Ceiling cooling/heating system BLife

Launch of the low-energy ceiling cooling system

LOEX is putting the newly developed BLife ceiling cooling and heating system in the foreground at this year’s ISH.
This room comfort system combines high end comfort with maximum energy savings thanks to the integrated room air control system with optional dehumidification.
The modular system allows occupancy of up to 80% and a homogeneous superficial temperature distribution.
The total set-up height of 10cm saves valuable room height, whereby an excellent cost-/benefit ratio completes the competitive offer.
The long-established LOEX regulation and the ready-to-assemble push fittings complete the system, which is certified in accordance with European standards.
The fire protection certification extends the application possibilities of the ceiling system to the public sector.

The new BLife ceiling cooling system. (photo: LOEX 2019_09)

The South Tyrolean company LOEX is the reference company in the field of high-quality surface heating and cooling on the Italian market. In particular, the focus on development and innovation, the demand for mature and European certified systems and maximum service orientation form the basis for all successful partnerships that have matured for many years.