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globalpipe No.704 14.12.2018

  1. KME: The European Commission clears acquisition of MKM by KME
  2. Uponor withdraws from Asia – Focus on profitable growth in core businesses
  3. EVAL: 1st EVOH supplier to comply with Thermal Heat Stability requirements
  4. John Guest: 1st with AENOR certificate for PEX multilayer P-type system PEX/EVOH
  5. UNIDELTA: 1st with AENOR certificate for Mechanical-joint compression fittings
  6. Industrial Blansol got a new AENOR certification for the production of PE-RT pipes
  7. AENOR expand scope of SANAS accreditation for PE-RT piping systems SANS 22391
  8. IDC publishes sector trends of South Africa – including plastic pipes, tubes & hoses
  9. HVACR manufacturers report sales growth – forecast indicates confidence for 2019
  10. Euroconstruct: Peak construction reached in 2017, less growth in upcoming years
  11. EECFA 2018: Eastern European Winter Construction Forecast

globalpipe No.703 07.12.2018

  1. The Compound Company to double production capacity with €8 million investment
  2. Polyflo Piping Pty, established in 2016, was welcomed by SAPPMA as new member
  3. Wieland acquires specialty metals distributor Diversified Metals
  4. KraussMaffei Group keeps on growing – Strong Q4 ahead
  5. NMC – Comfort & protection for a better life / New website, company logo and more
  6. Uponor: Karsten Hoppe appointed President, Building Solutions – Europe
  7. SAPPMA expands influence into Africa and the World / NSF has joined SAPPMA
  8. AHR Expo 2019 Education Program offers first-look what’s ahead for HVACR
  9. ISH 2019: New makeover with new built hall and new sequence of days, Mon – Fri
  10. Pipe Africa 2019 in Cairo, the first of its kind / Building growth in Egypt and Africa
  11. AMI: Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure 2019 – Moving the plastic pipe industry forward
  12. Ozpipe XIX – PPXIX Spin-Off Conference will be held on Nov 7-8, 2019 in Sydney

globalpipe No.702 03.12.2018

  1. Proplastics: Zimbabwe’s pipe producer builds new factory/ 14% growth in FY 2017
  2. Flo-Tek/Botswana news: Rebranding / CPVC pipe production start / New branches
  3. Aquachem: In addition to UPVC, the Indian company now also produces CPVC pipes
  4. Ashirvad: Doors open for Ashirvad-trained plumbers, training provided by Aliaxis
  5. Aqua-S: The Russian company started with production of PE-Xb and PE-RT pipes
  6. DVGW & KIWA cooperate for kick-off of certification for multilayer piping systems
  7. PIPA – Australian Plastics Industry Pipe Association: PE & PVC guidelines published
  8. Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) issued warning about substandard HDPE plastic pipe
  9. Pipe industry turns used bottles into pipe – Infrastructure will benefit for 100 years
  10. IPFA take steps to qualify welding procedures & welds, ensuring consistent quality

globalpipe No.701 26.11.2018

  1. ABN Pipe Systems launched pipe system for water recycling – Exhibits at The Big 5
  2. ABN Pipe Systems offers halogen free ABN//WELDING ELECPIPE solutions
  3. REHAU’s MUNICIPEX brochure published – Superior choice for municipal piping
  4. Uponor’s Hutchinson plant opened six months ahead of schedule in November
  5. Asahi/America acquires Louisiana-based fabrication shop Performance Plastics
  6. Asahi/America: Winston Water Cooler, newest distributor of Asahitec PP-RCT pipe
  7. ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018: Enormous visitor interest all around the globe
  8. The Big 5 in Dubai exhibition on November 26-29, 2018 with new elements
  9. REHAU UK has launched a new CPD acoustic soil and waste pipework course
  10. Lightweight, resistant and versatile: Ceresana analyses global market for PVC pipes
  11. New report looks at the adverse health and safety impacts of PVC pipes | by CEH
  12. Cooperative Research Centres project – Smart linings for pipe and infrastructure

globalpipe No.700 20.11.2018

  1. ABN Pipe Systems launched pipe system for water recycling – Exhibits at The Big 5
  2. ABN Pipe Systems offers halogen free ABN//WELDING ELECPIPE solutions
  3. REHAU’s MUNICIPEX brochure published – Superior choice for municipal piping
  4. Uponor’s Hutchinson plant opened six months ahead of schedule in November
  5. Asahi/America acquires Louisiana-based fabrication shop Performance Plastics
  6. Asahi/America: Winston Water Cooler, newest distributor of Asahitec PP-RCT pipe
  7. ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018: Enormous visitor interest all around the globe
  8. The Big 5 in Dubai exhibition on November 26-29, 2018 with new elements
  9. REHAU UK has launched a new CPD acoustic soil and waste pipework course
  10. Lightweight, resistant and versatile: Ceresana analyses global market for PVC pipes
  11. New report looks at the adverse health and safety impacts of PVC pipes | by CEH
  12. Cooperative Research Centres project – Smart linings for pipe and infrastructure

