China: SKZ establishing itself in the Middle Kingdom – SINO founded

[inspic=280,left,,100]Since 2006 SKZ has been offering its training services also in China. In 2010, with the foundation of the independent company SINO – German Plastic Technology Service (Cheng De) Co., Ltd., close to Beijing, a new milestone was reached.
The first connections with China date back to 1986, when staff from plastic processing companies were trained in Würzburg. Since that time SKZ had occasionally obtained orders from Chinese companies and cooperated with Chinese partners.
However, SKZ has only been systematically providing services on the Chinese market for four years. Initially with Chinese staff in Germany and with a representative office in China – and now with an own company.

Today, SKZ tests and monitors products, certifies companies and, particularly, offers events. The brisk demand especially for practice-oriented training courses reflects the changing quality con-sciousness in China. The customers who are on the rise include above all companies from Europe with branches in China and, in the meantime, also more and more production plants of Chinese companies.

As this upward trend is expected to continue SKZ plans to extend its site in China, add staff and set up an own machine pool in 2011. For the time being, SKZ intends to focus on training courses in its core competence areas injection moulding and welding technology. With this step SKZ can perform training events also on its own premises, in addition to the inhouse training and training courses at affiliated mechanical engineering companies.
Contact: SINO – German Plastic Technology Service Co., Ltd., Xiao Tong Gou, Shuangqiao District, 067000, Cheng De / China,

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