globalpipe headlines 2016

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globalpipe No.624 22.12.2016

  1. Pegler Yorkshire: First to introduce large scale Press Fittings into UK Marketplace
  2. RWC: New EvoPEX PTC Fitting designed for new US Housing Construction Market
  3. Uponor: Industry-first ProPEX® opposing-Port Tees for PEX Hydronic Systems
  4. Armacell adds AF/Armaflex Elbows and T-Pieces prefabricated Fitting Covers
  5. K-FLEX USA announced 100-Job Expansion in North Carolina
  6. RWC Cullman, USA: Market Dynamics – Positioned for continued Growth / New Jobs
  7. POLYPLASTIC Group launches Plant in Khabarovsk Region for PE Pipe Production
  8. RWC Ltd. FY 2016: Net Sales Growth of 13% every Year since 2006 – FY2016 +18%
  9. RWC Ltd.’s Strategy: Investing in US Growth, Product Development, Expansion in EU
  10. POLYPLASTIC Group celebrated 25th Anniversary
  11. KWS, Wavin & Total team up on developing a sustainable PlasticRoad Prototype

globalpipe No.623 19.12.2016

  1. RWC: Expansion into Continental Europe / Production Start of PE-Xa Pipes in Spain
  2. Wavin China: New Factories put into Production in Foshan
  3. KE KELIT/AUT: Opening of KE KELIT Branch in Bratislava, Slovakia
  4. Mueller Industries acquired the Copper Tube Mill in Cedar City, Utah
  5. Roth Industries: K Participants interested in USA as an Industrial Centre
  6. battenfeld-cincinnati: Enormous positive Feedback at K / Orders placed directly
  7. Jain Irrigation’s Future excellent / ordered new battenfeld-cincinnati Line at K
  8. BSRIA appoints new Worldwide Market Intelligence Business Manager
  9. GF Piping Systems presents its updated Online Tool ChemRes PLUS
  10. RWC Europe and RWC Australia got new Certifications for PEX and Multilayer Pipes
  11. Uponor got new CSTB Certification for Comfort Pipe PLUS PE-Xa Piping System
  12. Futura – System Group/ITA: PP fittings for Tech 3 High modulus now NF certified
  13. Eurotherm/ITA presented two new Leonardo Radiant Ceiling Systems at MCE
  14. Creatherm: Winter is just around the Corner – Radiant Heating, warmer & safer too

globalpipe No.622 08.12.2016

  2. SLT Aqua/RUS starts Production of PP-R Pipes on KraussMaffei Berstorff Machines
  3. SMIT-Yartsevo/RUS add Steel Pipe Coating Technology from KraussMaffei Berstorff
  4. SABIC expands its Portfolio of foamable Polymers addressing Global Challenges
  5. Polypipe/GBR 10M 2016: On track to achieve Expectations for Full Year
  6. Borealis delivers another solid Quarter contributing to a record Net Profit for Q3
  7. ITIB/ITA successfully participated at K 2016 – Sold Corrugator towards Turkey
  8. KraussMaffei Berstorff Quality prevails in the Russian Market
  9. battenfeld-cincinnati will introduce new Extrusion Equipment at Arabplast 2017
  10. EUROCONSTRUCT 82nd: European Construction Sector will keep growing

globalpipe No.621 30.11.2016

  1. Faraplan/ITA got INOVYN Award for more-efficient Piping with less Raw Materials
  2. Westfälische Kunststoff Technik/DEU got INOVYN Award for Well-Digging Pipe
  3. Plastica Alfa/ITA has launched Alfaidro UV PP-R Pipes
  4. Nupi Industrie/ITA: New Diameters for blue PE Pipe with Barcode
  5. Nupi Industrie/ITA: NADIR plus HDPE Pipes certified to PAS 1075
  6. NUPI AMERICAS/USA: New NIRON PP-RCT Reducing Tee 355×315
  7. Idrotherm/ITA: PE Pipes RENOVATION VRC+ and RENO 100 got new Certifications
  8. Wavin UK launches Revit® Piping Packages
  9. Uponor plans to concentrate PE-Xa Pipe Production and close a Factory in Spain
  10. Hepworth UAE: New PVC Pipe Kitemark Certification / Construction of new Factory
  11. Rifeng/CHN attended the 120th Canton Fair with attractive Laser Projectors
  12. Armacell and JIOS establish Joint Venture for Aerogel Blankets
  13. BSRIA announced the passing of Reginald Brown, Head of Energy & Environment

globalpipe No.620 22.11.2016

  1. Solin/GRC is the only Greek Company that produces Composite Pipes of Alu-Plastic
  2. IPEX revealed Edmonton Bionax PVC-O and Centurion PVC Pipe Plant Expansion
  3. Terrendis/BEL is gradually expanding its International Footprint
  4. BASF increases Capacity of its Global Plastic Additives Production Network
  5. SABIC: New PP Pilot Plant enables SABIC to meet key Industry Needs
  6. Uponor: M.Sc. (Econ) Maija Strandberg appointed EVP Finance at Uponor
  7. IVT/DEU: New in 2016 PRINETO Surface Heating Pipes square insulated
  8. IPEX/CAN: Bionax PVC-O large Diameter Pressure Pipe – 2015 Product of the Year
  9. IPEX/CAN releases new Range of AquaRise® Threaded Adapter Fittings
  10. Uponor USA: Industry-first ProPEX® opposing-port Tees for PEX Hydronic Systems
  11. Uponor: New Smartphone App Uponor PRO for Building Solutions

