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globalpipe No.544 31.12.2014

  1. All KWD-globalpipe Articles published in 2014
  2. Company Information (Expansion, Acquisitions, Personnel, Product Ranges…)
  3. Heating and Plumbing: PEX, PE-RT and PB Pipes
  4. Heating and Plumbing: Alu Multi Layer Pipes
  5. Heating and Plumbing: PP-R and PVC-C Pipes
  6. Heating and Plumbing: Piping and Plumbing Systems
  7. Heating and Plumbing: Surface Heating and Cooling Systems and Components
  8. Heating and Plumbing: Fittings
  9. Infrastructure (HDPE, PP, PVC, large diameter and corrugated Pipes, Irrigation…)
  10. Pipe Insulation and Pre-insulated Pipes (Pipes, Foam, Material…)
  11. Resins, Grades and Materials for Pipes
  12. Machines and Equipment for Pipe Production (Extrusion, Cross linking, Pipe Coil…)
  13. Certifications and Standards (Approvals, New standards, Regulations, Codes…)
  14. Market, Statistics and Trends (Pipes and Fittings, Radiant Heating, Machinery…)
  15. Construction, Housing and Economic
  16. Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Conferences

globalpipe No.543 23.12.2014

  1. NIBCO/USA plans expanding its manufacturing Plant / Adding 40 new Jobs by 2017
  2. Aquatherm North America partners with B&B Trade Distribution Centre
  3. Jain Irrigation/IND launched Integrated Solar Powered Micro Irrigation Systems
  4. Kabra/IND commissioned at 250 MPM of Kabra-Metzerplas Flat Drip Tube Line
  5. Kothari/IND has installed Kabra Flat Drip Extrusion Line
  6. Polysil/IND: Kabra High Speed NX-32 Flat Drip Line successfully installed
  7. Micro Irrigation System Market has grown significantly in the last 10 Years
  8. Water Supply and Irrigation Systems – A Global Strategic Business Report
  9. Water Supply & Irrigation Systems in the US: Market Research Report
  10. Calendar of Events 2015 – Update to glob532: Listing of Trade Fairs, Exhibitions etc

globalpipe No.542 18.12.2014

  1. KWD Market + Charts “Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe 2014” – now published!
  2. A Rare Opportunity for a Distributor or Manufacturer of Pipe & Fitting Systems
  3. Giacomini/ITA launched Gypsum-fibre panel for Underfloor Radiant Systems
  4. WIDOS/DEU: First Plastic Welding Heat Element manufactured out of Metal Foam
  5. battenfeld-cincinnati: Gerold Schley new CEO of the battenfeld-cincinnati Group
  6. Giacomini/ITA is transforming Giacomini into a “Lean Company”
  7. Polyflow/USA opens new Manufacturing Plant in the Permian Basin
  8. POLYPLASTIC Group increases Production Capacity in Belarus
  9. Plastic Pipes Industry of Russia remains Import-Dependent
  10. CSTB-France: Listing of new, extended or modified Marks of Conformity in 2013+14

globalpipe No.541 15.12.2014

  1. Blansol/ESP survived Bankruptcy: Resumption of Production since mid-July
  2. DPI Plastics/ZAF: Largest-ever locally manufactured Sewerage Pipe now available
  3. Marley/ZAF: Guaranteeing void-free fabricated Fittings
  4. Azerbaijan – Industrial Chemical and Plastic Markets grow (GTAI)
  5. Arch Vision: German Construction with slower Growth, Spain continues to improve
  6. Towards a new Cycle for European Construction Industry –78th Euroconstruct
  7. SAPPMA Conference: Importance of Plastic Pipes in ZAF’s Infrastructure Projects
  8. TEPPFA Forum 2015: Call for Papers

globalpipe No.540 04.12.2014

  1. Bosch Thermotechnik and Danfoss to form Joint Venture
  2. FB Balzanelli/ITA: New FB CNC Metal Work Department
  3. NGBS/HUN manufactures Surface Heating-Cooling Systems including PE-RT Pipes
  4. Molecor/ESP: New Factory of TOM© PVC-O Pipes in Loeches was inaugurated
  5. HeatLink/CAN introduced 2” PE-Xa Pipe / Participation at CIPHEX West
  6. Lasco Fittings/USA: First Fitting Producer to be certified to PPFA’s SM-CAP
  7. Silver-Line Plastics/USA: First Plastic Pipe Producer be certified to PPFA’s SM-CAP
  8. Silver-Line Plastics/USA manufactures PVC, PVC-C, PE and PEX Pipes
  9. Best Presentation at PPXVII Conference has gone to a PVC Paper
  10. Plastic Pipes XVII Conference spotlight on PVC4 Pipes and 25 Years of Recycling
  11. World’s First Municipal Geothermal System in West Union, Iowa Town/USA
  12. Illustrated Guide to hot and cold Water Services new published by BSRIA
  13. ASHRAE drives Home Residential Guidance in 2015 Winter Conference

globalpipe No.539 25.11.2014

  1. Huliot’s/ISR Expanding Activity in India & Europe – Opening of its first India Plant
  2. Nor Tun (Barsis)/ARM: PP-R and Metal-Plastic Pipe Production in Armenia
  3. Polypipe/GBR: Group Revenue Jan-Oct 2014 was +9.1% ahead on prior Year
  4. Polyflow/USA opens new Manufacturing Plant in the Permian Basin
  5. United Poly Systems/USA plans renovating vacant Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Plant
  6. Zurn Industries/USA with new Chemical Drainage Technologies
  7. Global Plastic Pipe Market: Double Digit Growth expected
  8. Turkey: Pipe manufacturers place emphasis on pipeline and water projects (GTAI)
  9. Building Materials: Top Score for PVC Pipe Systems (TEPPFA/PVC4Pipes)
  10. UK: Five Years of Construction Growth Forecast, but Risks remain
  11. UK Construction Output grew in Q3’14: Upward Pressure came from new Housing
  12. CIPHEX West/CAN Trade Show posts record Contractor Attendance
  13. The Big 5/ARE: Big Success with more Visitors, more Exhibitors and more Business

