Cromford Group/Australia now manufacturing 160mm HDPE Flexi&PVC Flexi Pipe

Cromford Group has three discreet business entities, Cromford Film, Cromford Pipe and Cromford Recycle steeped in the cultural heritage of Cromford.

cromford2009 was a landmark year for the Cromford Group, with the completion and opening of the State of the art manufacturing facility in Moss Vale, NSW. Cromford Group Pty Ltd now has the scale, professionalism and capacity to become Australia’s leading PE Pipe production and delivery partner for major infrastructure projects and distribution channels. Cromford Group continues to grow and July 2013 will see the completion of its manufacturing facility in Mackay, QLD.

cromford-0Single wall corrugated HDPE class 400 and single wall corrugated PVC class 1000 SN20 comes in a range of diameters and coil lengths. Cromford Group now also manufacturing 160 mm HDPE Flexi & PVC Flexi Pipe both available in 25m coils. It is used extensively for drainage, from main roads, freeways, to the garden beds in your own back yard.

Contact: Cromford Group Pty Ltd., Australia,