FB Balzanelli: Evolution of the EC series continues

The EC Series marketed in recent years by FB Balzanelli has in just a short time won over all those manufacturers of pipe that, in view of increased production speeds and new packaging needs, have found themselves having to move towards automatic winding solutions without, however, having to make enormous investments and achieving an excellent compromise between technology, performance and output.

fbb-logoBecause they are simple to use and maintain, from the very beginning the automatic coilers in the EC series have been able to guarantee excellent levels of performance in all those applications which do not require frequent production changeovers and in just a short space of time they have come to represent a sales volume of over 20% of all FB Balzanelli sales.

photo: FB Balzanelli
photo: FB Balzanelli

As with all typical FB Balzanelli coilers, these coilers are also configured with two opposing reels and have the option to be integrated with one or two strapping units.

Now the market wants more: FB Balzanelli, always ready to seize new opportunities, has further developed the EC series, renaming it the EC-1 and including some technical adjustments that simplify ease of use and maintenance further still, thus making it possible to further reduce the time needed to set-up the various sizes.

Thanks to these further developments, the new EC-1 series in just a few months has already proved to offer an even faster pay-back on investment than the old EC series, demonstrating that the synergy between FB Balzanelli and the customer always leads to excellent results for both parties.

source: www.fb-balzanelli.it