globalpipe No.619 11.11.2016

  1. KWD Market + Charts „Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe“ – Update 2016 published
  2. Plastic, the „new Metal“ for Infrastructure Pipes – New Study from Interconnection
  3. Precast Concrete Products to grow over 5% annually by new Freedonia Study
  4. GPS PE Pipe Systems/GBR expanded its Barrier Pipe Solution now up to 630mm
  5. Radius Systems new Brochure: Anaconda, Solution for Service Pipe Connections
  6. Saint-Gobain: Continued good organic Growth, at 2.6% for the nine-month Period
  7. Molecor closes the K2016 with great Future Prospects
  8. Sabic – Development of Building & Construction Solutions for rising Populations
  9. Borealis expands pioneering pipe portfolio: New grade of PP-RCT
  10. Borealis, Borouge + Nova Chemicals offer dynamic Customer Experience at K 2016

globalpipe No.618 07.11.2016

  1. LEONI shed their cross-linking Bautzen Plant – a good fit for new Owner Ionisos
  2. Geberit continued very good Business Development in 9M 2016
  3. Uponor improved performance in Europe – NA segment suffered from supply issues
  4. K 2016 – a success Story: Extraordinarily good Economic State of this Sector
  5. Battenfeld Cincinnati at K 2016 with the Motto “Driven by innovation”
  6. FB Balzanelli presents at K 2016: TR1400 – Bettering Perfection
  7. KraussMaffei at K 2016: Machines and Technologies for more Cost-Efficiency
  8. Maillefer: Ending K and moving on to Las Vegas
  9. Unicor at K 2016 with the UC 36 for corrugated Pipes: Profitable in the Long Term

globalpipe No.617 02.11.2016

  1. ALMAR/POL present new PLUS EPS ALU dry Floor Heating System
  2. Grupo Inco/MEX presented INCOTHERM pre-insulated Pipes at AHR EXPO MEXICO
  3. HM Machinery/CHN supply 0.12 and 0.15mm 8011 Alloy Foils for Stable PP-R Pipes
  4. Politejo/PRT began Construction of new Pipe Factory in Brazil
  5. NMC expand further in Russia: Acquisition of the majority Stake of Foaminvest/LUX
  6. WL Plastics/USA has been acquired by INEOS O&P USA as announced on Nov 1
  7. Gravenhurst Plastics/CAN has been acquired by Dura-Line, Division of Mexichem
  8. Royal Building Products/CAN shutters PVC Pipe Plant in Newbern, Tennessee
  9. NSF International participates at The Big 5 in Dubai in November
  10. The Big 5 in November: New Floorplan Layout and dedicated Product Sectors
  11. Chinaplas positioned to capture Asia’s enormous Market Potential
  12. ISH 2017 is the Number 1: All Market Leaders on Board again
  13. SHK ESSEN 2018 with new Sequence of Days: From Tuesday to Friday

globalpipe No.616 21.10.2016

  1. Eurotubi/ITA: Press Fittings for Desalination Plants – Request increasing
  2. Eurotubi/ITA: Press Fittings – Renewal of the DVGW GAS Certificate
  3. Viega USA introduces 45-Degree Elbows for Viega PEX Press Systems
  4. Uponor USA offers new brass Transition Fittings for Hydronic Piping Systems
  5. Mexichem Brasil has presented PVC-O Amanco AgroBiax Pipe for agricultural Use
  6. Armacell/DEU: Armaflex Ultima – Low Smoke Density for greater Fire Safety
  7. Viega USA announces Submittal Builder Tool for ViegaPEX and Radiant Systems
  8. Radius Systems/GBR: Improved Product Quality through enhanced Traceability
  9. IVAR/ITA: Q-cumber – Another Step towards Sustainability
  10. GF Piping Systems has introduced new Transmitter’s Dual Measurement Capability
  11. ratiodämm/DEU entered into Participation Agreement with U-Tube Systems/NLD
  12. REHAU USA announced 5-Year, $5 Million Expansion in Cullman, Alabama
  13. Roth France celebrated its 40th Anniversary this Year– First foreign Subsidiary
  14. TEPPFA welcomed new Member UNIONPLAST, Part of Federazione Gomma Plastica

globalpipe No.615 14.10.2016

  1. Enetec/DEU: The OEM Partner received SKZ Approval for its PE-RT Pipe in 2016
  2. KAN/POL got SKZ Mark for PE-Xa heating Pipe – PE-Xa Pipe now on Stock in Moscow
  3. U-Tubes/NLD received SKZ Approval and old KOMO Certificate was replaced
  4. LK Pex/SWE: LK FLEX cross-linked hose used as Inliner recently certified
  5. DPI Plastics/ZAF awarded by SATAS Certification of Pipes
  6. SKZ Germany: New and expired Marks between February 2015 and August 2016
  7. Molecor/ESP present PVC-O Pipe Production now up to DN1200mm at K2016 Show
  8. KAN/POL presented Product News as System KAN‑therm Wall & more at Instalacje
  9. KAN/POL: Construction of KAN Logistics and Production Center launched
  10. LK Group/SWE moves to larger Warehouse in Ulricehamn
  11. LK Group/SWE supplies Energy – Environmentally conscious Pipe Production
  12. Armacell International acquires 100% of the Shares of Brazilian PoliPex Ltda.

