Heating&Plumbing Pipes Europe 2013

KWD‘s Market + Charts „Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe“ market report is revised on an annual basis. It is the purpose of this report to provide a comprehensive reference book for all important information for this particular market segment.

Markt+Chart2013-FreigestelltIn the 2013 report at hand, we provide market estimates broken down by country for the use of indoor pipes. More specifically, the report contains data of the actual pipe quantities per country for under floor heating/surface heating and cooling (FH), radiator connections (RA) and sanitary pipes (SA). For our forecasts for the use of pipe materials in the coming years, numerous economic trends and building construction forecasts are interpreted.

Contents of the KWD market report:

  • Introduction and Statistics (Country
    and Construction Information)
  • Market + Charts: Heating  & Plumbing Pipes by Countries:
    – Economics Environment / Housing Development
    – Company News of the Heating & Plumbing Sector
    – Consumption of Heating & Plumbing Pipes in the period 2010 – 2016
  • European Overview of Heating & Plumbing Pipes,
  • Listings of Certifications by pipe material and Companies in the Heating & Plumbing Sector

M+Ch2013-Foto2To find everything, that has to do with a country together, we have assembled this year all the economic and construction information and the heating & plumbing market news together with the consumption of pipes by countries. The conversion into tons of pipe material und fittings will not be any more in the printed version. But it is still available in the pdf-version. So pipes in million meters cannot be mixed up with pipes in tons or fittings.

For more information please see the attached information with more explanations and page samples.

Price Information:

Standard Version: Charts and graphics, CD + Print, 760,- € for our subscribers (990,- € for all others)

Premium Version: Additional all charts and graphics as Excel-Spreadsheet, 980,- € for our subscribers (1.220,- € for all others). Please find more information and page samples in the attached file.

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