ALVANCE Aluminium Group: Focus of the company after the acquisition of Aleris

Aleris Aluminum Duffel BV has been taken over by Alvance Group: On October 1st 2020 ALVANCE Aluminium Group completed acquisition of Duffel recycling and rolling mill in Belgium / Vision and Mission – Next steps – Strategic Commercial Goals

Alvance is the newly formed international aluminium vertical, part of the GFG Alliance, which brings together assets across the aluminium supply chain – from raw materials through to finished components.

Alvance owns and operates Europe’s largest Aluminium smelter situated in Dunkerque, France, as well as the only smelter in the United Kingdom – Alvance British Aluminium. Alvance´s downstream portfolio includes France’s only manufacturer of aluminium wheels – Alvance Wheels Chateauroux; and engine cast component producers Alvance Aluminium Technologies (Poitou) and Alvance Cast Products (Poitou). Duffel will be the only rolling mill in the Alvance Aluminium Group.

Mission: Alvance produce and sell aluminium to their customers by efficiently and sustainably operating integrated industrial assets.

Vision: By 2030 Alvance will be a leading sustainable and carbon-neutral global aluminium company serving the customers across the value chain.

Next steps: 100 Days – Priorities Duffel

  • Day 1 programme – increased attention and focus after long period of uncertainty
  • Introduction of ALVANCE at all customers and suppliers, building an ALVANCE relationship with the most important customers
  • Decouple from Koblenz and Voerde and select strategic growth option
  • By end 2020: decision about strategic options for Duffel / Integration in ALVANCE organisation – synergies with Dunkerque

Strategic Commercial Goals ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel

  • Keep the Multisegment strategy / Develop Automotive while growing in Industrial segments as well
  • Decide on investments either in the frame of Escrow or volontary, to increase capability, capacity and reliability
  • Keep or increase presence in the key industrial segments (Heat Exchangers, Multilayer Tubing, Architecture, Design, cables, deep-drawing qualities…. )
  • Intensify dialogue with customers to enable mutual growth by new products and services / Involve all levels of Alvance organisation into customer intimacy

ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel will not only continue the activities of Aleris in the field of sheet aluminum for reinforcement barrier in multilayer pipes for sanitary, heating, ventilation and cooling applications, but will also focus more on this product area. Alvance wants to be a responsible partner for the customers in the multilayer tubing area and as soon as the circumstances allow it, there will also be Pipelite days again for the exchange with the customers.

Contact: ALVANCE Aluminium Group, Duffel, Belgium,