globalpipe No.614 30.09.2016

  1. Viega USA brings PEX Resin Production to McPherson Facility
  2. Viega USA begins producing MegaPress® Fittings in new U.S. McPherson Facility
  3. Pegler Yorkshire/GBR: Put an End to ‘Pressing’ Jobs with a combined Toolkit
  4. GF Technology Day: Innovative Solutions for attractive Business Segments
  5. GF Piping Systems/CHE and the Ponte Vecchio: Helper in Need
  6. TEPPFA adds Polymer Supplier VYNOVA to Membership Roster
  7. ADS/USA on Expansion Course – 9.4% to $1.29 Billion during Fiscal Year 2016
  8. Wienerberger: Satisfactory Operating Result generated in challenging H1 of 2016
  9. The Use of Plastic Pipes in Gas Pipelines in South Africa by SAPPMA
  10. British Homes to get Smart Meters under €315 billion Investment Plan for Europe
  11. Heating & Cooling Strategy: EU Parliament demands action to reduce Energy Use
  12. Stakeholder Survey for Brexit Survey – Help shape the Industry Future by BSRIA

globalpipe No.613 22.09.2016

  1. TECEsmartfloor: Laying Heating easy to manage with TECE floor Online Calculator
  2. Thermaflex/NED honored as B Corp ‘Best for the Environment’ in September 2016
  3. SIMONA India established new Subsidiary in India effective August 22, 2016
  4. SIMONA presented new Products at IFAT: Focus on Repair and Water Treatment
  5. THE MACHINE: Focus at K 2016 – Quality and Innovations in New Drip Irrigation
  6. Unicor will present World Premiere UC 36 G2 Corrugator at K 2016 in Düsseldorf
  7. Geberit AG: Very good Half-Year Results – Net Sales increased by 13.2%
  8. Mueller Industries reports second Quarter 2016 Earnings
  9. Borealis delivers another solid Quarter to record a strong First Half Result
  10. Plastic Pipes Market Global analysed by Ceresana: Every Drop counts
  11. HVAC Equipment Market is expected to expand at CAGR of 5.6% from 2015 to 2022

globalpipe No.612 14.09.2016

  1. STPC/TUN: New CSTB Certification for STPEX – PP-R Pipe Production Start in 2014
  2. RWC/GBR offers SharkBite push-fit Fittings with new SharkBite PEX Barrier Pipe
  3. Nupi Industrie/ITA: New Range of MultiPINZA mechanical Press-Fittings
  4. Sereneplast/TUR produces Pipes & Fittings and Alu Foil Strips for PP-R Stabi Pipes
  5. Valsir/ITA is BIM – Building Information Modeling – ready
  6. Saint-Gobain: Organic Growth in all three Business Sectors and in all Regions in H1
  7. Roth/DEU expands in Eastern Europe: Takeover of the Czech Company Roltechnik
  8. Roth/DEU: Ground-breaking Ceremony for Plant Expansion at Roth USA in July
  9. Viega USA promotes Mark Evans to Director of North American Sales
  10. ATG/BEL: Listing of new Marks of Conformity issued between 2015 and July 2016
  11. CSTB/FRA: Listing of new Marks of Conformity issued between 2015 and July 2016

globalpipe No.611 07.09.2016

  1. PerfilTubo – JSA Group/PRT launched PERFILKAPA PE-RT/Al Pipe at Tektónica
  2. Tiemme/ITA: AL-COBRAPEX Pipes available in Diameters up to 90mm
  3. Uponor Barrier PLUS: First 100% Plastic Potable Water Pipe for Contaminated Soil
  4. Tiemme/ITA – New Products: Bulkhead flanged Fittings and COBRAFIX System
  5. Uponor launched 75mm Quick & Easy Fittings for Domestic Tap Water and Heating
  6. Industrial Blansol/ESP introduce new RAYPER Expansion Ring System (Shrink-Fit)
  7. NUPI AMERICAS/USA: New 400 E/F PP-RCT Coupler SDR 11
  8. Roth Industries is undergoing a Makeover: Roth – a Brand with many Strengths
  9. Wavin: Where have all the Plumbers gone? – 10 best Reasons to become a Plumber!
  10. Pegler Yorkshire/GBR: Loyalty pays Dividends for Installers – PY Installer Club

globalpipe No.610 31.08.2016

  1. DPI Plastics/ZAF: mPVC Pipe Orders in large-Bore Water Infrastructure Projects
  2. Rollepaal/NLD: Rollepaal introduces new Control System for Cooling Units
  3. Rollepaal/NLD: New Production Facility in India now officially opened
  4. TEPPFA welcomed first Equipment Supplier – Pipe Extrusion Specialist Rollepaal
  5. NSF International participates in Plastic Pipes Conference XVIII Berlin 2016
  6. Plastic Pipes XVIII Conference: 118 Papers – Positive Signs in Plastic Pipe Market
  7. MCE Asia 2016: Gateway to Growth Potential of Southeast Asia’s Building Market
  8. AHR Expo-Mexico returns to Monterrey in Sep 2016 – Successful Show expected
  9. IFAT India focusing on sustainable Use of Waste for India – Energy from Waste
  10. DPI Plastics/ZAF: PP vs. PVC for Pipes and Fittings for Sewer, Drainage Applications
  11. Crisis in the South African Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Industry – SABS has failed
  12. SAPPMA clarifies Confusion regarding Certification Bodies: SABS, SANS or SATAS