globalpipe No.538 14.11.2014

  1. TECE Founder Thomas Fehlings, aged 55, died peacefully in November 2014
  2. aquatherm/DEU plans the „Future of Pipe Production“ with 33 Extrusion Lines
  3. Danfoss/DNK sharpens Profile to strengthen Market Position
  4. Hydro’s/NOR new top Solution: HYTUBAL Alu Strip for multi layer Pipe Production
  5. MULTITUBO/DEU Systems: On the Road of Success
  6. Reliance Water Controls/GBR: SharkBite launched in the UK in Spring 2014
  7. Unidelta/ITA will show new time saving Fitting Solutions at The Big 5 in Dubai
  8. Iplex/AUS: PVC Pipe Recycling Centre opens
  9. Reliance Worldwide: Expansion of Cash Acme Cullman – SharkBite® made in USA
  10. Construct Canada: All-Trades Show continues to grow / CAN, December 3-5, 2014
  11. ArabPlast gets bigger and bigger / ARE, January 10-13, 2015
  12. NAHB – IBS: World largest light Construction Show / USA, January 20-22, 2015
  13. AHR Expo: New Product Focus / USA, January 26-28, 2015

globalpipe No.537 11.11.2014

  1. North America: PEX pipes are increasingly used for Hot & Cold Water Installations
  2. Now published: KWD Market Report “PEX, PE-RT and PB Pipes Worldwide 2014”
  3. ADS/USA: FAA approved PP Pipe for civilian Airport Water Collection and Disposal
  4. National Pipe & Plastics/USA added large Diameter PVC and HDPE Pipes
  5. Rehau USA was New Product Winner at CIPHEX West with RAUGEO Heat Exchanger
  6. Uponor USA offers industry-first, lead-free Brass Ball Valves for PEX Piping
  7. Vanguard Pipe & Fittings/CAN has changed its Name to CB Supplies Ltd.
  8. WATTS celebrating 140 Years of Excellence, Innovation & Leadership
  9. Arabian Gulf Manufacturers/SAU will showcase its wide product range at The Big 5
  10. Ege Yıldız/TUR Production starts: Lead free pressure PVC & HDPE corrugated Pipes
  11. Gulf Plastic Industries/BHR increased its Pipe Production Capacity in 2014
  12. Gulf Manufacturers/EGY starts Expansion for PE, PP-R and PVC Pipe Manufacturing
  13. Hepworth – Corys/ARE will present its PVC and HDPE Piping Systems at The Big 5
  14. Nik Baspar/IRN presented its PE-RT-Al, PP and PP-R Pipes&Fittings at Iran ConFair
  15. RAKtherm/ARE is continuously accomplishing global Pipe Market Saturation

globalpipe No.536 31.10.2014

  1. FB Balzanelli/ITA: The German PEX Market yet again chooses FB Balzanelli
  2. Hevac/IRL – a leading Plumbing and Heating Specialist – celebrates 40 Years
  3. Kabelwerk Eupen/BEL: Follow-up order for KraussMaffei Berstorff “QuickSwitch”
  4. Winkler Mounting Rail – from beginning – made of eco-friendly recycled Material
  5. Geberit with very pleasing nine-month Figures – Net Sales increased by 5.8%
  6. Uponor Q3 2014 reports steady Performance, continues to grow in North America
  7. Plastic Pipe Markets in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & Kazakhstan: Volume + Dynamics
  8. Russian PE Pipes Market Structure: Producers – Quality – Consumption
  9. PE pipe grade price – despite seasonal factor – high in H1’13 because price increase
  10. Increasing Export and decreasing Import of PE Pipe Grades in Russia

globalpipe No.535 24.10.2014

  1. LK Pex Sweden: Grand Opening Ceremony of newly built Factory
  2. EZ Route/USA: Professional and Cost efficient PEX Organizing System
  3. KE KELIT/AUT continues to expand – SVGW Approval for PROtec Push Fitting
  4. Intek Group (KME)/ITA: Revenue decreased by 11.5% to 1,097.5 Million Euros
  5. Mueller Industries/USA: Net sales increased by 7.2% to $1,224.065 Million
  6. DNV GL launches Joint Industry Project to combat Onshore-Pipeline Corrosion
  7. ECOPHIT® Chilled Ceiling System demonstrates Energy Saving Potential up to 36%
  8. Arch Vision: French and Italian Construction are struggling the most to recover
  9. European Construction Market bottoms out continuously – 77th Euroconstruct
  10. Housing Starts USA Top 1 Million for third Time this Year / +6.8% in September