globalpipe No.699 12.11.2018

  1. GF Piping Systems: COOL-FIT 4.0 continues the revolution spectacularly
  2. Armacell: ArmaFlex, the only material without any signs of corrosion – Best in test
  3. Molecor: TOM® + ecoFITTOM®, quality oriented towards a sustainable tomorrow
  4. Molecor achieves SNI: the Indonesian Certification for TOM® Oriented PVC pipes
  5. SANHA reported successful Chillventa result – Attracted by a lot of trade visitors
  6. Polypipe acquisition of Permavoid enhances WMS & Green Infrastructure proposition
  7. SharkBite UK joins forces with independent merchant Smith Brothers Stores (SBS)
  8. Watts expands BLÜCHER global design + stainless steel drainage system operations
  9. Borealis: Good Q3 result was supported by strong profit contribution from Borouge
  10. Mexichem reports double-digit growth for third quarter 2018
  11. Mueller Industries: Increase in net sales for Q3 2018 and 1-9/2018
  12. Watts Water Technologies announces record Q3 results – expects solid Q4 finish
  13. SIMONA maintains strong earnings performance/ Ebit up at 9% after first 9 months

globalpipe No.698 07.11.2018

  1. RIFD-Industry: New multilayer pipe production in Saudi Arabia / Start in Q3 2019
  2. Fengfan: One of China’s leading PP-RC piping system producers builds new factory
  3. Chevron Munaygas: Kazakhstan company exhibited first time at Aquatherm Almaty
  4. European construction industry promising – Prefab, one of key trends | by Arch-Vision
  5. Use of prefab elements in construction projects clearly on the rise | by USP MC
  6. Recovery in construction activity in France leads to supply bottlenecks in employment
  7. Lack of knowledge among European SHK installers about BIM and their role in BIM
  8. Euroconstruct Conference in Nov: Challenges to build metropolises of tomorrow
  9. New PEX plumbing design course announced – Now available online | by PPI
  10. Plastic Pipes XX Conference 2020 in Amsterdam / 2 spin-off events also announced
  11. IEX Insulation Expo Europe 2018 becomes international focus of the sector

globalpipe No.697 30.10.2018

  1. KE KELIT celebrates the opening of its new factory in Malaysia
  2. Polypipe acquired designer and manufacturer Manthorpe Building Products
  3. Borealis signs agreement to acquire controlling stake in South Korean compounder
  4. KraussMaffei Group makes a push for digitalization – “Technology meets Digital”
  5. Rifeng Test Center officially passed the CNAS laboratory review
  6. Geberit reported good 9M 2018 results / Overall, sales increased by 7.7%
  7. Uponor reported net sales growth driven by USA, Finland, Sweden and Poland
  8. KraussMaffei Group with new strategy and continuing growth course
  9. Mueller Industries: Businesses’ performance was good in the third quarter
  10. Saint-Gobain: Organic growth by 4.3% in 9M and 3.1% in Q3 – Objectives confirmed
  11. Borealis announced Project STOP: Scale-up commitment and next city partnerships
  12. Dow launch #PullingOurWeight cleanup campaign at over 50 locations worldwide

globalpipe No.696 19.10.2018

  1. Anvil International’s AnvilPress™ Copper won 2019 AHR Expo Innovation Award
  2. RIDGID Press Booster&rings for MegaPress XL, AHR Expo Innovation Award finalist
  3. Nupi Americas: First production of NIRON PP-RCT pre-insulated pipes in the USA
  4. Nupi Industrie Italiane: New flex restraints for NIRON Beta PP-RCT pipes
  5. Wieland invests in a new facility at its Chicago high performance tube plant
  6. Nupi Americas invests to double size PP pipe manufacturing & distribution facility
  7. KAN-therm Hungary founded due to Group’s growth in Central & Southern Europe
  8. Watts partner with Planet Water to bring clean water to those in need in Cambodia
  9. Global HDPE pipe market driven by increasing demand for water
  10. Global PP pipes market will grow –PP-R pipe most common one in PP pipe family
  11. Global PP-R pipe market is expected to grow roughly over the next five years
  12. CPVC pipe market mainly driven due to growing demand for hot&cold water supply
  13. Saudi Arabia plastic pipe market expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% in 2017-22
  14. Saudi Arabia PP-R pipes market projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% in 2018-23

globalpipe No.695 12.10.2018

  1. Saint-Gobain acquires Kaimann, German elastomeric insulation products producer
  2. Meier Tobler: Board of Directors dissociates from value adjustment by Ferguson
  3. Ferguson, distributor of plumbing and heating products, delivered good FY results
  4. Rettig ICC: Stable performance in first half of 2018 – Outlook remains unchanged
  5. Rettig ICC: Internal reorganisation – Headquarters now located in Helsinki, Finland
  6. SILON appoints Shukhrat Saidov as a new member of Board of Directors and as CEO
  7. KAN: Changes in the System KAN-therm PP Green PP-R piping system offer
  8. KAN: A new tool for assembly of KAN-therm Steel and KAN-therm Inox Systems
  9. Wieland invests in innovative Wicoatec surface technology for metal surfaces
  10. Global plastic pipe market expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% during 2018-23
  11. Australia plastic pipe market driven by increase in acceptance of PE over PVC pipes
  12. Bahrain plastic pipe market expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% during 2017-22

