Thanks to its long established presence in the market and also thanks to the well-known reliability of its machines, FB Balzanelli experienced an impressive affluence in its booth at the K-Show 2013 in Dusseldorf. The big affluence is indoubtly due to the general recovery of the global plastics industry after 2007-2010 economic crisis, but also to the fact that, despite the global difficult economical situation, the company has continued investing and developing an ambitious new-product improvement plan.

fbb-logoDuring its long history, in fact, FB Balzanelli always maintained and confirmed its top position among the manufacturers of automatic coilers, and nowadays the company is leading the market of pipe packaging. The K-Show was a confirmation of that. In this edition, in fact, FB Balzanelli presented a product line that is definitely more sophisticated than the one showed in the previous K edition in 2010. Many improvements and developments have been introduced during the last years, and also new strong partnerships with other industry specialists and pipe machine manufacturers have been established, creating this way new partners that can now offer FB Balzanelli’s coiler as a part of their lines, giving a complete equipment and service to the customer. For sure K visitors saw these developments, and they remained quite impressed.

photo: FB Balzanelli

As always, the company cared about safety, efficiency and sustainability, but this time FB Balzanelli focused more on increasing coiler’s speed and general automation of the lines integrated to the palletizing system. All this was done keeping the high performances the company has always granted to its customers. And that was exactly what the company showed during the exhibition: all visitors could see that with their eyes on the machine displayed during the show, which was the coiler model TR 1400, running at 200 meters per minute. As probably many people already know, the TR model was the first one developed by FB Balzanelli, and it embodies the whole history and evolution of the company. TR coilers are famous for being the very first on the market with a configuration of two opposite stations, but nowadays they reached an incredible level of technology. The customization and the range of optional that a customer can now choose are incomparable with those offered some years ago. For example, one important development that has been showed during the K-show was the improvement of the system and the increase of the speed for changing diameters and dimensions of the coil. In fact, as the visitors could personally see, the change of the diameter of the reels in FB Balzanelli’s machines is now done completely in automatic, only by changing the values in the 12’’ control panel.

photo: FB Balzanelli
photo: FB Balzanelli

In sum, at the K-show people could see that TR coilers are machines designed for customers who really understand the importance of the automation, and who have the need of reaching top performances without neglecting the end quality of the coil.

source:  www.fb-balzanelli.net