Dizayn: New Elit Pipe comprising special PP-R middle layer with mineral additive

A breakthrough in PP-R pipe: 25% less clamp, 50% les elongation, 100% economical

dizayn-logoKWD-globalpipe, 22.04.2013. One of Dizayn Group’s latest innovations is the Elit Pipe, a three layered pipe made from an internal PP-R substrate, special PP-R middle layer with mineral additive and a PP-R top layer, available in diameters from 20 up to 63mm. Areas of usage are indoor hot-cold plumbing systems, compressed air systems and industrial pipe systems.

Other advantages

Dizayn Elit Pipe
Dizayn Elit Pipe

50 year guaranteed service life; it can also be used at 95°C; provides easy welding; applied quickly; application without wastage is possible; shows low investment requirements to the installer; it doesn’t corrode; diameter of minerals doesn’t decrease as a result of reaction; it doesn’t oxidize and contaminate cleaning water; it can be furnished easily in inconvenient positions thanks to its flexible structure.

Contact: Dizayn Teknik Boru ve Elemanları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Turkey, www.dizayngroup.com