globalpipe No.694 04.10.2018

  1. Wieland introduces its new brand on the first of October 2018
  2. Pegler Yorkshire: Global future for renowned UK brand
  3. GF Piping Systems Malaysia invests in KraussMaffei Berstorff systems
  4. Viega MegaPress system added to approved list by American Bureau of Shipping
  5. FRABO has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification
  6. Kemper attended Electronica India / Kemper Advanced Tin now available in India
  7. Isoltubex announces the launch of PP-R pipes and fittings production
  8. Kan-therm introduces new solution: System KAN-therm Press GAS
  9. Wieland Group will show innovative tube products at Chillventa, Hall 5, Stand 214
  10. US housing starts plus 9.2% in August amid continued concerns about affordability
  11. Global new housing construction forecast to increase by new Freedonia study
  12. Euroconstruct: Construction materials-methods-design, paradigm changes to come

globalpipe No.693 28.09.2018

  1. WRW: No limits – Multilayer composite pipes up to diameter 110mm
  2. Polypipe launched range of traps with unique Fit-Rite technology for easy fitting
  3. battenfled-cincinnati sell twin screw extruder to Brazilian PVC pipe producer Duro
  4. Rifeng successfully obtained AENOR and CE certification for its PP-R piping system
  5. BPF Pipes Group welcomes F. Huelle in BPF Pipes Group and BSI committee roles
  6. Uponor: R. Windischhofer appointed EVP, Corporate Development and Technology
  7. Molecor: New edition of Technical Manual for Network Design and Use, PVC-O pipes
  8. BPF Pipes Group has issued new guidance on plastic pipes for brownfield sites
  9. Plastics Pipe Institute: New PP-R piping systems document now available from PPI
  10. Opening first PlasticRoad bike path in the world, made of 100% recycled plastic
  11. Polypipe driving forward mining productivity by investing in the future
  12. Mexichem helps cities prepare for a drier future by using Wavin Compact Pipe

globalpipe No.692 21.09.2018

  1. John Guest Speedfit crowned ‘Best Plumbing Brand’ at BMJ Awards 2018
  2. NUPI Americas: Niron Beta prefabricated PP-RCT fittings produced in Early Branch
  3. RWC USA/CAN: SharkBite EvoPEX system honoured by 2017 NAHB Spark Award
  4. Radius Systems introduce new high performance HY100 polyethylene gas pipe
  5. Radius Systems extend their successful innovative Puriton® pipe offering
  6. AMI Market Report: Plastic Hot and Cold Water Pipes System in Europe 2018
  7. Polypipe Group H1 2018: Resilient first half performance, on track for full year
  8. RWC FY2018 ending 30 June 2018: Net sales were 28% higher than the year before
  9. Building Information Modeling (BIM): What is it and what is it for?
  10. Caleffi launched new BIM website – Models, news and know-how

globalpipe No.691 13.09.2018

  1. Aalberts invests in new distribution and assembly centre in Zeewolde/Netherlands
  2. REHAU: New CEO William Christensen and CFO Kurt Plattner at REHAU Group
  3. UPONOR sells the German ZENT-FRENGER to the Swedish SWEGON GROUP
  4. Uponor Infra divests its North American business
  5. FRABO SOLARPRESS press fittings for high temperature plants
  6. John Guest Multilayer Universal Connector for any multilayer pipe introduced
  7. RWC Europe presented quick connection system SharkBite NEXUS at MCE 2018
  8. Plastic Pipes XIX: Mobile Communication App for PPXIX Delegates
  9. Molecor will present important novelties at Plastic Pipes XIX
  10. Aalberts Industries continued investments in organic growth in H1 2018
  11. Arbonia H1 2018: Pleasing organic growth / Germany again largest sales market
  12. SIMONA satisfied with H1 results / Pipes & Fittings Div. impacted by sluggish Q1

globalpipe No.690 20.08.2018

  1. US demand for behind wall pipe forecast to grow 5% annually by Freedonia Study
  2. Global underfloor heating market: Goldstein analysts forecast up 9.1% in 2016-24
  3. Omnie launched new website Circoflo to purchase underfloor heating kits simpler
  4. Armacell USA: New insulation pipe support to prevent thermal bridging
  5. Armacell on growth course through 3 acquisitions: TB Concept, De Xu and Guarto
  6. Devex Systems: New range of electric floor heating products and gas boilers
  7. Schlüter-Systems: New smart thermostat, enhancing electric floor heating system
  8. Mueller Industries: Operating income increased 11.2% in Q2 and 7.7% in H1 2018
  9. Bosch Thermotechnology on growth path – sales revenues up 6% in H1 2018
  10. Borealis: Strong H1’18 despite ongoing challenging fertilizer market environment
  11. Mexichem with highest quarterly Q2 y-o-y revenue growth by 35% in history