globalpipe No.609 26.07.2016

  1. Interplast/GRC launched Aqua-plus Prins pre-insulated PP-R Pipe at Climatherm
  2. Heliroma/PRT: New PP-R Pipe Anti-UV and 2 new Products in XXL PP-R Pipe Range
  3. Heliroma/PRT: New Regulations – Threaded PP-R Fittings with no Nickel Brass
  4. aquatherm: Module Production made of PP-R for quick and easy Plant Production
  5. Aquatherm/USA passes most stringent USP Class VI medical Device Testing
  6. Georg Fischer/CHE H1 2016: A clear Increase in Performance – Sales grew by 3%
  7. Uponor H1 2016: Upturn in Demand in Europe and Solid Growth of Net Sales in U.S.
  8. Geberit/CHE to sell the Koralle Group to AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding
  9. AENOR/ESP: Listing of new Marks of Conformity issued from Nov 2015 to Jun 2016
  10. CERTIF/PRT: Listing of new Marks of Conformity issued between 2014 + June 2016

globalpipe No.608 21.07.2016

  1. ISCO/USA: PP-RCT offers Craft Brewers innovative cost-effective Solution
  2. Dizayn/TUR launched leakproof PP-R Fittings with Metal – First in the World
  3. Webstone/USA: Pro-Connect PP-R Pro™ – Now compatible with any PP-R or PP-RCT
  4. NIBCO/USA boosts Valve Offering through Acquisition of Webstone Company
  5. Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe/USA: Leading ABS&PVC Products Producer plans Sale
  6. Mir Holding/TUR plans to open a new Plastic Pipe Factory in Germany End of 2016
  7. Dizayn plans to open a second PP Pipe and Fitting Production Site in Russia in 2016
  8. Corma/CAN show Corrugator Technology at K 2016 – Efficiency through Innovation
  9. battenfeld-cincinnati prove innovativeness & shows modern extrusion components
  10. Maillefer/CHE Micro-drip Irrigation – Fast Product Change
  11. AMUT/ITA has sold Line for big size Multilayer PP-R Pipes with Glass Fiber
  12. VDMA: German Plastics and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers expect Sales up 2%

globalpipe No.607 14.07.2016

  1. radius-kelit infrastructure/AUT: Plant’s Relocation opens new Horizons
  2. SLT Aqua/RUS plans to open PP-R Pipe Plant in Industrial Park Togliattisyntez
  3. Cheboksary Pipe Plant/RUS began Production of Irrigation Pipes
  4. Beltrubplast Kokhanovsky Pipe Plant/BLR celebrated 10th Anniversary in 2015
  5. Plastic Pipes and Fittings Conference Moscow: Russian and Global Markets
  6. PE Market in Russia is doing well but PE Pipe Market decreased by 25% in 2015
  7. PP and PP-R Pipe Production in Russia continue to grow
  8. PVC Pipe Market in Russia: After annual Growth the last Years, Decline in 2015
  9. Pre-insulated Pipe Production in Russia declined in 2015 – Forecast 2016 difficult
  10. Russian and German businesses discuss the Prospects of mutual Investments

globalpipe No.606 07.07.2016

  1. KWD Market Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe 2016” now published
  2. BPF Plastic Pipes Group published new PE Pipe and Fittings Specification Guide
  3. Online Guide to the Use of PE100 Pipe in Trenchless Applications published
  4. Caleffi North America: Caleffi Presscon™ Press Fitting Line Expansion
  5. Eurotubi Press Fitting Film “Sleeve” and LBP O-Ring: a patented Combination
  6. Eurotubi Europa/ITA: New “Super Big Size” Press Fittings ready for Sale
  7. PCC GmbH/DEU has successful passed several Testing in May 2016
  8. egeplast/DEU: DVGW Certificate for HexelOne® High-Pressure PE Pipe System
  9. BEULCO and Sensus/DEU presented new Generation of Meter Management at IFAT
  10. Brugg Pipesystems: CALPEX DUO – two in one for maximum Efficiency & now bigger
  11. Radius Systems/GBR: Plans in the Pipeline – Future looks positive
  12. Geberit: Changes in the Group Executive Board

globalpipe No.605 30.06.2016

  1. Plastics Pipe Institute – PPI/USA: Annual Industry Awards announced
  2. Advanced Drainage Systems/US: Got PPI Award & Opened Distribution Center in FL
  3. Viega USA got PPI Award for Installing Viega Climate Mat® System for BBARWA
  4. Victaulic/USA got PPI Award for HDPE Couplings in Salt Water Disposal Facility
  5. SIMONA/DEU invests in a new Production Facility at Ringsheim Site
  6. ISCO Industries/USA acquires Yeti Pipeline Equipment – Trailer for handling Pipes
  7. Radius Group&Zibo Jielin Plastic Pipe JV: Focus on District Heating Pipe Production
  8. Sibgazapparat/RUS: 1200mm PE Pipes are now more accessible and cost effective
  9. Polymerteplo Group/RUS: POLYLINER PEX – A familiar Product in the new Light
  10. A1 Investment Company/RUS becomes a Co-Owner of the POLYPLASTIC Group
  11. FTK ROSTR/RUS – Third largest Plastic Pipe Producer – was closing down in 2015
  12. aquatherm Russia became Company of the Year 2015 in Russia

