Cincinnati: Presents complete line concept for glass fiber reinforced 3-layer pipes made of PP-R

3-layer pipes made of PP-R with a glass fiber reinforced middle layer are an interestin  g alternative to conventional heating and sanitary pipes for hot and cold water transport in buildings. The Viennese machine manufacturer Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH offers a tailor-made engineering solution to meet the special requirements of the task of producing them. The pipes consist of two outer PP random polymer layers and a middle layer made of PP homopolymer filled with a 10 to 20% weight component of short glass fiber. The main advantage of these pipes, an increase in stability and e-module, is achieved by glass fiber reinforcement. [inspic=292,right,,]For the production of these pipes, Cincinnati Extrusion recommends an extruder combination consisting of two Talos single-screw extruders. While the extruder for the inner and outer layers is equipped with a 30 D processing unit including a grooved feed section, the extruder for the middle layer has a length of only 25 D and a smooth processing unit with special antiwear protection for processing PP with glass fiber content. Like all machines from the Viennese manufacturer, both extruders come with maintenance-free AC motors and screw geometries perfectly tailored to the requirements of this application. They are also synchronized by means of a microprocessor control system and consequently extremely easy to operate. The die, an IRIS 25-3 coex triple spiral mandrel die, is suitable for all pipe dimensions from 16 to 250 mm and can be adapted very easily to different layer thickness distributions. One special feature of the line concept from Cincinnati Extrusion is the downstream equipment for pipes up to 63 mm in diameter.,