C-PVC Multi layer pipe successful in India

Astral Poly Technik produces the FlowGuard® Bendable Pipe in India. It is a patented CPVC multilayer piping system from Lubrizol,which is the global leader in CPVC technology. CPVC Multil layer pipes are designed for hot water systems. As Astral is very successful with CPVC Multi layer piping, they are already working on expanding the range of diameters.

The pipe consists of an inner layer of CPVC, a middle layer of butt-welded aluminum and an outside layer of CPVC. All of the layers are bonded with an adhesive, specially formulated to withstand water temperatures up to 180°F, using an engineered insert sleeve. FlowGuard Bendable Multilayer Piping is the first and, to date, only product to meet the requirements of the new AST M F2855 standard for CPVC/metal composite piping.

For pipe connection the installer should apply FlowGuard Gold One Step Cement to the outside diameter of the insert sleeve fitting and the inside of FlowGuard Bendable pipe. Then install the sleeve fitting into the FlowGuard Bendable pipe, and join them while twisting slightly. After completing the assembly of the sleeve fitting, the pipe is ready to be connected to a standard CTS fitting.

Features and benefits of a FlowGuard® Bendable Multilayer Piping System

  • Excellent combination of flexibility and rigidity allows the pipe to be workable, yet hold shape. FlowGuard Bendable pipe is easy to bend by hand. It should maintain a 90 degree bend when initially bent to 135 degrees.
  • Cost-effective and price-stable alternative to copper tubing.
  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion closer to metal than other plastic pipes.
  • Installed easily without use of expensive tools or torches.
  • Multilayer construction with specially formulated CPVC and superior aluminum alloy provides protection against failures due to corrosion or oxidative degradation by chlorine

For more information please visit www.lubrizol.com/cpvc/products/flowguard/flowguard-multilayer-pipe.html

About Astral

Astral Poly Technik Ltd. is the first licensee of Lubrizol of USA in India and has equity joint venture with Specialty Process LLC of USA (manufacturing PVC plumbing system since 28 years) to manufacture and market advanced CPVC plumbing system in India.

The company is equipped with state-of-art production facilities at Ahmedabad and Himachal Pradesh to manufacture plumbing systems from 15mm to 300mm with all kinds of necessary fittings.

Looking to Astral’s growth and potentiality of the plumbing market Astral is planning to have its upcoming production facilities at Dholka (Gujarat) and Hosur (Tamilnadu) to enhance production volume.

Contact: Astral Poly Technik Ltd., Ahmedabad, India, info@astralcpvc.com, www.astralcpvc.com
The Lubrizol Corporation, Wickliffe, Ohio, USA, www.lubrizol.com