FB Balzanelli: “Born to Coil” for over 30 years

fbb-logoFor over 30 years FB Balzanelli automatic and semi-automatic coilers have represented a synonym for technology and quality. Today FB Balzanelli, with its new automatic solutions for packaging pipes, not to mention its automatic palletizing systems (which can serve more than one line), is always popular with pipe maufacturers.

  • In all these years, FB Balzanelli has never lost sight of its mission: TechnologyInnovationQuality and Customer Service.

    photo: FB Balzanelli
  • Avant-garde and continually evolving technology for better payback on investment.
  • Constant innovation to offer the perfect technical solution to meet each and every specific pipe coiling, packaging and palletizing need.
  • Quality of all its products, perfected and guaranteeddown to the last detail.
  • Customer services to guarantee correct and reliable operation of its systems.

FB Balzanelli is a modern and dynamic group in continuous growth with a high level of know-howcapable of following its customers throughout the entire production project, offering them the most suitable solutions for coiling and packaging any type of flexible pipe.