BDH: Heating sector boom abroad and market recovery in Germany

[inspic=212,left,,100]In 2007 the German market for heating systems fell by 28 percent in terms of sales figures. The growth in business abroad, however, was more than enough to offset this fall.
In France the growth in sales of high efficiency heating systems was particularly strong, with condensing boilers increasing by 15 percent to 150,000 units and heat pumps by 30 percent to 70,000 units. The market for solar heating units increased by 2 percent to 235,000 m² (approx. 23,500 units). The German heating industry has created an excellent position in this sector with a market share of 85 percent.
In England, the German industry has built on its leading position, increasing its share in the market for 1.7 million condensing boilers to 53 percent.
In Italy too, sales of condensing units and solar units from Germany have risen significantly and the market share has increased to 18 percent.