globalpipe No.689 14.08.2018

  1. HIL: Birla Aerocon launched new range of SWR (Soil, Waste+Rain) & pressure pipes
  2. Astral will be producing DWC pipes for entering Indian infrastructure market
  3. Supreme now offers Ultra Plus DWC pipes – recent production start at two plants
  4. Supreme Nu-Drain uPVC drainage and sewer system now approved by MCGM
  5. Advanced Drainage System launched new StormTech installation App
  6. AGRU supply PE pipes for amazing ocean cleanup project with launch in September
  7. AGRU won USA Biz Award 2018 in Investment category in US AGRU XXL pipe plant
  8. Armacell wins prestigious innovation Plus X Award / Armaflex Ultima honoured
  9. Geberit reported successful first half-year with strong earnings growth
  10. Watts Water Technologies continues to drive strong top-line growth + productivity
  11. Wienerberger: 2017 highest ever revenue / Building future, goal is clear: growth

globalpipe No.688 08.08.2018

  1. Astral Pipes introduces ASTRAL PEX-a PRO piping system in the Indian market
  2. WRW: New pipe-in-pipe feeding machine/ service also offered for third-party pipes
  3. Lubrizol&FinOlex signed agreement for FinOlex FlowGuard CPVC production in IND
  4. Lubrizol introduces new, unique capabilities and specialty CPVC compounds at NPE
  5. Victaulic introduced industry’s first grooved joining solution for CPVC pipe
  6. Corzan: Industrial CPVC piping – when using schedule 40 or 80, or CPVC-lined FRP
  7. Positive growth reports from Indian plastic pipe industry: figures, players, drivers
  8. Supreme on growth course in Plastic Piping Division through capacity expansion
  9. Astral: Growth through new products, upcoming production plants & acquisitions
  10. FinOlex: Growth driven by non-agricultural sector i.e. housing and infrastructure
  11. Jain Irrigation: Pipe business steady at higher profitability level / Revenue growth

globalpipe No.687 02.08.2018

  1. Commission opens in-depth investigation into KME’s proposed acquisition of MKM
  2. Corr Plastik: Brazilian third-largest PVC pipe manufacturer on growth course
  3. SILON s.r.o invested $ 20 million to establish new subsidiary in the USA
  4. SILON has created new PE-Xb logo in order to support whole PE-Xb segment
  5. Tigre launches corporate brand to represent group’s unity, integration & strength
  6. WAVIN Ekoplastik presented unique floor heating system of PP-RCT manifold sets
  7. IPEX: System XFR® PVC 14″ – 18″ product line extension now available
  8. Tigre developed CPVC pipes and fittings for marine, oil and gas applications
  9. Ego Engineering offers new a fastening rail for underfloor heating systems
  10. KME now offering OSNALINE® ANTISTATIC tube bundles, all-clear for hazard zones
  11. Georg Fischer: Positive momentum continued in the first half-year of 2018
  12. Uponor: Growth was driven by strong performance by Uponor Infra in H1 2018
  13. Saint-Gobain: Sharp uptick in sales in the second quarter / Acceleration of strategy

globalpipe No.686 24.07.2018

  1. Plastiferro brings revolutionary PVC-O pipe technology from Spain to Argentina
  2. SAPPMA keeps close eye on PVC-O pipes in ZAF ensuring they meet standards
  3. PVC-O standard IS 16647:2017 published by BIS, Indian Government Agency
  4. BEULCO shows that digital transformation in medium-sized businesses is possible
  5. REHAU organized international “Innovation Days” – versatile, networked, digital
  6. gabo Systemtechnik: Capacity boost for microtube systems&expansion into Britain
  7. GF: Over CHF20Mio investment in Schaffhausen, one of largest in GFs recent history
  8. Aliaxis: Group strategic transformation bringing positive results in FY 2017
  9. Aalberts: Growth in FY 2017, expect further sustainable profitable growth in 2018
  10. PB pipe market: New report analysis why interest for PB pipe is expanding
  11. Pipes & pipe/hose fittings report: PVC pipes dominate global plastic pipes market
  12. PVC & HDPE large diameter pipes report: players, trends and product launches

globalpipe No.685 18.07.2018

  1. KME+owners of MKM signed acquisition agreement for complete takeover of MKM
  2. Pipelife Norway takes over Isoterm, Norwegian pre-insulated plastic pipe specialist
  3. Astral Poly Technik acquired Rex Polyextrusion for entering infrastructure market
  4. Aliaxis acquire remaining stake in Ashirvad Pipes expanding commitment to India
  5. NORMA Group close acquisition of Kimplas – strengthening market position in Asia
  6. Mueller Industries acquired insulated duct systems leader ATCO Rubber Products
  7. Aquatherm USA: PP-R pipes are a stable alternative for rising steel prices
  8. PPI created committee with focus on PP-R pipes/ Growth of PP-R pipe in NA market
  9. Techno Plastic Industry: Oman PP-R pipe producer with expansion plan for 2018
  10. Nupi Industrie Italiane launched new PP-RCT NIRON Beta coupler Ø710mm
  11. REHAU: Content with Russia business / Economical product development strategy
  12. Giacomini: Growth in Russia despite difficult situation / Focus on quality products
  13. Vinnolit: 25 years of PVC innovation – producing 30 millionth ton of PVC