globalpipe No.534 17.10.2014

  1. Eurotubi/ITA Press Fittings with “V” Profiles: Updates on the Timetable
  2. KME Group: Resignation of CEO Riccardo Garrè and new Organization Structure
  3. Saint-Gobain PAM/DEU: ZMU-Pipes from PAM Deutschland provide Water Supply
  4. Uponor USA: PEX-a Pipe Support now available up to 3½”
  5. Aliaxis/BEL: In H1 good Business Performance negatively impacted by strong Euro
  6. China Lesso Group: Revenue increased by 15.6% to RMB6,581 Million
  7. Mexichem/MEX: Net Sales rose 8% to $2.783 Billion in H1 2014
  8. Polypipe Group/GBR: Revenue growth in UK of 12.9% (Group 11%) over H1 2013
  9. Rettig/FIN: Improved Profitability in continued challenging Market Conditions
  10. Simona/DEU: Significant Growth in Revenue and Earnings in H1 2014
  11. Tessenderlo/BEL: Revenue of “Industrial Solutions” increased by 2.4% in H1 2014
  12. German plastics and rubber machinery sales set to fall just short of last year’s level
  13. Italian plastics and rubber machinery: Growth for Italian import-exports in H1’14
  14. Strong Gain for Plastics Machinery Shipments in Q2, 10% over Q2’13 by CES of SPI

globalpipe No.533 10.10.2014

  1. Eurotubi/ITA: “ActivFire” Certification was renewed for Carbon Steel Fitting
  2. Schütz/DEU: AIRCONOMY® (heating – venting – cooling) with a new Brand Presence
  3. Baerlocher/DEU with strong Presence at Plastic Pipes XVII in Chicago
  4. IVAR/ITA has opened a Branch in Romania
  5. Pipes – Europe: New Market Study by Ceresana in September 2014
  6. Pressure Pipes for Water and Gas – the European Market by new AMI Report
  7. Kuwait is the ‘Emerging Star’ of GCC Construction Boom in 2014 by Report in July
  8. UAE Retail Sector surges with 33 % Growth Forecast for 2015 by Report in Sept
  9. Aqua-Therm Almaty 2014 and KazBuild 2014 presented Industry Innovation
  10. ISH Shanghai & CIHE 2014: 35% Increase in Visitor Attendance
  11. Plastic Pipes Conference XVII: 462 Participants from 32 Countries attended

globalpipe No.532 03.10.2014

  1. FB Balzanelli/ITA: “Strap&Stretch” Coilers conquer the Market
  2. IVAR/ITA also offers press fittings for gas – New Kiwa-UNI certificate for gas system
  3. WRW/DEU offers first-class pre-insulated Multilayer Composite Pipe Systems
  4. SICA/ITA showed 15 belling and cutting Machines at Open House in July
  5. IBF Building Fair 2015 with new Features / Economic Situation in Czech Republic
  6. IFAT Eurasia taking place for the first Time in Turkey, Spring 2015
  7. IFAT Environmental Technology Forum Africa taking place for the first Time 2015
  8. MCE SAUDI: New launch in May 2015 / Economic and Construction Outlook GCC
  9. MCE ASIA: New launch in September 2015 / Green building & Construction in Asia
  10. Calendar of Events 2015: Listing of Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Conferences and more

globalpipe No.531 26.09.2014

  1. Georg Fischer Central Plastics/USA closed Plant in Abbeville for continuing Growth
  2. Pegler Yorkshire/GBR: New Commercial Director and Key Management Changes
  3. Uponor’s Finnish co-determination negotiations concluded -two units will close
  4. IVAR/ITA: Attention – Counterfeiting of the COMBIMIX Product
  5. Polypipe/GBR named as Superbrand by Polybutene Piping Systems Association
  6. Tien Phong/VNM: 1st 2,000 mm Pipe Producer in Asia on battenfeld-cincinnati Line
  7. Novomoskovsk/RUS joined Polyplastic Group – Polyplastic keeps Expanding
  8. Omsk (OZTI)/RUS doubled Pipe Production Output since joining Polyplastic Group
  9. Sibgazapparat/RUS: Start-up of PE Pipes Line / Pipe Production increased 63%
  10. Tajikistan: Great Opportunities / Currently 7 small Pipe Production Companies
  11. Vakhdat Plast/TJK: Large Diameter PE Pipes manufacturing set up in Tajikistan

globalpipe No.530 17.09.2014

  1. battenfeld-cincinnati: Major Contract for 25 Extruders highlights Success in China
  2. Multitubo/DEU: Welding of MULTITUBO Multi Layer Pipes – Video online
  3. SILON/CZE: PEX Days – Successful Premiere
  4. Wavin UK invests in Doncaster and Chippenham Plants – Brandon will be closed
  5. Uponor USA invests in Upstream Technologies to make Waterways clean
  6. Nupigeco/ITA and Nupi Americas: Strategic Partnership with LAFON
  7. Polypipe/GBR: New Distribution Partner introduces Polypipe to Sri Lanka
  8. PE100 Pipe in Trenchless Technology Applications – Technical Guide
  9. US Demand for Pipe to exceed $63 Billion in 2018 by new Freedonia Study
  10. AMI Conference “Pipeline Coating” – Pipeline Integrity from Canada to Kazakhstan

globalpipe No.529 09.09.2014

  1. Now published: KWD Market Report “PEX, PE-RT and PB Pipes Worldwide 2014”
  2. Mexichem agrees to acquire Dura-Line for US $630 Million
  3. POLYPLASTIC Group has acquired Italsovmont PE Pipes Plant
  4. Radius-Kelit – a Joint Venture for district heating and infrastructure projects
  5. FB Balzanelli/ITA: 30 years of experience in the winding and automation sector
  6. Hita Technology Plastic/ESP offers Push Fit fittings for OEM clients
  7. Aalberts Industries H1 report: Positive first half year, revenue increased by 4%
  8. Geberit H1 Report: Substantial sales growth with a positive impact on the results
  9. Architects prefer working with total solution suppliers: Q2 Results by Arch Vision

