX/Al/… and PE-RT/Al/…) for the years 2017 – 2022.

As always, we have based this report on the Eurconstruct figures for new construction and modernisation in residential and non-residential construction. In our analysis tool we then estimate the pipe metres consumed per dwelling unit per country and application. In addition, we had many discussions with pipe manufacturers, raw material suppliers etc. and we analysed the information we had. The result is the KWD report which is now available.

And yet this time everything is different. Because when we started working on this study at the end of last year, nobody was talking about Corona. Then came the virus. Slowly at first, and only in China. Hardly anyone took it seriously at first. But then the threat became more and more real, more and more global and in the end faster: At the end of March the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM) in Hamburg warns: “We are in a pandemic marathon at kilometer 2 of 42, China is at kilometer 10.”

So we discussed in the editorial office how to proceed in the current situation regarding the study. One option would have been to postpone the study until we have reusable construction figures. However, since nobody knows how long this situation will last, we have decided to bring the KWD report now to provide you with updated figures as a basis for estimating the expected changes.

Various market research companies have already produced forecasts of how severe the losses could be. However, as we are still rather at the beginning of the pandemic and the further course or, above all, the period of the crisis is completely unclear, we do not see any reliable basis on which to make such a forecast. We were looking for a solution that could reassess the possible effects at any time.

The KWD Crisis Calculator is our response to the unclear assessment of construction work this year caused by the Corona Pandemic. The calculator works as follows:

  • The KWD Crisis Calculator is an editable Excel file.
  • It contains the familiar tables with all the figures for the various pipe materials by application fields, years and countries.
  • The figures from 2017 to 2019 (i.e. the past) are fixed.
  • In the first sheet of the Excel spreadsheet a percentage change can be entered for the year 2020 (i.e. the crisis year). Each country is considered separately.
  • The year 2020 is then automatically recalculated in the country tables. For the years 2021 and 2022, the percentage increase we forecast is adopted, but then based on the recalculated figure for 2020.

The report KWD Market + Charts “Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe 2020” costs 985,- Euro plus VAT in Germany and is delivered in digital form. This includes the complete study as a pdf file with the pipe consumption both in million meters and in tons of material as well as three Excel files: The tables and graphs with the million meters of pipe consumption, the same figures in a pivot table and the KWD crisis calculator, which allows individual adjustment of the figures from 2020.
The study is also available as a printed book, but since the demand for it has dropped dramatically, we only will deliver it as “Print on Demand”. This will be charged with an additional 50,- Euro and the delivery takes about 5 working days plus VAT in Germany and shipping costs abroad.

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