globalpipe No.684 12.07.2018

  1. Henco launches handy BIM app to make its products available to all BIM engineers
  2. Therminon – News in 2017: BIM Ready / New AKKORD tacker system
  3. Therminon launched innovative composite underfloor heating manifold Multi-Unit
  4. Tiemme news: 6-way distribution manifold/ thermostatic mixer/ pressure reducer
  5. Giacomini Poland branch awarded for ball valves and separator by Polish Corp.
  6. Tiemme: CLIMAV 2.0 selected for the 2018 MCE Efficiency & Innovation Project
  7. Valves within the scope of the Machinery Directive – New guide published
  8. Underfloor heating gains momentum by a new study of Interconnection Consulting
  9. European Smart Homes: Showcasing Smart Home benefits to drive market growth
  10. Plastic Pipes Inside Buildings conf. focus on technical&commercial development
  11. Plastic Pipe Fittings & Joints conference: Latest developments in fittings and joints
  12. Events in H2 2018 for plumbing, heating, installation & water supply solutions | Calendar of Events

globalpipe No.683 06.07.2018

  1. MCE Milan 2018: Impressions, news and comments on exhibitors and products
  2. Eurotis: The first and only radial pressing system with increased water flow rate
  3. FV-Plast: Start of PB pipes production/ Focus on evolution in PP at Spring Fairs
  4. Aquatherm Moscow 2018: Trends in HVAC sectors by some companies’ experts
  5. Tiemme: New ranges and developments of its heating systems & regulations at MCE
  6. Rointe Spain presented electrical heating systems at Aquatherm Moscow 2018
  7. Tiemme: Press-fitting COBRAPRESS for multilayer pipe now in diameter of 90mm
  8. Tiemme: New system DRY in EPS 300 & radiating panel LOW BLACK showed at MCE
  9. Rointe launched new its electric underfloor heating range in November 2017
  10. FV-Plast: PP-RCT HOT pipes awarded at Aquatherm Prague 2018
  11. FV-Plast: New generation of distributions with FV PP-RCT pipes

globalpipe No.682 02.07.2018

  1. Reliance Worldwide Corporation completes acquisition of John Guest Holdings Ltd
  2. AGRU HDPE pipes & fittings: 70 years – a success story / First extrusion line in 1961
  3. ROXUL Technical Insulation is now ROCKWOOL Techn. Insulation in North America
  4. Rollepaal: New corporate identity RPflow / Launch of new website
  5. Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI): Annual industry award 2018 winners announced
  6. Uponor Inc. got PPI Award for installation of PEX tubing at Wilshire Grand Center
  7. ISCO and Performance Pipe got PPI Award for chilled and hot water line systems
  8. Advanced Drainage System: PPI Award for HDPE storm water drainage installation
  9. WL Plasatics + Core&Main: PPI Award for HDPE water pipeline to rural community
  10. Polypipe Civils and Infrastructure drainage pipes installed at Wholesale Market
  11. AGRU SP 110-S V premium welding technology meets customers’ needs
  12. Laminazione Sottile: Installing new longitudinal slitting line for aluminium strips

globalpipe No.681 22.06.2018

  1. HDPE and PVC pipes market is growing, owing to water infrastructure demand
  2. Timewell Drainage Products now offer MaxFlex, flexible dual wall pipe
  3. Astral expand PVC pipe and fitting capacity for water and sewer applications
  4. Lane Enterprises will build new pipe manufacturing facility in Temple, TX
  5. Timewell Drainage Products open 6th HDPE pipe production facility in Selma, AL
  6. Sanderson Pipe and Vinylplex merging into one PVC pipe company
  7. Uponor Inc. announces Hutchinson Facility now operational
  8. Total, Borealis and NOVA Chemicals close their Joint Venture in petrochemicals
  9. Uponor: Jan Peter Tewes, President, Building Solutions – Europe, leaves Uponor
  10. Fujian Zhongjing Petrochemical select LyondellBasell Spheripol PP technology
  11. Pegler Yorkshire has launched Heat Free Jointing CPD module
  12. REHAU reaches environmental targets earlier than planned

globalpipe No.680 14.06.2018

  1. REHAU pitch heating provides the best playing conditions in World Cup stadiums
  2. FRABO: FRABOPRESS 316 press fitting has obtained the OVGW certification
  3. KraussMaffei Berstorff: Groundbreaking technologies for high-performance pipes
  4. NMC Naturefoam® pipe insulation: High performance made of renewable raw materials
  5. Foam Supplies Inc. designed an environmentally responsible insulation Ecofoam®
  6. National Pipe and Plastics plan to build new headquarter in West Endicott
  7. KraussMaffei strengthens customer focus through digital solutions and services
  8. KraussMaffei takes a stake in the second-hand machinery start-up GINDUMAC
  9. Euroconstruct: Construction will continue to grow in Europe in the next few years
  10. AMA Research: Modest forecasts for construction output amid Brexit uncertainty

