KE KELIT presents at ISH PROtec fittings made of PPSU for the first time!

KE KELIT, Austria´s leading supplier of innovative pipe systems, has combined performance and secure installation in a revolutionary new fitting. In 2013 the product range will be extended to include PPSU fittings.

kekelitkekelit-ishKWD-globalpipe, 14.02.2013. The fitting design is short and slim and is unique worldwide with a special component for protecting the seals. The design and position of the patented Protector ring prevents pipes which have not been correctly chamfered from entering the fitting. With KE KELIT´s PROtec system damaged O rings are a thing of the past.

photo: KE KELIT
photo: KE KELIT

After the successful introduction of PROtec to the market in 2011 KE KELIT continued to develop and re-design the fitting. The aim was to combine a superior design with high performance, without compromising any of its technical properties. The result was a transparent sleeve which requires no window. The unique feature of the sleeve, and its advantage compared to competing products, is its transparency. A window in the fitting is not required to check whether the pipe and fitting have been joined correctly. Professionals know that a window is always a weak point in the system as damp and dirt can enter through the window and reduce the performance of the fitting.

In future all PROtec fittings will be delivered with a blue dust cap to prevent any dirt getting into the fitting, in accordance with the hygiene standards (e.g. ÖNORM B 5019).

The PROtec fitting, currently available in the sizes d16-32, can be joined to all pipes in the KELOX product range and is an important addition to the KELOX press system which has been successful for many years.

KE KELIT would be glad to inform you personally about further advantages of the PROtec fitting and is interested in finding potential sales partners and licensees at the ISH exhibition.

Contact: KE KELIT Kunststoff Gesellschaft m.b.H., Austria,