globalpipe No.604 24.06.2016

  1. Molecor©/ESP with further Expansion of Range: TOM® Pipe DN125mm PN16 bar
  2. Blue Ocean: In China produced PP-R Piping System is now certified by DVGW
  3. DPI Plastics/ZAF: Latest Specification for HDPE Piping Systems for Irrigation
  4. aquatherm: Normaconnect PLASTGRIP Pipe Coupling for axial restraint Connection
  5. Winkler Technik/DEU introduced new PF Plopfix Fastening Nail
  6. Aquatherm/USA: Due to massive Growth, new Building in Utah is constructed
  7. Polypipe/GBR: New Guide from Polypipe brings entire Range together for first time
  8. Yparex celebrates 10 years Resin (Products & Technology) BV & 5 years Yparex BV
  9. battenfeld-cincinnati has new Owner – Solid Investments for Growth & Innovation
  10. KraussMaffai Berstorff: Automatic QuickSwitch now in Sizes up to 500mm
  11. KraussMaffei Berstorff Extruders provide efficient PVC Pipe Production
  12. Unicor: Innovative Multilayer Extrusion Tools for Electrical Conduit

globalpipe No.603 15.06.2016

  1. HENCO/BEL: Leak before press –PVDF Press Fitting Range Henco® is LBP proved
  2. Viega USA introduces new Tees for the MegaPress® black iron Piping System
  3. Viega USA expands PEX Product Offerings – Ideal for Commercial & Municipal Use
  4. GF Piping Systems: Cool-Fit 2.0 pre-insulated Pipe – Revolution for efficient Cooling
  5. Armacell/DE present highly effective Noise Control Solutions for Wastewater Pipes
  6. Viega LLC to move U.S. Headquarters to Broomfield, Colorado
  7. Saint-Gobain reinvents its Brand: New Logotype was unveiled at Annual Meeting
  8. ADS/USA: Net sales growth of 9.3% in 2015 – Plans to build new Plant in Midwest
  9. Aalberts 2015: Net Profit & Earnings per Share +13% / Building Installations +10%
  10. Wienerberger: Record Revenues of €3.0 Billion – Best Year since Financial Crisis
  11. Tessenderlo FY 2015: Reported Revenue increased across all three Segments

globalpipe No.602 03.06.2016

  1. WRW/DE: 2 new integrated Machines for Pipe in Pipe Insertion & Velcro Wrapping
  2. Aliaxis acquire Business Assets of Zezt/AUS and will integrated within Vinidex/AUS
  3. Uponor and Belkin partner to create Phyn – New intelligent Water Company
  4. Uponor celebrated Inauguration of its new PEX Pipe Production in North America
  5. Al Watania Plastics/SAU at Project Qatar: Seeking to capitalize on last Year Success
  6. Aliaxis FY 2015: Record Year with Revenue of €3 billion – Increase of 13.1%
  7. Polypipe/GBR FY 2015: Record Revenue and Profits – strong strategic Progress
  8. Rettig: Expansion, Diversification & improved Profitability despite lower Turnover
  9. China Lesso was able to fulfill the Business Expectations in Full Year 2015
  10. Chinese Plastic Pipe Market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2016-2021
  11. Asia-Pacific Plastic Pipe Market Analysis – US & Chinese Market the major Regions
  12. Qatar’s Construction Market: A World of Opportunities

globalpipe No.601 27.05.2016

  1. FRABO/ITA launches: New Range of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO & New Website
  2. RWC/AUS launched SharkBite PVC Pipe Transition Fittings for quick Connection
  3. DPI Plastics/ZAF Ultrapipe for Sewer Applications promotes PVC Recycling
  4. DPI Plastics/ZAF Investments: Replacing of older Moulds – New large-bore Line
  5. TEPPFA: New President nominated – What would the World be without Plastics?
  6. Astral/IND: The only one with NSF approved Product in CPVC in the Indian Market
  7. Supreme/IND is authorized producing FlameGuard® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems
  8. Prince Piping Systems/IND: Fast growing Company cooperates with Trelleborg
  9. Indian PVC Pipe & Fitting Market to reach Rs 32,700 Cr in FY2020 by Ken Research
  10. Indians’s Water & Sanitation Crisis – India needs Solutions now
  11. New Delhi Government: Piped Water to all Households in the City by 2017
  12. India Water Week 2016 on the Theme: Water for all – Striving together
  13. Construction Industry India with bright Prospects – 5.65% Growth by Timetric

globalpipe No.600 24.05.2016

  1. Indian Piping Industry: Scenario & Growth Drivers – Compilation of Information
  2. Astral/IND completed PVC Pipe Plant in Dholka & started Construction at Hosur
  3. CRI Pipes/IND opened 2nd PVC Pipe Plant – Focus on more International Business
  4. Finolex/IND plans to invest Rs 100 Cr to expand PVC Pipes Capacity
  5. Skipper/IND setting up 4th new PVC Pipe Plant – 5th will soon be commissioned
  6. Supreme/IND: Numerous Expansion Plans in PVC, CPVC & HDPE Piping Production
  7. Lesso/CHN to invest Rs 300 Cr in a new PVC Pipe and Fitting Factory in India
  8. Astral/IND with Standalone Sales Growth of 5.4% in Q3 and 3% in 9M 2015-16
  9. Jain Irrigation/IND: Standalone Revenue increased by 5.0% in 9M FY2015-16
  10. Skipper/Ltd achieved highest ever Volume Growth in Polymer Products – up 77%
  11. Supreme/IND achieved volume Growth of 18.76% in Plastic Piping Systems in FY16