globalpipe No.679 05.06.2018

  1. Silon: “PEX DAYS 2018” event at the historical Prague Waterworks Museum
  2. Aleris Pipelite Days: Consumption of MLT-pipes in Europe – a speech by Jutta Hix
  3. KWD Market + Charts „Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe“ – Update 2018
  4. Plastic Pipes XIX in September 2018 in Las Vegas: Less talk – More Walk!
  5. WRW increased its sales volume for hoop and loop fastening by 40 % in 2017
  6. Molecor fulfills the Moroccan regulations for Oriented PVC NM ISO 16422: 2017
  7. RLS = Rapid Locking Systems: Refrigeration press fittings
  8. HeatLink: BIM Library Live ! – New catalogue with new pricing has been released
  9. UPONOR: Pipe World – Customer magazine for infra professionals

globalpipe No.678 17.05.2018

  1. Arbonia acquires Vasco Group, the market leader for radiators for Benelux
  2. Borealis starts strongly in 2018, advances on key growth initiatives
  3. Pipeline Plastics /USA invested in KraussMaffei Berstorff pipe extrusion lines
  4. Rifeng Introduced advanced Systems at Feicon Show 2018
  5. Unicor will exhibit its Corrugator Technology at Plast 2018 in Milan /Italy
  6. Plastic Pipes XIX welcomes two Sponsors: Hamilton Kent a. Battendfeld-Cincinnati
  7. SIMONA 2017: Strong organic revenue growth worldwide
  8. GEBERIT: Successful first quarter with strong earnings growth
  9. UPONOR Interim report 1-3/2018: Strong net sales of North American businesses
  10. Watts Water Technologies Reports Strong Start to 2018

globalpipe No.677 04.05.2018

  1. Mueller Industries strengthen PEX activity / Growth opportunities in pressure pipe
  2. Mueller Industries: Piping segment increased in FY 2017 / Good first quarter 2018
  3. SIMONA present end-to-end solutions at IFAT 2018 in Munic, hall B3.227/326
  4. WKT: Ribbed PVC pipe to dig wells / Now PE pipe up to 630mm / IFAT participation
  5. Molecor’s innovative fittings ecoFITTOM® – the first in the world in PVC-O
  6. Pegler Yorkshire is introducing mechanical grooved piping system to range
  7. GF Piping Systems: OnSite – Supplier warehouse directly at the customer
  8. GF Piping Systems: IR-315 A fusion machine – Peace of mind with big dimensions
  9. Euroconstruct Conference: Housing construction intensity highest in the Nordics
  10. Nordic countries: Reasons behind growth in housing construction vary by country

globalpipe No.676 26.04.2018

  1. Aleris Pipelite Seminar has developed into a successful industry meeting place
  2. Eurotubi: MCE 2018 was a great success for Eurotubi Europa and Vimoter
  3. Wieland presented new GEWA-D finned carbon steel and titanium tubes at MCE
  4. TECE expand its floor heating range with two new dry wall construction systems
  5. TECE offer TECEfloor PE-RT pipe with extra thick outer layer for industrial buildings
  6. VALF-RUS: White coloured VALFEX PE-RT pipes are replaced by green PE-RT pipes
  7. HeatLink introduced new HEP 25MBH Isolation Heat Exchanger Panel
  8. Ego Engineering: Pro Aqua PP-R pipes delivered in new transparent packaging
  9. FRABO news: Catalogue+price list 2018 available / MyFRABO – Order list by Email
  10. Mueller Industries acquired Canadian Die-Mold Tool Ltd., effective March 31, 2018
  11. Wieland expand global production + service network to support customer growth
  12. Viega GmbH & Co. KG launched first Indian plant at Sanand
  13. Viega LLC announced major expansion at its McPherson campus

globalpipe No.675 18.04.2018

  1. KE KELIT acquires DW Verbundrohr/ Expansion of activities in the German market
  2. Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group acquires Ferrostaal Piping Supply
  3. Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group reported significant profit growth
  4. ABN Pipe Systems successfully introduced high performance sustainable solutions
  5. ABN Pipe Systems launched new ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE PP-RCT pipe
  6. Novopress participated at MCE – Pressing technology is getting smarter
  7. UNICOR will show its pipe corrugators and all corresponding products at Chinaplas
  8. Molecor: Publication of the Moroccan regulations for PVC-O NM ISO 16422: 2017
  9. Pipe fittings experience good times – New study released by Interconnection
  10. VDMA Industrial Valves with an upswing in exports in 2017

