FB Balzanelli celebrates its 25th birthday: “Since 1994 pipes are in our DNA”

In 2019 a new production plant of 5.000 sqm in Schieppe (PU) was inaugurated

KWD-globalpipe, 08.11.2019. In the 1980s the founder of FB Balzanelli, Mr. Vincenzo Balzanelli, was a leading manufacturer of PVC corrugated pipe. Dissatisfied with the quality of automatic coilers available in the market in that period, he decided to start to design and manufacture his own automatic coilers. He needed automatic coilers to be fast, reliable and capable of guaranteeing top packaging quality.

Since 1994 when Vincenzo built his first automatic coiler, a continuous development and growth has been underway at the company’s production plant in Fano, Italy, until today when FB Balzanelli I the leading manufacturer of automatic coilers for pipe.

1994  FB Balzanelli was founded by Vincenzo Balzanelli

1998  New Pneumatic Strapping Head 2.0 replacing the obsolete versions with springs and cams

1998  Omtrpdictopm pf the TR800CAP, the best seller coiler in the FB History

2000  Integration of the haul-off on board to reduce ovalization of PE pipe and PVC hoses


2012  First automatic coils stacking station a. stretch wrapping pallets designed for PE pipes up to 50mm

2014  New Super-Fast Strapping Head 4.0 XS version with the highest output available in the market

2015  FB Balzanelli engineered a. manufactured the largest automatic coiler for smooth PE up to OD 250

2016  Introduction and immediate appreciation by the market of the new PREMIUM “DR” series coilers


2017  First project with complete system of coiling, wrapping, pelletization with robots, pallet dispenser

2019  FB Balzanelli celebrates its 25 years of activity and inaugurates the new plant of 5.000 m²

Contact: FB Balzanelli, Italy, www.fb-balzanelli.net