Efield Piping/CN applying for DVGW and AENOR certification for piping systems

Shandong Efield Piping System Co., Ltd. is a leading piping system supplier.

efieldThe company is specialized in the research, production and sales of PE(X) and PE-RT single and multi layer, PP-R and HDPE pipes, serve as piping systems for hot & cold water, heating, gas, etc.

efield-0Efield has passed CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification, it is presently applying for DVGW (German) and AENOR (Spain) certification, and all products are under multiple inspections on material, production and quality. Meanwhile, Efield is in close collaboration with SKZ, to bring advanced extrusion, molding technique, in order to develop quality monitoring for international market requirement.

Except pipes, its main products including screw and press fittings, PP-R fittings, ball valves and manifolds. The products are widely exported to Europe, the Middle East and American countries.

Contact: Shandong Efield Piping System Co., Ltd., China, www.cn-efield.com   pipepex@vip.163.com