globalpipe No.599 13.05.2016

  1. GF Piping Systems to acquire leading PE Piping Company PT Eurapipe in Indonesia
  2. Uponor Infra launched Decibel, a modern silent Soil & Waste Pipe System
  3. Zehnder Group/CHE will build new Towel Radiator Factory in Turkey
  4. REHAU: Appointments in REHAU Group Executive Board
  5. WL Plastics/USA will create 40 Jobs by building new HDPE Pipe Plant in Georgia
  6. JM Eagle’s Pipe Offer to Flint made in February is still being considered
  7. RWC/AUS: Key Driver SharkBite Push to Connect Fitting with 80% Sales in the US
  8. Geberit with strong Operating first Quarter Results in 2016
  9. Uponor: Steady Progress in Europe – Strong Growth in North America continues
  10. Saint-Gobain: In Q1 Volumes improved in all Regions with the Exception of Pipe
  11. Mueller Industries Q1 Results: Business Conditions remain consistent

globalpipe No.598 04.05.2016

  1. KME/DEU: New KME Copper Alloy for eco-friendly Cooling
  2. Coprax/PRT established commercial Partnership with Italian Bonomi Group
  3. Solvay obtains Drinking Water Contact Approvals of its Technyl® Portfolio
  4. Rifeng/CHN maintained the first Booth Position in Canton Fair
  5. Tehno World purchases largest PO Pipe Line in Romania from battenfeld-cincinnati
  6. battenfeld-cincinnati sold Romanian Pipe Manufacturer Tehno World PO Pipe Line
  7. KraussMaffei Berstorff Pipe Extrusion lines: Success story for China – made in China
  8. KraussMaffei Group: ChemChina completes Takeover
  9. Growth in global Construction Industry gaining Momentum in 2016 by Timetric
  10. Turkish Construction Industry with positive Outlook for 2016

globalpipe No.597 26.04.2016

  1. Aleris Pipelite Seminar 2016: Building the Multilayer Pipe Community
  2. GF nominates Joost Geginat as new Head of GF Piping Systems / Pietro Lori retires
  3. Perma-Pipe/USA: Grand Reopening Celebration at Perma-Pipe’s Lebanon, TN plant
  4. Molecor: New factory in South Africa in association with Sizabantu Piping Systems
  5. Moletech Astana /Kazakhstan starts manufacturing PVC-O pipes
  6. aquatherm/DEU: Pipe Systems with Doyma “Curaflam System XSpro”
  7. aquatherm/DEU: Sliding table for determination of support intervals
  8. Dodge Data & Analytics/USA: New Construction Starts in 2016 to Grow 6%
  9. NAHB/USA: In Feb. Single-Family Housing Starts reached Highest Level since 2007
  10. Construction Dive/USA: 10 construction industry trends to watch in 2016

globalpipe No.596 19.04.2016

  1. Valsir /ITA: PP3, the new Noise-Dampering Technology of Push-Fit Waste Systems
  2. Viega USA adds ViegaPEX™ Ultra Tubing Corrugated Sleeving to Product Offering
  3. Viega USA adds ViegaPEX for Reclaimed Water to Product Offerings
  4. REHAU /GBR achieves WRAS approval for pre-insulated pipes + associated fittings
  5. CPV /GBR: Hiline Flex – Pre-insulated PEX Pipe System / New Services
  6. CPV /GBR unveils Pioneering District Heating Pipe called Hiline GRE
  7. District Heating and Cooling Market to Expand at 5.7% CAGR to 2023
  8. Network of Piplines: AnacondaTM Reinforced PE Pipes can replace Steel Flowlines
  9. battenfeld-cincinnati China: 20 years since Foundation/20th participation at Chinaplas
  10. AMUT: Extrusion Line for PP pipes with glass fibres/mineral filler Pipe Production

globalpipe No.595 12.04.2016

  1. HeatLink signs Licensing Agreement with Uponor in April 2016
  2. HeatLink’s Appeal of Federal Court of Canada Judgement
  3. Uponor announces Agreement with HeatLink Group and PexCor Manufacturing
  4. NMC and AEROFLEX cooperate in the Field of Manufacturing of Insulation Solutions
  5. Molecor© celebrates ten Years! This Year they will be present at various Events
  6. NUPI AMERICAS/USA: New production by NUPI – the NIRON PP-RCT FG Pipe
  7. NUPI AMERICAS/USA got NSF Approval for grey NIRON PP-RCT Pipes and Fittings
  8. Polymerteplo Group/RUS begins Production of Isoproflex-75 and -115a/1.6 Pipes
  9. TEPPFA Forum 2016 – A very special 25th Anniversary Celebration / Great Success
  10. VDMA/DEU: German Building Valves in 2015: Revenues are slowly picking up again

globalpipe No.594 01.04.2016

  1. Uponor NA wins Patent Infringement Suit against Heatlink Group and PexCor
  2. Wolseley, Distributor for Heating & Plumbing Products: H1 2016 non uniformly
  3. GF Piping Systems: New iLITE Piping System – Evolution in axial Press Technology
  4. KE KELIT/AUT: KELOX Floor Heating Velcro System available since February 2016
  5. SANHA expand its Range of Composite Pipes with Velcro for Self-Attaching Systems
  6. Uponor UK: Ecoflex Thermo now up to 125mm – New Technical Guide available
  7. Armacell/DEU has overhauled its Range of pre-insulated Copper Pipes
  8. Rollepaal/NLD: The innovative Lightness of PVC – New Processing Technologies
  9. Rollepaal India: Indian Production Capacity +60% by Opening of new Facility
  10. FB Balzanelli with great Achievement: Automatic Coiler up to 250mm
  11. Pipe Coil Techn./GBR after 23 years in Business, Pipe Coil will be Ceasing to Trade