globalpipe No.528 01.08.2014

  1. Geberit/CHE: Group Executive Board Member W.J. Christensen will leave the Group
  2. Lubrizol/USA received Approvals for Thailand Joint Venture in CPVC Resin Facility
  3. Georg Fischer H1 2014: Productivity increases foster profitable Growth
  4. Uponor H1’14: Soft Demand in Europe and weak Infrastructure Market in Finland
  5. DIN EN ISO 15874-2:2013 replaces Standard from 2004 – Incorporation of PP-RCT
  6. NSF appointed Chr. Kurdy as Managing Director, NSF Middle East in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  7. PPCA new Website with Conference Database to benefit Plastic Pipe Industry
  8. GPPA: Plastic Pipelines Spring Conference 2014 hold in Muscat/Oman on May 7
  9. PE100+: 10 Years Plastic Pipes Conferences / Preview of Papers for Chicago 9-2014
  10. RPA to hold its annual Meeting and Conference in Conjunction with 2015 AHR Expo
  11. The Big 5: Renewed Industry Confidence provides a good Basis for the Show in Nov

globalpipe No.527 25.07.2014

  1. battenfeld-cincinnati has revised single screw Extruder for small Profiles and Pipes
  2. IVT/DEU: New PRINETO thin-bed Underfloor Heating with flexible PE-MDX Pipe
  3. Marley/ZAF showed Niche Product Equator push-fit System at Plumbdrain
  4. Molecor/ESP: New Standard for PVC-O pipes – Product Range now DN630-1000mm
  5. ADS, Advanced Drainage Systems/USA expects IPO Share Price of $17 to $19
  6. Ahlsell/SWE – Leading in Trading of Installation Products: 4 Acquisitions in 2014
  7. Giacomini/ITA is online with the China and Asia Pacific Website
  8. Ke Kelit/AUT received Award for “Hidden Champion 3.0”
  9. Novaplast Malaysia: VESBO’s first PP-R Pipe Production Facility outside of Turkey
  10. Tubes International BV/NLD went into Bankruptcy
  11. PHCA Legionella Risk Assessment Scheme is building in Member Numbers
  12. DIN CERTCO: Listing of new, extended or modified Marks of Conformity 2013–6/14

globalpipe No.526 18.07.2014

  1. Emmeti/ITA: Second Production Line for Gerpex PEX/Al/PEX Pipe
  2. Pipeline Plastics/USA will build third HDPE Pressure Pipe Plant in 3 years
  3. Uponor UK adds Weight to National Underfloor Heating Campaign
  4. Watts Radiant/USA announces Radiant Floor Cooling Design Services
  5. Zurn/USA: More engineered Water Solutions by Opening new Innovation Center
  6. IPEX/CAN: New 14, 16 & 18” Bionax PVC-O Pipe Sizes for Water Transmission Lines
  7. IPEX/CAN: Gold901™ – The New Standard in HDPE Water Service Tubing
  8. Lubrizol/USA: BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler System with two new Distinctions
  9. Variotherm/AUT: New – The Industrial Floor Heating System VarioSolid
  10. Variotherm/AUT: 5 x new + great – Floor Heating System Components
  11. Plastic Pipe & Parts Manufacturing in the US Market Research Report by IBISWorld
  12. Plastic Pipes (Global) Market Report by Plimsoll Publishing – newly published
  13. Latest published Pipe Market Research Reports by QYResearch Reports

globalpipe No.525 14.07.2014

  1. Alterplast/RUS: New Product Groups “Industrial Fittings” & “PE-RT Piping Systems”
  2. A.T.P./ITA got two new Certifications for its PP-R Piping System TORO 25
  3. Polypipe/GBR: Revenue increased by 11.4% in the first five Months of 2014
  4. Rettig ICC discontinues Production of Heat Emitters in Jakosbstad in Finland
  5. Sagiv/ISR: Exclusive Distrib. Agreement for UltraSlide with Shanghai Smart Home
  6. Vargon/HRV: The only Company from Croatia exhibiting at The Big 5 in Dubai
  7. IIL/PAK: Pioneer in manufacturing PEX Pipes in Pakistan participated at Tube
  8. Lubrizol/USA get Strength and Versatility with CPVC-Alu Hybrid Piping Technology
  9. Uponor Q&E Evolution Ring wins in iF design awards 2014 / Memory System
  10. Uponor UK: Pre-insulated Pipe System – the next Generation of Insulation Sets
  11. Aquatherm North America: New PEX Compression Adapter made of PP-R
  12. Aquatherm North America: New straight Transition for PP-R Pipe to Copper
  13. UNITI expo 14 in Stuttgart/DEU: The new European Trade Fair was a big Success
  14. Plastic Pipes XVII – 4 Reasons why not to miss this Conference in September

globalpipe No.524 09.07.2014

  1. Aalberts/NED strengthens Market Position Climate Control by acquiring Flamco BV
  2. Giacomini Portugal opens the new Training Center LiCOM Low impact Comfort
  3. Polypipe Group plc is admitted to the London Stock Exchange
  4. Rifeng’s/CHN new Factory in Foshan: 666mn meter/year Pipe Production Capacity
  5. FB Balzanelli/ITA: New Solutions for Coiling Geothermal Pipes
  6. Henco/BEL News: Easy mounting and repair Fitting / Color coded Conduit
  7. mfh systems/DEU develops new dry Screed Element CompactFloor
  8. Uponor USA launches Industry-first PEX to CPVC Adapter Fittings
  9. Valsir/ITA: The latest Technology in Push-fit Systems – Valsir PP3® Waste System
  10. Winkler Technik/DEU: A Staple System for small Pipe Dimensions
  11. Now available: New PEX Design Guide by PPFA, ICC, PPI and Home Innovation
  12. Polybutene Piping Systems Association (PBPSA) launched new Website

