Environmental management recognized

battenfeld-cincinnati has now been recognized for its ecological commitment as a company following the principles of the EcoBusinessPlan by the Environmental Agency of the Municipality of Vienna. The machine manufacturer furnished convincing evidence of this commitment in the form of eco-friendly internal measures and in its products – extrusion lines with extremely energy-efficient design.

Extrusion lines from battenfeld-cincinnati for the production of pipes, profiles, film and sheet with maximum output and with facilities for quick material and color change as well as coextrusion and recycling solutions are designed to make a substantial contribution to responsible and sustainable production management. Energy efficiency is a goal to which the machine manufacturer has already been committed for a long time. Therefore it was also one of the first manufacturers to equip all of its extruders with direct drives. battenfeld-cincinnati continuously endeavors to develop new products with low energy consumption and to improve the energy-saving attributes of its existing range. Its latest product lines include the GreenPipe concept, a PO pipe extrusion system with 3 sections. Through the option of using extrusion dies from the EAC or KryoS series, the required length of the cooling section can be reduced by up to 45 % in the production of all PO pipes up to 2,500 mm in diameter, with a permanent cut in energy consumption. Moreover, the 3rd section, an extremely innovative downstream concept, enables a further significant reduction in energy consumption through a modification in the cooling system for the water tanks.

With internal measures, such as heat recovery in the central filter system, use of a mobile oil separator and the installation of large ventilators in its production hall to improve heat distribution, battenfeld-cincinnati contributes to eco-friendly operation of its facilities day by day. A load control system cuts peak energy demand, and the basic load on weekends and public holidays is minimized by completely switching off the machines, as well as time-controlled circulation of cooling agents.

source: www.battenfeld-cincinnati.com