CALPEX clip shell systems deliver a simple, quick and reliable seal

The proven CALPEX clip shell systems from Brugg Rohrsystem AG have been enjoying a consistently high level of demand ever since they were launched on the market in 2007, and have been continually improved over the years. Now, an innovative sealing concept has enabled them to take a further step forwards.

Planners and installers across the globe are agreed – the CALPEX clip shell system is simple, quick and the most reliable post-insulation solution for district heating and sanitary lines at low temperatures. When installing lines in narrow trenches, reliable post-insulation of the pipe connections that will last for decades has to be ensured – under harsh conditions and in most cases under huge time pressure.

Quick and simple installation can be accomplished with the new range of rugged CALPEX clip shells (T, I and L shells) for branch pipes, straight pipe connections, narrow trench conditions or house connections – without the need for tools. Time-consuming screwing, riveting and shrinking work in the tightest of spaces has long since been a thing of the past.

A reliable seal thanks to the new EPDM sealing ring with additional sealing collar and clamping clip. The optimised sealing rings enable the CALPEX pipes to be inserted at an angle of up to 20 degrees, therefore offering increased flexibility when laying the CALPEX low temperature systems.

The increased sealing effect comes into its own when pipes are inserted into the shell under tension, or if minor damage has occurred to the jacket during the laying process. The sealing collar is made of the proven permanently elastic material EPDM and provides lasting assurance that the connection is 100% tight up to a pressure of 0.3 bar. This has been tested and proven by the IMA test institute for district heating in Dresden in line with standards (EN 489).

photo: Brugg Rohrsystem AG

Energy efficient thanks to the use of a polyurethane foam, which enables highly efficient and easy-to-install post-insulation – even in adverse weather conditions.

First-rate compliance with one of the most important quality requirements placed on a pipe system now goes even further with the new generation of CALPEX clip shells: lasting reliability. The lifetime of a low temperature network must be at least as long as that of a modern, well-constructed building. CALPEX pipe systems stay sealed. Guaranteed.