globalpipe No.523 04.07.2014

  1. AMUT/ITA satisfy Vietnam Market Expectations – Growth in Plastic Manufacturing
  2. Chinaust Group/CHN entered PP Drainage Pipes Market
  3. GF Piping Systems/CHE wins 2014 Supply Chain Management Award
  4. Grohe/LUX acquires 51% of Watertech Companies of South African Dawn Ltd.
  5. Plastilit/BRA added Battenfeld-Cincinnati PVC Pipe Line for new Production Site
  6. Sabiana/ITA increases Growth Potential through Integration into the AFG Group
  7. Wavin Ekoplastik/CZE opened unique Training Centre in Rudeč u Prahy
  8. Gerodur/DEU: New GEROfit® REX Barrier Pipe for laying in contaminated Grounds
  9. PPA&Krah/ESP: New Record – 3000mm PE Pipes for deep Water Outfall Pipeline
  10. REHAU UK: Easy Heat – New structural Floor Solution for 600mm Joist Spacing
  11. REHAU UK: RAUVITHERM Cool pre insulated Pipe – Awards Nomination Success
  12. Wavin Ekoplastik/CZE: New “Fiber Basalt Clima” Pipe for Air Conditioning Systems

globalpipe No.522 30.06.2014

  1. Jains Irrigation/IND expanded PVC pipe production Plant Capacity to 200,000 tons
  2. Maincor Rohrsysteme/DEU newly formed after bankruptcy under old management
  3. Molecor/ESP presented at India Vinyl latest news in PVC-O Pipes with great Success
  4. FB Balzanelli/ITA: The new EC Series
  5. National Plastic Factory/OMN ordered Chinese Beier PO high speed Extrusion Line
  6. Rajoo/IND offers new Paradigm in Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion DripexTM
  7. Rajoo/IND demonstrated successfully PVC-C Pipe Plant at Open House Event
  8. Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI): Annual Industry Awards Announced
  9. ADS/USA honored for 60-inch Diameter PP Pipe used in a Field Test Project
  10. ISCO&McElroy/USA honored for providing emergency Solution with HDPE Pipeline
  11. Viega USA honored by PPI for largest Snowmelt Project with PEX Tubing
  12. ISH China & CIHE: A record-breaking of 41,238 Visitors highlight the Conclusion
  13. ISH Shanghai & CIHE September 3-5, 2014: Exhibitors express strong Enthusiasm
  14. VINYL INDIA-2014: Central Theme – Overall a bright Future for PVC Consumption

globalpipe No.521 25.06.2014

  1. Industrial Blansol/ESP satisfied its Creditors and plans to restart its Factories
  2. Aliaxis/BEL to acquire Vinidex/AUS, strengthening its Presence in Australasia
  3. BEULCO/DEU receives positive Response at Mecanica Fair in Brazil
  4. FB Balzanelli/ITA: New Horizons for Drip Irrigation Market
  5. Oil Creek/USA is converting PE Pipes with new PE 4710 for greater Pressure Rating
  6. Pipelife Czech: Novelty in PP-R INSTAPLAST Pipe System the new GFR Pipe
  7. Supertech/ITA ordered Tecnomatic “Walking Pipe” Plants for PE Pipe Production
  8. Uponor Domestic Water Piping and Hydronic Piping Specifications now on ACRAT
  9. Geberit/CHE developed new Tools for rapid Pipe Connection
  10. Legend Valve/USA introduced new Push Fit Fittings and Valves
  11. Aalberts Industries/NED realizes a good start in 2014
  12. Aliaxis/BEL: First time in history – Aliaxis reached  turnover of € 2.5 billion in 2013
  13. Rettig Group’s/FIN turnover for 2013 slightly exceeded turnover of previous year

globalpipe No.520 06.06.2014

  1. Chevron Atyrau Pipe/KAZ: New Markets open in Russia for “Made in Atyrau” Label
  2. Creatherm/USA Panels now manufactured on the East Coast
  3. Dow showed with Chevron and Tehstroi DOWLEX™ PE-RT at AquaTherm Moscow
  4. Marley Plumbing/GBR co-ex soil PVC Pipe with at least 30% recycled Content
  5. Vogel&Noot – Rettig Austria: PE-Xcellent 5 Pipe for FLOORTEC Floor heating System
  6. Wavin/NLD opens Training Center “Wavin Academy” in Adana, Turkey
  7. Muna Noor/OMN started 1200 PE-RC Pipe Production on Tecnomatic Extrusion line
  8. Tecnomatic/ITA: 1st Multilayer Line for 1200 PE-RC Pipe Production in Middle East
  9. Tecnomatic/ITA will show Extruders of new Generation Zeus on Open House Day
  10. Tubi Pty/AUS launched Demonstration of its Mobile Modular HDPE Extrusion Plant
  11. Plastic Hot and Cold Water Pipe Systems in Europe by new AMI Report 
  12. US Demand for Water & Wastewater Pipe grow 7.7% p.a. by new Freedonia Study