globalpipe No.674 29.03.2018

  1. REHAU: EVERLOC+ fitting system now up to 2 Inch as well for commercial plumbing
  2. aquatherm: Changeover of XXL fittings from special fabrication
  3. aquatherm: Design changes of 90° elbows for butt welding
  4. Berke received new German SKZ product certifications for its PP-R pressure pipe
  5. Thomsun got new German DVGW & SKZ product certifications for its PP-R pipe
  6. SKZ: New and expired German Marks between September 2016 and January 2018
  7. Armacell: Damp insulation doesn’t insulate – Armaflex insulation material protects
  8. aquatherm goes UK: Located south of London – The sixth independent subsidiary
  9. egeplast: Pipe systems safeguarding future generations at the IFAT
  10. egeplast: The new solution video for the egeplast HexelOne® pipe
  11. KraussMaffei Berstorff: Customized solution for 5-layer PP-R pipe with fiberglass
  12. POLOPLAST implements a special solution with help from KraussMaffei Berstorff
  13. KraussMaffei Group with record result in 2017 – 8% up to €1.37 billion

globalpipe No.673 23.03.2018

  1. mfh systems surprises: Self-regulating electricity-based underfloor heating E-NERGY
  2. LATICRETE launches World’s most advanced electric radiant floor heating system
  3. Warmup: Introducing the highest-rated anti-fracture membrane, DCM-PRO
  4. Omnie introduces underfloor heating system innovations for 2018
  5. herotec: Further development of insulation system – non-flammable tempusROCK+
  6. Omnie launches its new smart thermostat control systems in 2018
  7. Giacomini: New control unit with touch screen for climatic control KD410
  8. Warmup latest addition to its programmable thermostat line: Tempo® thermostat
  9. Uponor’s 100-year story – Better Living Environments documentary film available
  10. Watts partners with Planet Water Foundation for clean drinking water supply
  11. Watts Water Technologies elects new director, Louise K. Goeser

globalpipe No.672 16.03.2018

  1. FIV Fabrica Italiana Valvole presented new LBP press fittings at MCE 2018
  2. Global Piping: New Ring EVO-Plus for AC-FIX Plastic Ring Expansion Fittings
  3. Global Piping released new price list 2018 for AC-FIX PRESS DUO
  4. IPEX releases new range of AquaRise® Threaded Adapter Fittings
  5. Isoltubex got AENOR mark for piping system for indoor & outdoor gas installation
  6. AENOR begins the certification of PP piping systems for fire-fighting installations
  7. AENOR certification of plastic products AEN/CTC 001: Listing of new certificates
  8. AENOR obtains SANAS accreditation for a wide family of plastic piping systems
  9. Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2018 Conference in Moscow on April 26, 2018
  10. PLASTIC PIPES XIX 2018 to showcase host of new developments

globalpipe No.671 09.03.2018

  1. Conex Bänninger: Focus on trade fairs newly launched >B< MaxiPro press fitting
  2. NUPI Americas: New NIRON transition fittings from PP-RCT to PEX
  3. Nupi Industrie Italiane will present product range and latest news at MCE
  4. KE KELIT at the Mostra Convegno – „The Connection makes the Difference“
  5. KraussMaffei Berstorff at Chinaplas&NPE: QuickSwitch technology for smart factory
  6. KraussMaffei Berstorff and Baosu Pipe Industry are cooperating in PVC-O pipes
  7. Advanced Drainage Systems launches “ADS Installation Guides’ Mobile App
  8. Advanced Drainage Systems announces key management changes – New president
  9. Aalberts Industries: Revenue increased by +7% to EUR 2,694 million in FY 2017
  10. Advanced Drainage Systems: Strong revenue growth in Q3 ended Dec 31, 2017
  11. Armacell increased revenues by 8.0% to EUR 603 million in 2017

globalpipe No.670 02.03.2018

  1. WRW Westfälische Rohrwerke and AIS: „Make common cause“ – Motto at MCE
  2. Eurotherm with two innovations at MCE: BIM technology and new Smartcomfort
  3. Spira-Berga Almaty Plant will present its PE pipe range at ShymkentBuild 2018
  4. Chip Mong Group expands its business field with pipe production on AMUT lines
  5. AMUT was chosen of Cambodian company as supplier for four pipe extrusion lines
  6. HSIL Ltd. invests in new pipe manufacturing plant – launch of TRUFLO by Hindware
  7. Westlake Chemical adding capacity for PVC and VCM in US and Germany
  8. Georg Fischer: Growth well above target in 2017
  9. Saint-Gobain reported growth in all Business Sectors and regions in 2017
  10. Uponor USA: Hutchinson expansion progresses with hiring of senior manager
  11. Uponor USA names Chad Meyer senior director of Phyn Plus – Intelligent Water
  12. AMI: Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure 2018 – Moving the plastic pipe industry forward

globalpipe No.669 20.02.2018

  1. KWD Market + Charts „Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe“ – Update 2018 published
  2. United Thermo RUS at Aquatherm Moscow: Now PE-Xa pipes from own production
  3. Brugg: Launch of CALPEX PUR-King with lowest lambda value of 0.0199 W/mK
  4. aquatherm black system: Reduction of the connection types and new articles
  5. U.S.: Total, Borealis and NOVA Chemicals sign definitive agreements
  6. Uponor invests further in Phyn to accelerate growth in smart water systems
  7. Geberit: Accelerated growth in the fourth quarter – First information on year 2017
  8. Uponor continues its solid performance, despite sizable investments for the future
  9. Watts Water Technologies reports strong finish to 2017
  10. Mueller Industries reports Q4 and FY 2017 earnings
  11. Borealis continues strong financial performance

