Kalpana Industries Ltd.: Leading manufacturer of PVC, PEX and PPR Pipes in India

[inspic=293,left,,]Kalpana Industries Ltd. was founded in 1977 at Kolkata. 1994 the group set up a second unit in Daman. Having established itself as a leader in PVC compounding, the group realized that its core strength was in “Compounding” and thus decided to look beyond PVC by setting up units to manufacture specialty compounds like XLPE, Zero Halogen FRLS, Master Batches and Footware Compounds. Furthermore Pipe Compounds PE-Xa, PE-Xb and recently new PPR for hot water pipe and fitting.
[inspic=294,right,,]Today the group has emerged as a leader in its field. It is perhaps the largest manufacturer of polymer compounds in India with an installed capacity of 25,000 Mt. of PE/PP compounds and 10,000 Mt. of speciality compound per annum. It is setting benchmark in quality, with all its major product line being the preferred choice of discerning buyers.
Kalpana is one of the well-known PEX flexible Pipes manufacturers, incepted in India. It presents a wide range of PEX pipes which all are highly praised for their high level of strength. Reliability and durability are some of the salient features of the flexible plastic pipes.

Contact: www.kalpana-group.net, www.kalpenagroup.com