Dasheng and IBA have entered an exclusive agreement for distribution of E-Beam Accelerators

[inspic=328,left,,100][inspic=327,right,,125]IBA extends its offering by adding the Dasheng Electron beam accelerators to its portfolio of high current IBA-Dynamitron® (formerly called RDI Dynamitron®). As of April 1st 2010, IBA will be the exclusive distributor of the Dasheng E-beam accelerators outside of China. IBA will also be responsible for providing installation and support services to Dasheng E-beam accelerator customers outside of China.

“Not only will this collaboration extend our IBA Dynamitron® portfolio but Dasheng will also bring in the collaboration its expertise in cable and heat-shrink products, reel-to-reel under beam systems, irradiation process and related compounds”, says Serge Lamisse, President IBA Industrial. “Our customers will have access to both product lines. Dasheng E-beam accelerators are mainly targeted for R&D facilities or lower current applications while the original IBA Dynamitron® will focus on high current, high throughput applications”, says Mr Lamisse.

“Entering such collaboration with IBA allows us to extend our geographical coverage while offering our users the support and the service of IBA around the world”, says Mr. Kenneth Hsiao, CEO of Dasheng.

Dasheng E-beam accelerators and IBA Dynamitrons® are state of the art accelerators designed for both industrial processing and research applications. Wire and Cable insulation crosslinking with electron beam improves cables insulation strength, durability and resistance with higher standards than any other technology.

About Dasheng

Dasheng is one of the largest manufacturers of heat shrinkable products in China and in the world. The group manufacturing facilities are located in the Jiangsu Province in China. Dasheng also develops electron beam accelerators, compounds and associated test equipment.

Their R&D department is presently deeply involved in the development of new applications. Hands-on training sessions are available at their Service Center. www.dasheng.com.

About IBA

IBA Industrial is the world leader in electron and proton accelerators for industrial applications. IBA’s unique E-Beam, X-ray and Proton treatment solutions are used across the world in many different applications such as Wire & Cable insulation crosslinking, PE-X pipe crosslinking, medical device sterilization, food pasteurization, property enhancement for various materials, safety and detection, crystal modification, etc. Over 250 IBA Industrial accelerators are used in the world today, some for more than 50 years. www.iba-industrial.com

Contact: IBA Industrial, Industrial.eu@iba-group.com.