American Maplan changee to battenfeld-cincinnati USA

American Maplan Corporation (AMC) has long been known in the US market for its reliable, customized total extrusion solutions. In April 2012, the company will change its name to battenfeld-cincinnati USA to reflect the brand name of the parent global group of companies. battenfeld-cincinnati USA will retain its US headquarters at McPherson, Kansas and continue offering existing product lines. In addition, the company will continue providing machines and equipment from the extended battenfeld-cincinnati brand portfolio. The latest innovations of the portfolio will be presented to the American market at NPE 2012, in Hall West A, booth no 911.

battenfeld-cincinnati’s extruders and extrusion lines are designed to meet the demand for energy-efficient, space-saving equipment that enable high output levels and excellent end product quality. With its three Divisions – Infrastructure (pipe), Construction (profile, PVC sheet, WPC) and Packaging (sheet, pelletizing) – the company can respond to customer specific needs for an extensive range of applications. The battenfeld-cincinnati group is a global market leader in the extrusion industry. The group employs about 750 people worldwide at five production locations and serves its customers worldwide with an extensive sales and service network.

At NPE, battenfeld-cincinnati introduces the new extruder series solEX and twinEX to the American market.

Successively larger diameters in pipe production: haul-off and cutting tool from battenfeld-cincinnati for a 2 m pipe extrusion line (photo: battenfeld-cincinnati)
Successively larger diameters in pipe production: haul-off and cutting tool from battenfeld-cincinnati for a 2 m pipe extrusion line (photo: battenfeld-cincinnati)

The solEX is a series of high performance 40D single screw extruders for PE-HD and PP pipe extrusion, available in five sizes with screw diameters from 45 to 120 mm. Their outstanding feature is high output with low melt temperature. solEX extruders are equipped with a powerful, highly efficient drive train and an optimized processing unit that enable a reduction of energy consumption by about 15%. The extruders reach such high throughput levels together with excellent melt homogeneity that compared to conventional 30D extruders, the next smaller diameter machine model can be used to reach the same performance.

The twinEX series of parallel twin screw extruders consists of four machines in sizes from 78 to 135 mm and is ideal for the production of pipe and profiles. The extruders require approximately 15% less specific energy input with a simultaneous increase in output compared to other counter rotating twin screw extruders. The machines have already proven themselves repeatedly in the field.

Another highlight is the helix 400 VSI 3-layer pipe head for PO pipes with diameters from 75 to 400 mm. With a unique two-step distributor concept, it offers gentle, homogeneous and precise melt distribution with high output. Each layer has a separate distribution system for easy maintenance. In co-extrusion processes, inner and outer layers are united at a point that enables the use of different materials. Because of their modular design, helix VSI pipe dies can be retrofitted and adapted to special customer requirements.

Also on display is a RK 1.25 pipe head from the well-known battenfeld-cincinnati USA single spider PVC pipe head series. The RK series provides high throughput rates while retaining a homogeneous melt distribution and excellent wall thickness control. With more than 1,100 pipe heads already installed in North and South America and diameter ranges from 16-800 mm, the RK pipe head series provides an excellent solution for the pipe processor.

battenfeld-cincinnati’s Infrastructure Division has successfully placed more than 30 large diameter pipe lines in the field since 2010. Recently, the focus is beginning to shift to pipe with diameters of 2,000 and 2,500 mm. Among these recent orders was one from Pipelife Norge, Stathelle/Norway in 2011 for a 2,500 mm. battenfeld-cincinnati supplied extruder, pipe head and customer-specific haul-off. The line components were produced in a short time despite their enormous size and technical complexity and have already been delivered to the customer.

The battenfeld-cincinnati Packaging Division will introduce the Multi-Touch roll stack, a new development that provides excellent results, particularly for PP sheet extrusion. Rather than widening the line for higher outputs, Multi-Touch allows for a space saving solution while insuring excellent end product quality. The sheet passes through a number of polishing nips, with the first two being larger than the following for optimal cooling and transmission that lead to higher transparency and surface gloss. With its modular design, the Multi-Touch roll stack can be adapted to the expected throughput by adding more rolls.

To find out more, visit us at NPE: West Hall A, booth 911