FRABO rewarded for the investments in logic “industry 4.0”

The award ceremony of Confindustria Cremona was held on 30th October. In this ceremony, special prizes are given to factories, which distinguished themselves in innovation.

Thanks to the great investments in its Industry 4.0 project, even Frabo won important awards by Confindustria Cremona. Manuela Bonetti, CEO, received the prize.

photo: FRABO S.p.A.
photo: FRABO S.p.A.

The investment project, presented by FRABO, provides for the creation of a new equipped department with high-tech plants and machines. These machines, integrated and connected to the factory system, produce press fittings with a specific profile. Besides, the characteristics of the machines and their integrated systems reduce the waste materials and the energy consumption with a positive impact in environmental management.

The plant was designed in order to be integrated with advanced IT systems, able to collect, process and make data available in a logic of “Industry 4.0”.

source: FRABO S.p.A., Italy,