globalpipe No.593 22.03.2016

  1. Roth’s Tacker Clips now with Pipe-Raising Function for greater Energy Efficiency
  2. SANHA showed new RefHP solder Fitting for CO2 Refrigeration System at SHK Essen
  3. SANHA launched 3fit-Press Radiator connection 90° & Copper-Multi Layer Adaptor
  4. Pestan/USA expand PP-RCT Pipe Production 2016 / Transition Fittings – new Sizes
  5. Armacell/DEU: Armaflex Insulation minimize Risk of Corrosion under Insulation
  6. Proheat Instalatii/ROU: Supratherm updated their Laboratory Equipment in 2015
  7. Peštan/SRB presents its PE-RT, PP-R & PP Pipes at numerous Trade Fairs in Spring
  8. Peštan/SRB started Exports to Nigeria, Baltic Countries and Spain & Portugal 2015
  9. KE KELIT /AUT: R&D and strategic Purchasing in one Hand
  10. KraussMaffei Berstorff: Utilizing Basic Research in the Area of Polyolefin
  11. battenfeld-cincinnati China: 20th Anniversary and 20th Participation at Chinaplas
  12. Maillefer/CHE renewed Tradition of a Center reserved for Pipe R&D excellence

globalpipe No.592 08.03.2016

  1. Rifeng: One of first License Holders of AENOR Gas Certificate for Multi Layer Pipes
  2. GF Piping Systems well-known Products in New Context – The Art of Plastic
  3. Eurotubi/ITA will present its Range of Pressfittings at MCE 2016 Hall 11, Stand B50
  4. NSF International exhibits at MCE – Expocomfort 2016 in Hall 11, Stand N53
  5. THE MACHINES/CHE: New Innovations and Live Demonstrations at Tube 2016
  6. KEMPER: Trainee Welders in Oman are learning a Trade with KEMPER Technology
  7. Georg Fischer/CHE FY 2015: Strong Results, Strategy Objectives achieved
  8. Saint-Gobain/FRA: Operating Income up 2.2% on a like-for-like Basis
  9. Growth Opportunities in Global Plastic Pipe Market 2015-20 published by Lucintel
  10. Plastic Pipes Markets in China published by AMID in January 2016
  11. China PP-R Pipe Industry Research Report 2016-2021 newly published
  12. World Demand for Steel Pipe to rise 3.5% annually through 2019 by Freedonia

globalpipe No.591 02.03.2016

  1. PEX and PE-RT Pipes in Europe – Where are the biggest Consumers located?
  2. BSRIA launched its new Heat Interface Units (HIUs) Guide
  3. Legionellae grow at significantly higher Temperatures than previously thought
  4. Molecor: New tool TOM Mechanical Calculation Program / Presentation at SMAGUA
  5. Saint-Gobain PAM España will present 4 new Techniques at SMAGUA in Zaragoza
  6. JM Eagle offers to replace Lead Water Pipe Lines in Flint Homes free of Charge
  7. TEPPFA welcomed new global Manufacturer Member LyondellBasell
  8. Saint-Gobain PAM: Seminar in Middle-East / New Distribution Center in Qatar
  9. AMI’s Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure 2016 Conference on April 19-21
  10. Plastic Pipes XVIII: Headlines from PVC Pipelines at Berlin Conference

globalpipe No.590 02.02.2016

  1. FRABO/ITA plans to expand on foreign markets – New DVGW Certification
  2. Giacomini/ITA: Expansion System GX includes PE-Xb pipe with increased thickness
  3. ITAP/ITA launched in multi-fit® Fitting Family Nut and Adapter now for PEX Pipe
  4. Roth will shine the Spotlight on its Floor Heating and Cooling Systems at SHK Essen
  5. ITAP presented NF Standard approved Europress Pressure Reducing Valve at BIG 5
  6. Conex Bänninger successfully returned to AHR Expo in the USA for second Time
  7. Brugg Group acquired a 100% Shareholding in PIPE2000 Ltd
  8. Uponor’s improved Performance supported by North America in 2015
  9. AENOR/ESP: New Certifications between January 2014 and December 2015

globalpipe No.589 12.02.2016

  1. KWD Market Report: Consumption of Heating & Plumbing Pipes in Europe
  2. Fittings Estándar/ESP invest in a new Factory in China – Nanjing Fittings Estandar
  3. Giacomini/ITA: Now Online with the German Website with customized Sections
  4. FV Plast/CZE: FV Revolution 2015 – Focus at Aqua-Therm Moscow’16 was FV AQUA
  5. Pipelife strengthens Position in Southern Finland by Takeover of Talokaivo Oy
  6. REHAU/GBR: Backs District Heating Hub at Ecobuild / Holds largest stock in the UK
  7. Pipelife: Environmental EPD Calculation Tool now available
  8. AMUT/ITA: Extrusion Line for Multi Layer PP Pipes Production
  9. TEPPFA: Special Forum Edition in April 2016 because of the 25th Anniversary
  10. Aqua-Therm Moscow: Over 26 thousand of Specialists attended the Exhibition
  11. BAU 2017 in Munich, Germany: A further Rise in Interest from Abroad