globalpipe No.519 28.05.2014

  1. VIEGA Megapress for thick-walled Steel Pipes: Successful in the U.S., Start in DEU
  2. AFRISO/DEU: AFR141301T1EN “HWSC domestic water system centre”
  3. Borealis and Borouge announced Expansion of the XLPE Production Facilities
  4. JSA Group/PRT, incl. PERFILtubo and PEXtube, with Rebranding and new Website
  5. Viega USA: ProPress for Joining Stainless Certified for Fire Protection
  6. Watts Radiant/USA unveils SmartTrac Radiant Panel Solution – The Smart Way
  7. Utah State Study: Dig-ups confirm PVC Water Pipe’s longevity in excess of 100 years
  8. VinylPlus Progress Report: Recycled PVC increased 23% to 444,468 tons in 2013
  9. PVC Pipes ideal Candidates for circular Economy by Steve Tan, Dir. of PVC4Pipes
  10. TEPPFA Forum 2014 a Success
  11. DVGW Germany: Listing of new, extended or modified Marks of Conformity in 2013

globalpipe No.518 16.05.2014

  1. Eurotubi/ITA launched „V“ Profile Press Fitting System at MCE 2014 in Italy
  2. Eurotubi/ITA: Inserting Pipe in Fitting – Why correct Stop Point is important
  3. KraussMaffei Berstorff/DEU: Two-layered PE Extrusion live at Open House in USA
  4. Radius Systems/GBR with an exciting new Pipe Offering SC Polyethylene Pipe
  5. Radius Systems/GBR acquires leading Baltic Pipe Maker Evopipes
  6. SIMONA/DEU: Innovations at IFAT – World’s first seamless Bend up to da 1,000mm
  7. SIMONA/DEU: New SIMODUAL2 Industrial Double-Containment Piping System
  8. The Heating Company/BEL becomes Vasco Group in May 2014
  9. Vasco and Brugman/BEL presented its Underfloor Heating Systems at SHK Essen
  10. VIEGA Megapress for thick-walled Steel Pipes: Successful in the U.S., Start in DEU
  11. Construction Outlook Europe: Steady positive Development in DEU by Arch-Vision
  12. Housing Starts USA in April were above March’14 and April’13 by US Census Bureau
  13. Housing and Economy in USA to continue on an upward Path, NAHB Economists say

globalpipe No.517 30.04.2014

  1. FB Balzanelli/ITA: Complete Automation for the End of the Extrusion Pipes Lines
  2. Huliot/ISR acquired Activities and Assets of Slovenian Pipe Manufacturer Argo
  3. Huliot/ISR showcased new Ultra Silent PP Piping System at MCE 2014 in Milan
  4. Rifeng/CHE: Brand New Stage for Rifeng – New Industrial Zone completed
  5. Rifeng/CHE: Multi-Profile Press Fitting System receives good Market Feedbacks
  6. SGL Lindner/DEU: Radiant ceiling with ECOPHIT® on the Rise in the Middle East
  7. Uponor/DEU: Uni Pipe PLUS – First multi-layer composite Pipe without Knit Line
  8. Geberit/CHE has got off to an excellent Start in 2014 – Q1 2014 Report
  9. Uponor/FIN: Brisk Growth supported by good Weather and stable Markets in Q1
  10. Oman: Construction Activity increasing, with major Projects planned
  11. Qatar: Major Projects on the Horizon will lead Price Rises from late 2014
  12. Saudi Arabia’s big Boom living up to its Promise with sustainable robust Growth
  13. UAE: Rapid Recovery will stretch Construction Sector

globalpipe No.516 09.04.2014

  1. Celanese/USA and Airborne/NED sign Supply Agreement for Deepwater Pipes
  2. Lubrizol/USA breaking Ground on TempRite® PVC-C Compounding Plant in India
  3. Qenos/AUS launched AlkadyneTM PE100 Pipe Resin for Large Diameter Pipes
  4. Uponor/FIN streamlines Central European Distribution Operations
  5. APIA/AUS: Draft Plastics Pipe Competency Standards out for Comment
  6. PIPA/AUS: Acts on non-conforming Product on Australia Plastic Pipe Market
  7. PIPA/AUS: PE Code of Practice for Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Industry in Queensland
  8. SNIPEF/GBR Launched new Legionella Risk Assessment & Disinfection Scheme
  9. TEPPFA/BEL: Pilot Project on hot&cold Water Pipes, an Initiative by EU Commision
  10. MCE 2014: 156,000 Trade Visitors found the very best in the HVAC Ware Industries
  11. Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2014 Conference in Moscow by Inventra (part of CREON)
  12. TEPPFA Forum 2014 – First Official Satellite Event of Green Week 2014

globalpipe No.515 04.04.2014

  1. aquatherm/DEU: SKZ Certificate for aquatherm green pipe SDR9 MF RP
  2. Molecor enters Southeast Asia Water Pipe Market with local PVC-O pipe production
  3. Pegler Yorkshire/GBR: ‘Connect and Control’ will be the theme at PHEX 2014
  4. Polypipe/GBR adds Klout to National Independent Heating Campaign
  5. Polypipe/GBR doubles its Ridgistorm-XL Pipe Manufacturing Capacity
  6. ADS/USA HP Polypropylene Pipe meets Specification for 100-Year Design Life
  7. ADS/USA: Filing of Registration Statement for proposed Initial Public Offering
  8. Polyform/CAN presented Hydrofoam Insulation Board for Floor Heating at CMPX
  9. Viega USA honored with Supplier of the Year Award for its Efforts toward Zero Lead
  10. Viega USA offers the only Press Fitting to transition from Copper to PEX Tubing
  11. PHEX Plumbing & Heating Exhibition launches PHEX+ Alexandra Palace in London
  12. ATG Belgium: Listing of new, extended or modified Marks of Conformity in 2013
  13. SKZ Germany: Expired and New Marks between March and December 2013

