Geberit Mapress becomes first press fitting system to get LPCB approval

Geberit, the leading supplier of sanitary, supply and drainage systems has just been awarded the first ever LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approval for a press fitting system for fire protection systems.

Photo: Geberit
Photo: Geberit

KWD-SHK, 01.06.2011. The accreditation, which applies to Geberit’s innovative Mapress Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel, covers all dimensions of Geberit Mapress  piping up to 108mm making it the natural choice for all types of fire safety installations. Following a rigorous testing process, Geberit Mapress is now the approved press fitting pipework for use on all fire protection systems including wet and dry sprinkler systems, pre-action systems, low pressure water spray and mist systems, foam water sprinkler systems, deluge systems, hydrant systems and extinguishing water pipes.

Geberit Mapress is packed full of practical installation benefits, as with all pipework connections pressed on to the tube by using just a press-fitting tool, this method can be used on a wide range of applications and offers a practical, durable and reliable alternative to traditional methods. Installation is fast while safety is assured due to the innovative pressing indicator which reveals visible leak paths to enable unpressed joints to the detected and fixed before the pressure test.

Due to its labour saving qualities and sheer durability, Geberit Mapress is the number one choice for fitting fire protection systems in applications where a fast turnaround is imperative, such as hotels, care homes, retail outlets, schools and hospitals. Requiring no adhesive or solvents, press-fit connections can be easily rotated into tight spaces, making Geberit Mapress particularly suitable for retrofit projects and complex installations, as well as for those requiring a fast turnaround.

The very first to be approved by the LPCB and the press fitting system of choice for installers throughout the industry, Geberit Mapress offers the very best results for fitting fire protection systems.

Mapress range of pipes and fittings

Photo: Geberit
Photo: Geberit

The Mapress range of pipes and fittings come in stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and CuNiFe and our Mepla pipe are made from a composite of metal and plastic. Mapress and Mepla systems can be used in a wide variety of applications including heating, cooling, gas and industrial facilities.

A key benefit to Geberit’s Mapress and Mepla system is that the fittings are designed so that any connections not pressed during installation are automatically detectable during the leak test, providing the installer with a fail-safe method of checking for unpressed joints. Also, the indicator foils on Mapress fittings provide and additional security as the foil is removed after the correct pressing operation. The indicators are colour coded by material type and are branded with the dimension size to aid identification and processing.

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