EHC launches X-MATS AQUA: Floor heating system with pre-fixed pipes

X-MATS AQUA enables a cost-optimized installation of different pipe types (PE-RT, PEX, MSR) from 8 – 16 mm in the area of underfloor heating, in new buildings or renovation

KWD-SHK, 09.03.2020. In times of rising personnel costs and a lack of skilled workers in the construction industry, EHC presents its new product series “X-MATS”. EHC combines many years of experience in the production of water-guided and electric underfloor heating.

X-MATS AQUA is the solution for flexible and fast installation of underfloor heating pipes from 8 to 16 mm. X-MATS enables a cost-optimised laying of different types of pipes (PE-RT, PEX, MSR) in the field of underfloor heating. Pre-fixed pipes allow a quick and easy laying and installation in new buildings or renovation projects. Thus, X-MATS makes the laying of underfloor heating pipes much more efficient and gives every user a competitive advantage in the highly competitive underfloor heating market.

Production is carried out in close cooperation with the customer and is adapted to the specific requirements of each customer. The production process of X-MATS is also offered by EHC as a service for third-party pipes.

The product advantages are obvious: Flexible laying, high time savings by simply rolling out, no floating by fixing to the subsoil, no additional fixing necessary, fixed predefined pipe distances and space-saving delivery on a roll.

The X-MATS products are currently produced in 3 standard variants:

  • X-MATS AQUA: Pipe fixed on glass fibre fabric
    Optional: self-adhesive fabric with protective foil, Velcro or double-sided adhesive tape to fix the X-MATS to the substrate
  • X-MATS AQUA LIGHT: tube freely fixed
    Optional: Velcro or double-sided adhesive tape to fix the X-MATS on the surface
  • X-MATS AQUA GREEN: pipe fixed on recyclable foil for floating installation
    Optional: Velcro or double-sided adhesive tape to fix the X-MATS on the surface

Michael De Bortoli, General Manager, and Timo Schwippe, COO, are responsible for the continuous development of the EHC and its products. State-of-the-art machinery enables the EHC to produce competitively “Made in Germany” at its German location.