BLÜCHER North America, a producer of stainless steel drainage and pipes, joins Watts

[inspic=303,left,,100][inspic=7,right,,120]BLÜCHER North America, a producer of stainless steel drainage and pipe, is now part of Watts Water Technologies. The company will continue to offer its line of stainless steel drain, shower, channel and pipe products, which complements Watts’ current line of drainage products. BLÜCHER North America will be based in Spindale, NC, and Burlington, Ontario. BLÜCHER offers an extensive range of stainless steel drainage pipes and fittings. These pipes can be used above as well as below ground.

Stainless steel pipes share three basic characteristics. They are:

  • Light-weight
  • Non-combustible
  • Easy to install

Every BLÜCHER Pipe product is designed to keep up the flow through dependable connections while adding value and exceptionally long life to your drainage projects and installations.


The light weight of the push-fit system combined with its exceptional fire resistant properties make BLÜCHER Pipe the preferred pipe system in commercial projects around the world. Hospitals, schools and airports are just some of the jobs that specify BLÜCHER.


Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries particularly value the BLÜCHER Pipe solution for its hygienic and sustainable characteristics. The smooth stainless steel surface and high flow capacity prevent deposits inside the pipework system, delivering a solution which requires a minimum of maintenance and a maximum of longevity.


The BLÜCHER Pipe drainage pipework system is completely interchangeable between vacuum and gravity systems for black- and grey-water in marine applications. Shipyards and owners all over the world depend on the longevity, low weight and fire-resistant properties of BLÜCHER stainless. The BLÜCHER solution delivers a hygienic and reliable marine discharge system.

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