Cincinnati Extrusion to Present Leading Innovations at NPE

[inspic=216,left,,140]Cincinnati Extrusion’s appearance at this year’s NPE in Chicago (South Hall, booth No. 18008) from June 22-26 will be all about Leading Innovations. The Vienna based machine manufacturer will show a range of extrusion equipment including its brand new KryoS pipe head, core element of the cutting-edge energy-efficient KryoSys PO pipe extrusion line. Moreover, the company is planning six other exhibits of its machinery and components, and finished products fabricated with its equipment. Besides the KryoS pipe head the displays will include:

Argos 72 parallel twin screw extruder for production of PVC profiles, pipe, sheet and siding.
Konos 50 conical twin screw extruder for PVC profile, pipe and co-extrusion pro-duction that combines high throughput and performance with low-cost.
Alpha 45 single screw production utility profiles of thermoplastics and small diam-eter tubing.
• Profile Die manufactured for production of fenestration profiles
• Static screw display showing Cincinnati Extrusion design and engineering capa-bilities in twin screw extrusion.
• Samples of finished products, including fenestration profiles, siding, irrigation, foam PVC sheet and natural fibre composites.

These exhibits highlight an important component of Cincinnati Extrusion’s capabilities: Leading Innovations. Through strategic engineering, the development of the worlds leading technology for profile, pipe and foam PVC sheet with focus on energy savings and highest capability for investment.

High output extrusion for PVC profile producers

[inspic=275,right,fullscreen,300]Cincinnati Extrusion offers the leading technology solution for parallel counter rotating twin screw extruders, the ARGOS. The 72 mm diameter machine on display has a throughput capacity up to 590 lb. (270 kg) per hour. The extruder has a 28:1 L/D ratio and the screw design is specific to the high quality output required for fenestration. The machine is ro-bust, easy to operate and economical.

The extruder is standard with six barrel zones, eight die-heating zones and one adapter zone. Standard execution is with intracool water filled screws and APC® air cooled barrel. The unit will be equipped with the latest EXcPRO-XP control system.

The ARGOS series for PVC profile extrusion is available in 4 sizes; 72, 93,114 and 135; with production capacity up to 2200 pounds (1000 kg) per hour.

Extruder standard for Conical Twin Screw Extruders

Cincinnati Extrusion has produced conical counter-rotating twin screw extruders since the 1960’s and have maintained their leadership position for offering the latest technology for the extrusion industry, as exhibited with the Konos twin screw extruder.

The KONOS 50 machine on display has a throughput capacity up to 440 lb. (200 kg) per hour. The extruder has a 15% longer processing unit and 15% larger nominal diameter compared to previous designs. The extruder is standard with four barrel zones, eight die-heating zones and one adapter zone. Standard execution is with intracool water filled screws and APC® air cooled barrel. The unit will be equipped with the latest EXcPRO-XP control system.

The KONOS series is available in 4 sizes; 38, 50, 63 and 72 mm; with production capacity up to 1100 pounds (500 kg) per hour. Pedestal mounted execution for co-extrusion is an available standard option on most sizes.
New benchmark for small diameter single screw extruders

The Cincinnati Extrusion series of small diameter utility use; single screw extruders for thermoplastic materials for profile, tubing, pipe and co-extrusion accomplished using the ALPHA technology platform.

The ALPHA 45 machine on display has a throughput capacity up to 154 lb (70 kg) per hour. The extruder is standard with four barrel zones, four die-heating zones and one ad-apter zone. The ALPHA 45 is displayed with a grooved feed bushing and the 28:1 L/D processing unit. Standard execution is with nitride screws and barrel, discrete control panel with Eurotherm 3216 controls and Vacon remote drive control, pre wired for CAN-BUS for co-extrusion applications.

The ALPHA series is available in a matrix of two diameters 45, 60 and 75 mm, two L/D 25:1 and 28:1 and two feed bush options – smooth and grooved. This matrix allows for the widest processing window for the complete range of thermoplastic materials used in extru-sion today.

Pipe die designed for high yields and energy effiency

As part of the revolutionary KryoSys polyolefin pipe production system, the KryoS pipe head is the heart of the technology success and truly, a Leading innovation for pipe pro-ducers.

The modified spiral mandrel distribution pipe head incorporates a temperature controlled cooling section prior to the die set allowing for the reduction of the polymer melt temperature by as much as 25%. This reduction in melt temperature reduces the amount of sag at the die exit. Additionally, the cooling of the polymer melt and the internal pipe cooling re-duces the internal stress in the pipe wall.

The KryoSys pipe production system is available for pipe diameters from 110 to 2000 mm (4” to 78”) with wall thickness up to 150 mm (6”) and above and production rates up to 3500 kg/hr (7700 lbs/hr). Typical reduction of cooling length with the KryoSys concept is up to 50%. As an example, production of HDPE pipe with a 400 mm diameter and 36.4 mm wall at 2860 lb/hr (1300 kg/hr) production rate can yield an energy savings of 186 kW compared to typical pipe extrusion technology and shorten the cooling length by 45 m to 40 m in total.

KryoSys allows utilizing the energy removal from the pipe production to preheat the in-coming raw material for a reduction in consumed drive energy of the extruder.

PVC Profile Extrusion Dies
Examples of fenestration dies from key suppliers of profile tooling will be on display.

Excellence in screw design

Extruder efficiency is as much a function of screw design as any other factor. Cincinnati Extrusion is a leader in designing single- and counter rotating twin-screw systems for op-timum production. The company, which designs screws for competitors’ machines as well as its own, can provide specific screw geometries for all types of single- and twin-screw extruders. Cincinnati Extrusion is exhibiting sets of counter-rotating twin-screws, in parallel and conical designs in a static display that highlights its expertise in screw design for pipe, profile, siding, natural-fiber composite and sheet applications.

Finished products showcase process capabilities

To show what can be done with its extrusion technology, Cincinnati Extrusion is exhibiting products that have been fabricated with its extruders and tooling.

Examples of PVC profiles for the fenestration, PVC siding, natural fiber composites, low density foam PVC sheet are scheduled for the exhibit.