Huliot Piping System: One of Israel´s leading manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings

[inspic=291,left,,200]Huliot A.C.S. Ltd., is one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of plastic pipes and fittings for the construction industry, and for infrastructure, producing more than 800 different products. Virtually every household (and almost every bathroom) in Israel is fitted with at least one of Huliot’s products. Recently, Huliot has merged its 2 factories into its main plant in the Upper Galilee region. The second factory, which until recently operated under the U.P.P. brand, was a PVC pipe specialist. The recently renovated factory now boasts 8 extrusion lines, includding 2 lines with co (multi)-extrusion capability. Huliot’s versatile products are utilized for a wide range of applications, including infrastructure, soil, waste, sewage; drainage, water, and plumbing, inside and outside of almost any newly constructed or renovated building. Its pipes and fittings are manufactured to the strictest standards and are designed to perform under the toughest conditions. In Israel, the name Huliot is synonymous with superior quality. Products are produced from a variety of materials including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE), and Polypropylene (PP) utilizing advanced extrusion and injection molding
technologies.For more than 4 decades, the Huliot brand for pipes and fittings has been associated with innovation, quality, and reliability, which led to the building of strong, long-term relationships with Huliot’s customers (predominantly wholesalers). Over the years, Huliot developed
a reputation for quick response and reliable delivery.

Huliot produces in this product line, pipes (SN4 and SN8) and fittings for sewage, communications and electrical cables conduits. More recently it has added a parallel line of structured wall pipes for sewage. It produces diameters from 110 to 400mm, and in the residential sewage market, enjoys a 35% market share.

Waste and turbid

Products of this line are used for hot & cold waste at home. In this category, Huliot’s market share in Israel and the Palestinian territories is 50%. In this product range there are several subcategories:
Hot waste – made of PVC and Polypropylene including pipe and fittings in
diameters of up to 160 mm.
Thread-lock system- a unique and easy to connect line used especially in
bathrooms and produced in diameters of 32-50 mm from Polypropylene including pipes, fittings and accessories. This system is the preferred choice of plumbers in the renovation sector for over 20 years, as it offers them much
greater flexibility, as they require less fittings.
– Siphons and traps – a variety of siphons for the bathroom and the kitchen
traps and barriers.


is a butt-welded product line made from PEHD and is used for domestic and industrial hot and cold waste systems, as well as for rain water systems. Rain water drainage and vents Huliot manufactures a variety of rain water draining accessories for roofs and
balconies, and venting solutions.