globalpipe No.668 12.02.2018

  1. Nordpipe showed at Aquatherm Moscow PE 100 RC Powerpipe for water and gas
  2. TE-SA will present new range of compression fittings with only two components
  3. Eurotubi Pressfittings: New developments in the 2018 edition of MCE
  4. Armacell: Highly flexible products for preventive fire protection at FeuerTrutz
  5. Tehstroi upgraded existing extrusion line with KraussMaffei 3-layer pipe head
  6. KraussMaffei Berstorff to expand its market leadership in Russia and CIS countries
  7. Mexichem to acquire US-based PVC compounds manufacturer Sylvin Technologies
  8. Mexichem completes acquisition of Netafim, the world leader in smart irrigation
  9. aquatherm announces further investment and reconstruction plans
  10. aquatherm Revit datasets won an award in the USA “Product of the year 2017“
  11. Molecor adapts and certifies its Quality and Environmental Management System
  12. ifo Economic Climate Indicator for the Euro Area hits highest level since 2000
  13. Euroconstruct: Growth in all 19 Euroconstruct countries in 2017

globalpipe No.667 06.02.2018

  1. Mekoo Pipe Systems show own PE-Xc pipe production – launched at ISH China 2017
  2. Leex Pipe will show PE, PP-R, PE-RT, PEX, PE/Al pipes for plumbing, heating + more
  3. ABN Pipe Systems will show its latest ABN// PP, PP-RCT and PE pipe launches
  4. Xinniu Pipe will show PP-R pipes and fittings – PP-RCT & PP-R stabi new launched
  5. Huijia Machinery will show PP-R, PE-RT, PE/Al piping systems and sanitary ware
  6. Weixing NBM – VASEN will show PP-R, PE, PVC PE-RT, PEX + PE/Al pipes & fittings
  7. Fenghe will present PP-R, PB, PE-RT, PEX and PEX/Al pipes + screw & press fittings
  8. Sarizon Group will present its PP-R, PVC and PE-RT pipes, fittings and valves
  9. THC Chile will show its innovative PEXlock clamp fittings for PEX and PE-RT pipes
  10. Captain Polyplast: One of the largest Indian irrigation systems manufacturers
  11. SLT Aqua will present PP-R pipes and fittings – Production start was in 2016
  12. AfWA: 19th Congress of the African Water Association – On the Way to Bamako 2018
  13. Aquatherm Exhibitions: Novosibirsk 13-16 Febr. and Tashkent 28 Febr.-2 March
  14. TEPPFA Forum 2018 “Discover:Plastics”: Dr. Paul Toyne will chair this event
  15. VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2018 to focus on ‘Meeting Societal Needs’

globalpipe No.666 26.01.2018

  1. FRABO: The family is growing – new profile M
  2. GF Piping Systems: From metal to plastic – a switch with many advantages
  3. FB Balzanelli solutions for pre-insulated pipes
  4. Wavin leads the way on BIM with new BSI Kitemark™
  5. NUPI Americas: New ASTM standard expected to boost PP Piping systems
  6. NUPI Americas: MEP library available on NUPI AMERICAS website
  7. Suiken show fittings for water supply+sewage for first time at Aquatherm Moscow
  8. FRABO at SHK Essen: Innovative press fitting for water & gas, new M profile + more
  9. Roth Energy+Sanitary Systems exhibit its innovative system solutions at SHK Essen
  10. NSF International global water team exhibits at MCE-Mostra
  11. Aquatherm Moscow strengthens business ties: Japan companies with own pavilion
  12. SHK Essen: New exhibitors strengthen SHK – New sequence of days
  13. MCE 2018: The evolution of thermal comfort systems in buildings on stage
  14. Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Assoc.’s Annual Meeting: PVC pipe is the sustainable choice

globalpipe No.665 19.01.2018

  1. NUPI Americas: New NERO by NIRON pipes with PP-RCT internal layer
  2. NUPI Americas: New NIRON PP-RCT reducing tees and coupler
  3. Omniplast’s Primus HL SN12 sewer pipe: Thinner, lighter, tougher
  4. Uponor’s & Belkin’s JV Phyn introduces intelligent water solution for the US market
  5. battenfeld-cincinnati USA: New equipment & innovative control system
  6. Roth is further expanding its international presence: Subsidiary in Belgium
  7. COMAP opens a new subsidiary in the Netherlands headed up by Chris Hartenberg
  8. egeplast: Christian Haferkamp takes over the management of sales at egeplast
  9. Borealis+Borouge celebrate 10th anniversary of their Water for the World program
  10. European construction sector; future building volumes for 2018 and 2019
  11. Italian Exports for plastics & rubber processing rides the recovery wave in Russia.