FB Balzanelli introduced new coilers models for pipe insulation

The insulation of pipes becomes more and more important in the building industry and FB Balzanelli introduced new coilers models for the purpose. This way completed its fleet of machines suitable for insulated pipes.

The fully automatic double coiler of the PREMIUM Series type DR1201M, with compact frame and double pipe guide, is typically installed after the insulation lines, as well as aluminum composite pipes lines up to OD 63 mm.

The pipe produced up to 40 m/min, is cut with a stand-alone servo cutter or flying knife and overtaken automatically from the coiler.

photo: FB Balzanelli

To increase the level of integrated automation, along the  extrusion process, both pipe ends can be plugged, just adding an automatic plug inserter (as optional).

After the regular coiling of the pipe, one strapping unit secures, with 4 straps, each coil and overhand them via conveyor belts, to an automatic handling system for further stretch wrapping and storage.

The integrated simplified manual adjustment on the coiler ease the set-up.

Whenever higher automation and performances level are requested, FB Balzanelli proposes the EXCELLENCE Series coilers, featuring:

  1. fully automatic set-up and Playlist mode to coil, without interruption, different coil lengths
  2. double strapping heads to increase the line speed, particularly, on short coils of 10 m
  3. integrated haul-off to reduce the pipe ovality increasing the coiling quality

FB Balzanelli installed automatic coilers and complete insulation lines worldwide with great commitment and full satisfaction from the end users.

source: http://www.fb-balzanelli.net/