Geberit plans to launch a fully developed system using push fittings on the market in 2009

[inspic=174,left,,125]This headline news emerged almost as an afterthought at the end of an interview with Dr. Karl Spachmann, managing director of Geberit Vertriebs GmbH , in a highly informative specialist article in RAS 3/2008 under the title “Will push fit technology see a breakthrough in 2008?”, assessing the answers given to 7 questions by 8 managing directors of leading system suppliers. Unfortunately 7 of those questioned (including Geberit) had a push fitting in their range, which made the favourable opinion regarding the prospects for push fittings very one-sided and many simply concurred with the positive view of the trade. Bernhard Brinkmann, executive chairman of Uponor Central Europe was the only one to express reservations about the prospects for push fittings, saying that greater market penetration for this type of connector would depend on whether these were proved absolutely safe, and to doubt whether larger dimension push fittings – such as would be developed – could be fitted entirely without tools. It is a pity that companies such as Viega or Rehau did not give their opinions. The next RAS will contain the answers given by the wholesale trade to the same questions and these will be eagerly awaited. + + + It seems important to us that the “successful push fitting of the future” should be suitable for multilayer pipes, that the question-mark over safety should be resolved and that it should be fully developed up to at least d50 and preferably d70. Tool-free fitting is not yet a reality (e.g. pre-wall installation, in the case of various special connections, etc.) and any installer with a more demanding task and using larger items must necessarily have a press machine and all that goes with it. Here there is no question of “tool-free” fitting. Finally the issue will be decided not in interviews but in the market and this will take time. In Italy and Spain, on the other hand, the prospects for push fittings are considerably brighter.

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