FRABO closes 2015 in a positive way and the new year opens with a commitment to innovation and internationalization

FRA.BO, a Brescia company founded in 1969 by Bonetti brothers and now among the main Italian companies in the production of fittings for plumbing and heating systems, closed 2015 with a turnover increase and is about to consolidate its presence on the German market thanks to the new certification issued by DVGW.

frabo-logoThe certifying body, which in Germany has the responsibility for developing the technical regulations for water and gas distribution, for promoting research and education, for carrying out examinations and tests and for issuing certifications, issued a new certification to FRA.BO regarding the product FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO – the press-fitting system for copper and bronze for thermo hydraulic installations used both for water and gas applications.

This second certification, in addition to the one already issued to FRA.BO in May 2015 after a long legal battle, certifies that the full range of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO products is compliant with all regulations. In particular, DVGW verified that SECURFRABO seal – suitable both for water and gas distribution – has the right features for both applications.

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is a set of copper and bronze press fittings for thermo hydraulic installations with copper pipes, suitable for gas and water installations equally. The system has been tested and inspected for all gas, water and heating applications and is suitable for a wide range of uses in the construction and industrial engineering industries. Compared with the previous one, the new line-up is equipped with SECURFRABO seal, the patented safety system by FRA.BO that allows you to instantly locate the failure pressing points. The new product range will be launched in Germany next spring, in all modes and sizes from 12 to 54.

Frabopress-Securfrabo, photo: FRABO
Frabopress-Securfrabo, photo: FRABO

DVGW declared that FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO passed all the tests with complete satisfaction of the testing institute. The certification has been obtained after compliance tests, according to general regulatory requirements and to DVGW CERT GmbH regulations. With this certification, requirements related to security, hygiene and environmental protection have been fulfilled.

FRA.BO begins 2016, then, with the real prospect of expanding its presence in a strategic market like Germany. The company aims also to support the production – that includes 25 product categories and 5.000 items made of 6 different materials – and to increase investments for the renovation of the structure. In 2016 FRA.BO will invest more than 10% of its turnover in the new productive site, whose renovation started in 2015, an activity that includes also the requalification of the old building, the building of a new warehouse and the purchase of new machinery.


Founded in 1969 by Bonetti brothers, FRA.BO S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of fittings made of copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, bronze and other materials for plumbing installations. FRABO has a production plant in Italy which produces, with the most advanced equipment and technologies, press-fittings, soldering fittings and compression fittings. 60 million pieces are manufactured and exported all over the world every year, composing a catalogue of 5000 articles.

FRABO continuously invests in Research & Development, Quality and Communication in order to diversify products, improve customer service, and open new market and gives utmost importance to the impact of its activities on the environment putting in place all necessary measures for the proper use of resources during all the production cycle.