First single layer PEX pipe with effectiveness of multi-layer pipe

Vanguard Pipe & Fittings Ltd. is introducing the latest product innovation NEW CANPEX™ UV Plus. The first single layer UV resistant PEX pipe with effectiveness of a multi-layer pipe. Vanguard is the first manufacturer to successfully combine maximum UV protection with chlorine resistance in a single layer flexible PEX product. The CANPEX™ UV Plus received the coveted highest rating of PEX 5306 from NSF International. CANPEX™UV Plus’ advanced formulation ensures that when the product is exposed to UV radiation, it will retain both its physical properties as well as its long term Chlorine/ORP resistance at the highest level in the industry today.

photo: Vanguard
photo: Vanguard

Most manufacturers have met only the minimum chlorine resistance requirement. CANPEX UV Plus goes the distance with its UV protection, chlorine resistance, metal deactivation and lead-free formulation n with all of the same features installers look for in PEX tubing. CANPEX UV Plus is complemented with a proven, reliable crimping system for standard or lead-free brass insert fittings or Vanguard’s fully-engineered Poly-Alloy insert fittings.

The production of the new pipe began in November 2010 and is in stock at Vanguard’s warehouses. CANPEX UV Plus comes with a system-wide 25-year limited warranty. The pipes are primarily for potable water systems.

Note: Vanguard Pipe & Fittings Ltd. is a Canadian company and is not affiliated with Viega L.L.C. of North America, Vanguard Piping Systems Inc. or Vanguard Industries Inc. of USA.

About Vanguard Canada
Vanguard Canada has been a premier manufacturer of PEX plumbing and heating pipe since 1997, and geothermal pipe (HDPE), fittings and tools since 2003. Its product lines meet the highest standards of quality and are certified by recognized third parties such as NSF. The parent company acquiring Viega’s share in 2008 in Vanguard Canada is the CB Group.

CB Supplies Limited (CBS) /Canada and its affiliates have been in the distribution business in Canada since 1964 and are recognized as one of the most prominent and well-established national master distributors in Canada. The organization under the CBS banner distributes a range of PVF (Pipe, Valves, Fittings) products, primarily used in residential and commercial plumbing as well as radiant heating systems.

CB Supplies Ltd. (CBS), a Canadian based firm founded in 1964, is the distribution arm of a manufacturing and distribution enterprise. by a variety of manufacturers located around the world.