European Pipe Market 2011: Who is Best of Class?

KWD-globalpipe publishing-house is researching the market for heating&plumbing pipes already for more than 30 years. Presently, we just finished the Update 2011 of the KWD-Market+Charts “Heating&Plumbing Pipes 2011”.

KWD-globalpipe, 08.12.2011. In the current report, we are detailing “how many million meters of pipes have been used in the following applications: floor- or surface heating&cooling, radiator connection and sanitary systems. If we take Europe, most pipes for hot water installations hav e been sold in Germany. In the second place is Italy, followed by GB/Ireland and Poland.


If we now have a look by material:

  • GB has marketed the largest quantity of copper pipes in Europe with approximately 100 million meters.
  • Germany has marketed the largest quantity of PEX pipes in Europe with approximately 70 million meters as well as the largest quantity of PE-RT pipes with approximately 54 million metres.
  • Regarding multi layer pipes (PEX or PE-RT with aluminium), German has sold the most, but Italy is a very close second.


European heating&plumbing pipe trends

The combined European pipe market had shrunk in 2009 by 10 % and in 2010 by a further 8 %. For 2011, the trend has reversed and turned positive again. Our research shows, that the European growth of pipes for hot water installations will be 1% in 2011 and around 3 % each year for 2012 till 2014.

It is a fact, that the political and economic development has never been quite as unpredictable as it is today. With this uncertainty in mind, and based on the numbers available, trends have been developed that are based on assumptions on how the housing market in each country will move, on what the expectations of the global players in the pipe market are and what the predictions of the councils of economic experts foresee.

To have a look on trends in pipe material, it can be seen that multi layer pipes are still increasing. But PEX pipes and, above all, PE-RT pipes show a continuously high rate of growth. The market share of PE-RT pipes for all applications reached in 2008 6,5 %. In 2010 it was already 8%, and we expect that it will be 9,6% in 2014. But if we only have a look on floorheating / surface heating&cooling, the market share for PE-RT pipes for this specific application grew from 27% in 2008 to 30% in 2010 and we expect it to be 33% in 2014. To compare, the market share of PEX pipes in the same application have been 48% in 2010 while multi layer pipes only have a market share of 14 %.

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