globalpipe No.588 05.02.2016

  1. FAR Rubinetterie/ITA: New chrome-plated extensible and repair Fitting SimplyFar
  2. SA.MI/ITA: New universal Water and Gas Multiclamp Press Fitting UNIFITT
  3. Uponor USA offers Industry-first PEX Pipe and ProPEX® Fittings in 2½” and 3″
  4. Uponor USA: First PEX Manufacturer to offer up to 2″ Purple Pipe
  5. REHAU USA: RAUPEX® SPEED Radiant Overpour Fastening System at AHR 2016
  6. Watts Water showcased a Radiant Snow Melting System at AHR Expo 2016
  7. Cupori/GBR acquires 60% stake in KME France – Merger Notification in Jan 2016
  8. Georg Fischer: CFO Roland Abt to step down at Year-end
  9. NSF: Origine e Qualità Controllata Registration Program – Verifying origin & quality
  10. GPCA PlastiCon 2016: Expand Plastics Industry towards higher value Products
  11. DEUBAUKOM makes positive Assessment/Strong fair venue for Construction Sector
  12. SHK ESSEN now covers the Entire Household Environment – Focus on Refrigeration
  13. MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2016: Integration the Key to our Future

globalpipe No.587 28.01.2016

  1. Purmo – Rettig Group launched the new Cleverfit Radial Piping System in 2015
  2. Rinaldi & Pettinaroli: New Fit Press Fitting Systems for Water and Gas
  3. Comisa/ITA: New Compression Fittings DUPLO for PE with different Pipe Materials
  4. aquatechnik: First IIP Certification on PP-R fiber Pipe /New WaterMark&NSF Certif.
  5. aquatechnik/ITA: New coupling tool BBR 90 for safety multi layer Piping System
  6. aquatherm/DEU expands North American Presence as a separate Enterprise
  7. Bi-Plast/TUR present its PP-RC and PVC Pipe Product Range at a Number of Fairs
  8. DuPont and TFI Marine awarded for Dynamic Tethers Mooring Protection System
  9. Dizayn/TUR has been awarded thanks to its globally recognized R&D Company
  10. Geberit: Change to the Geberit Board of Directors
  11. Uponor: Relocations in Finland – Workforce Reduction less than planned
  12. Geberit with solid sales development in 2015 – First information on the year 2015
  13. Uponor’s FY 2015 Results better than Sept 2015 Guidance – First Information

globalpipe No.586 18.01.2016

  1. Armacell launches own Production Facility in Russia
  2. Ebrille Italy will present its Range of pre-insulated Pipes at AHR EXPO, Booth 5779
  3. Rifeng/CHN showed Multi Layer Piping System at Taipei Building Show in Taiwan
  4. PVC4Pipes: PVC Papers provide over a Million Words – Public Archive opened
  5. Mexichem acquire another Peruvian Company in 2016 to participate in new Sector
  6. Uponor acquires a Start-up Company specialising in Water Quality Monitoring
  7. KraussMaffei Group acquired by ChemChina for €925million in Record Deal
  8. IRAN PLAST: Messe Düsseldorf Partnership for IRAN PLAST agreed
  9. Aquatech India continues with new branded Event, namely “World of Aqua”
  10. Calendar of Events 2016: Listing of Trade Fairs, Exhibitions etc.

globalpipe No.585 11.01.2016

  1. AHR Expo 2016: HVACR Manufacturers show Optimism for 2016 Prospects
  2. Aquatechnik NA at AHR Expo: NSF certified aquatechnik® PP-RCT Piping Systems
  3. Nupi Americas at AHR Expo: NIRON PP-RCT new Saddle – Quick and easy to install
  4. Rifeng/CHN launched double layer PP-R Pipes with 3 Core Technology
  5. Rifeng/CHN will present integrated Systems at AHR Expo 2016 in Orlando
  6. MrPEX Systems/USA now offers PE-Xa System ½”, ¾” and 1” – New LoopCAD 2015
  7. Viega USA at AHR Expo: SmartLoop™ reduces Stagnation & maintains Water Quality
  8. Armacell US at AHR Expo with LapSeal Insulation and new ArmWin Calculation App
  9. BDR Thermea/NLD announces the Acquisition of the US based ECR International
  10. Georg Fischer: Change on the Board of Directors of Georg Fischer Ltd.
  11. PE100+ Association – Creating Trust in high quality Pipes
  12. European Construction Market in Q3 2015 by Arch-Vision
  13. U.S. Housing Starts jumped by 10.5% to 1173 thousand in November 2015

globalpipe No.584 29.12.2015

  1. All KWD-globalpipe Articles published in 2015
  2. Companies (Expansion, Acquisitions, Personnel, Products, etc.)
  3. Heating and Plumbing: PEX, PE-RT and PB Pipes
  4. Heating and Plumbing: Alu Multi Layer Pipes
  5. Heating and Plumbing: PP-R and PVC-C Pipes
  6. Heating and Plumbing: Copper and Stainless Steel Pipes
  7. Heating and Plumbing: Piping and Plumbing Systems (unspecified)
  8. Heating and Plumbing: Surface Heating and Cooling Systems and Components
  9. Heating and Plumbing: Fittings
  10. Infrastructure: (HDPE, PP, PVC, large diameter & corrugated Pipes, Irrigation, etc.)
  11. Infrastructure: District Heating Pipes
  12. Pipe Insulation and Pre-insulated Pipes (Pipes, Foam, Material, etc.)
  13. Resins, Grades and Materials for Pipes
  14. Machines and Equipment for Pipe Production (Extrusion, Coiling, Tools, etc.)
  15. Certifications and Standards (Approvals, New standards, Regulations, Codes, etc.)
  16. Software
  17. Market, Statistics and Trends (Pipes and Fittings, Radiant Heating, Machinery, etc.)
  18. Construction, Housing and Economic
  19. Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Conferences and Open House Events