globalpipe No.514 28.03.2014

  1. ADS/USA announces Expansion of JV Tigre-ADS Production Facilities in Brazil
  2. Apollo Pipes/IND introduced the Production of PVC-C pipes
  3. Charlotte Pipe’s/USA Tech Tools Mobile App: One of Top Ten New Products of 2013
  4. PE100+ Association celebrates its 15th Anniversary
  5. Performance Pipe/USA received NSF®-61-G Certification for Zero Lead in Pipes
  6. Radius Systems/GBR changes ProFuse PE Pipe from White to Black Core
  7. Brazil: Public spending will maintain Growth well beyond World Cup and Olympics
  8. Canada: All Sectors picking up, with Tenders still competitive
  9. USA: Signs of Recovery, but it’s still early Days
  10. Aqua Therm Vienna – Press Discussion: Industry Review 2013 and Preview 2014
  11. Euroconstruct: Invitation to the 77th Conference in Oslo in June 12-13, 2014
  12. ISH China & CIHE 2014 in May: Stronger line-up of German and Italian Pavilions
  13. Tube 2014: Steel Tubing Industry continues its worldwide Growth Trajectory

globalpipe No.513 21.03.2014

  1. Aeroflex USA: Sweet Success – Mars Chocolate uses 28 miles of Pipe for new Plant
  2. Armacell/DEU: Armaflex Ultima Insulation Material now also FM approved
  3. BEULCO/DEU presents its Broad and diverse Product Line at MCE 2014 in Milan
  4. Charlotte Pipe’s/USA FlowGuard Gold lead-free Brass Fittings meet new Regulation
  5. China Lesso Group: Growth of 20% in 2013 – Urbanization remained as a Top Issue
  6. egeplast/DEU: New Generation of Protective Pipe Systems SLM® 3.0
  7. PipeSystems/DEU: DVGW Homologation of the New Water Leak Protection System
  8. Radius Systems/GBR got Award for innovative Range of PE Pipe Insertion
  9. Aqua-Therm Moscow with growing Interest among Exhibitors and Visitors
  10. Aqua-Therm Novosibirsk: Exhibition’s Debute in Novosibirsk was a Success
  11. Aqua-Therm Vienna “clearly justifies its Existence”
  12. interplastica Moscow: Positive Result – Increasing Importance of Energy Efficiency
  13. SHK Essen: Trade Fair was characterized by the Good Mood in the Sector

globalpipe No.512 17.03.2014

  1. HM Machinery/CHN will showcase its Extrusion Equipment at Chinaplas 2014
  2. HM Union/CHN invested in two more Aluminum Foil Perforation Machines
  3. MULTITUBO/DEU: New Projects carried out with Thailand Partner Pimatec Co.
  4. Uponor USA: Brent Noonan named Uponor North America Vice President of Sales
  5. Aeroflex USA: With Insulation Aerocel® SSPT, Installation will be 300-400% faster
  6. Armacell/DEU: Armafix X versatile Pipe-Hanger with elastomeric Insulation
  7. L’Isolante K-Flex/ITA awarded with Certification for Chinese Production Facility
  8. Kaimann/DEU agrees Deal with IPCOM Group to transfer Kaimann AS in Norway
  9. Rehau UK launched new Version RAUVITHERM Cool preinsulated Header Pipes
  10. Thermaflex/NED: Flexalen Pipework System chosen for Stonehenge Visitor Centre
  11. China: Construction Market cools as Growth Rate slows
  12. Hong Kong: Booming Civil Sector will push Prices up in 2014
  13. India: Slow now, but long-term Prospects look good
  14. Japan: ‘Abenomics’ helps Japan to rise again
  15. Malaysia: Road, Rail and major Housing Projects will drive Costs up from low Base
  16. South Korea: Housing Slowdown hits Construction
  17. Vietnam: Construction Volumes growing – but Start from a low Base

globalpipe No.511 11.03.2014

  1. Amiantit/SAU invests $10m in Norwegian Flowtite / World Record 4m DN GRP Pipe
  2. Armacell/DEU strengthens its Commitment in South Korea taking over Armatech
  3. egeplast/DEU: Product Innovation ege150PE – Pipe Socket for OD 192-1000mm
  4. ISCO/USA: Largest HDPE Pipe Distributor in North America acquires Forrer Supply
  5. KEMPER/DEU strengthens its Market Position in the Middle East
  6. KME Yorkshire/GBR sells to Mueller the Copper Plumbing Tubes Business in UK
  7. REMS/DEU extended its Product Range: REMS DueCento Pipe Cutting Machine
  8. Aalberts/NED achieves Growth both in Organic Revenue and in Operating Profit
  9. Mexichem/MEX: FY 2013 Results – Figures in Dollars since 4Q13 / Revenue Growth
  10. Mueller Industries/USA: Unit Volumes increased but Net Sales declined
  11. Tessenderlo/BEL: Group ready to embark on second Phase of its Repositioning
  12. Wienerberger/AUT: Initial Consolidation of Pipelife brings Solid Earnings Growth
  13. New Top-Level Domains for Construction Companies

globalpipe No.510 28.02.2014

  1. AGRU/AUT: Bridge Constructions with High Grade Thermoplastic Products
  2. Dizayn/TUR: Mobile Production Facility for Spiral Pipes – World’s first and only
  3. FB Balzanelli/ITA: Pipe Coiling – Strap & Stretch Film Packaging Solutions
  4. Georg Fischer/CHE FY 2013: A Substantial Rise in Performance / Sales up +2%
  5. Ginde USA: Planning to Establish First Production Line Outside of China
  6. Simona/DEU: SIMOFUSE® – Intelligent Joining with Integral Electrofusion System
  7. AMI international conference on Pipes in Infrastructure 2014 in May
  8. Plastic Pipes XVII: Many New Trends Previewed for Chicago Conference
  9. TEPPFA Forum 2014 – This Year’s Annual Conference will be a very Special Event
  10. Ifo Economic Climate Indicator in Euro Area Continues to Rise / Results Q1 2014
  11. Ifo World Economic Climate Continues to Brighten / Results Q1 2014

