Dow Still Benefiting From 20-Year Old DOWLEX™ PE-RT Pipe System

[inspic=297,left,,120]Two decades ago, when Dow added a new building to the campus of its European headquarters in Horgen, Switzerland, the company elected to install an innovative hydronic radiant heating and cooling system based on plastic pipes made with DOWLEX™ 2344 PE-RT resin. Now, as part of a refurbishment project, Dow has had an opportunity to examine and analyze a 20-year old section of the pipe system to see how it is performing after all those years of service. The results are instructive. First, DOWLEX 2344 material from the pipe was subjected to differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis, a thermo-analytical technique to measure whether any change had occurred in its melting and crystallization behaviour relative to a reference sample- in other words, to test if the material had become more brittle or is already partially degraded. The second test conducted on the 20-year old DOWLEX 2344 material wa  s an oxidative induction time (OIT) measurement at 210˚ C. This test, which is an internationally recognized means of characterizing the thermo-oxidative stabilities of polyolefins (ASTM D3895 and DIN EN 728), is used to determine if the original stabilization components are still present and capable of protecting the material against oxidation. The results of the OIT test on the DOWLEX 2344 material showed that more than 60 % of the original OIT is still available to offer long-term oxidation protection for the pipe. “Nothing could be more convincing for our customers, and their customers, than to see a living example of DOWLEX 2344 PE-RT pipes that have stood the test of time and are still performing as well today as they were when first installed twenty years ago,” said Katja Wodjereck, Market Manager for Pipes and Geomembranes at Dow Europe GmbH.