globalpipe No.509 20.02.2014

  1. Dura-Line/USA+CAN invests in capacity and creates new business units
  2. Polypipe/GBR strengthened position in African market / PolyFit plumbing system
  3. Uponor USA showed radiant floor heating solutions at IBS & KBIS 2014 in Las Vegas
  4. Uponor/FIN grows in healthy US markets and declines in Europe in 2013
  5. TEPPFA: Open Letter to all interested stakeholders / Hot & cold water supply
  6. SAPPMA: SABS to ensure PVC pipes are heavy metal free by 2015
  7. Construction outlook Europe: Small growth in UK, DEU and BEL by Arch-Vision
  8. Construction global outlook: Most positive since financial crisis began in 2008
  9. Housing in UK will account 37% of UK’s total annual construction output 2014-18
  10. Housing outlook USA: Strong single-family growth will fuel housing in 2014
  11. Housing Starts 2006-2013 in USA / 18.3% more started housing units in 2013

globalpipe No.508 14.02.2014

  1. AIS/ESP launches new ranges of fittings for PEX and multi layer pipes at MCE 2014
  2. BEULCO/DEU draws first conclusions about KBIS Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas
  3. KraussMaffei Berstorff/DEU: Innovative extrusion concepts for the Chinese market
  4. mfh systems GmbH/DEU provides full service for radiant heating system providers
  5. POLYPLASTIC/RUS: M&A Activity of the POLYPLASTIC Group
  6. POLYPLASTIC/RUS opens a window to Europe through British Radius Systems
  7. Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi/ITA: Range development of metal press fittings
  8. SICA/ITA: New TRK/C/SY/U 2500 cutting machine for HDPE large diameter pipes
  9. MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort: Where energy efficiency meets the market
  10. SHK Essen 2014 will be the sectoral meeting place for decision takers
  11. Plastics & Rubber Vietnam and ProPak Vietnam 2014 to corroborate for business

globalpipe No.507 05.02.2014

  1. PE-RT Pipes in Heating & Plumbing Installations in Europe
  2. KWD Market + Charts “Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe 2013” – now published!
  3. Geberit/CHE Q4 2013 + first results 2013: Healthy sales growth by +4.7% in 2013
  4. SILON/CZE presented successful innovative crosslinking for PE-Xb pipes at K 2013
  5. Van Leeuwen/NED enters Brazilian market through acquisition of Tubexpress
  6. Amut/ITA: Head and extruder for large diameter PE pipes developed
  7. FB Balzanelli/ITA: Leader in production of coilers – Big success at K-Show
  8. SICA/ITA goes green with innovations in the field of plastic pipes at K 2013
  9. Tecnomatic/ITA: Pipe extrusion lines at Interplastica + Saudi Plastics&Petrochem
  10. Kiwa Italia reached an agreement with UNI in order to issue the Kiwa–UNI mark
  11. Fundamentals of Radiant Design: New online workshop from Dave Yates and RPA

globalpipe No.506 29.01.2014

  1. Ego Engineering/RUS show PRO AQUA multi layer pipes at Aqua-Therm Moscow
  2. Ego Engineering/RUS: Polytron PP pipes and fittings – high strength sewerage
  3. POLYPLASTIC Group/RUS: CEO Miron Gorilovskiy summing up the 2013 results
  4. Uponor: Preliminary information on net sales 2013 – downturn in revenue in Q4
  5. Uponor USA launches newly designed websites for its U.S. and Canadian audiences
  6. Aleris Multi Layer Tubing Days: Aleris Service and Support
  7. MLT-Days/ 4. Aleris Service and Support: Aleris R&D, a vision on multi layer tubing
  8. MLT-Days/ 4. Aleris Service and Support: Primary aluminium, market+transaction
  9. MLT-Days/ 4. Aleris Service and Support: Aleris Service offer for MLT customers
  10. Aqua-Therm Moscow 2014, 4-7 February, is a choice of industry leaders
  11. PlumbexIndia 2014, 20-22 February: India’s only plumbing show
  12. ACREX India 2014 will aim towards “Carbon Neutral” status of the event

globalpipe No.505 20.01.2014

  1. Armacell LLC/USA present AP/Armaflex® sheet & roll insulation at AHR Expo
  2. Tubomart/China present screw and press fittings for PEX pipes at AHR Expo
  3. Uponor USA: New industry-first products for commercial PEX plumbing systems
  4. Winkler Technik GmbH/Germany offer a mounting rail at AHR Expo on booth 2615
  5. Germany: Drinking water to become lead-free – new standard by 1 December 2013
  6. NSF issued 1st Australian WaterMark certific. for plastic piping products to Simon
  7. ACCADUEO/Italy: Now in Oct with new venue but same periodicity and autonomy
  8. AHR Expo® 2014 already largest Northeast HVACR exposition / New York in Jan’14
  9. DEUBAU has become DEUBAUKOM: New name – new concept / Germany in Jan’14
  10. Interplastica Moscow Jan’14: Good prospects because of Russia’s growing economy
  11. Calendar of events 2014: Listing of fair trades, exhibitions, conferences and more