Aluminium Multi Layer Pipes Worldwide 2013

Now published: The latest edition of the KWD Market Report “Aluminium Multi Layer Pipes Worldwide 2013 – Sitution and Trends for Heating & Plumbing Installations” is available!

icon_multi_layer_ohne_order_nowWhile finishing the work on the newest edition of our market report we are impressed by the significant shift towards the Asian market. It may not be a surprise that the Asian markets have grown, but the direct shift of 7% of market shares from Europe to Asia within just three years is absolutely remarkable.

image049Overall we could add some manufacturers to our list, but we also had to remove others. In Eastern Europe (except EU members) we could add companies from Armenia and Azerbaijan and in the region Middle East / Arabia / North Africa a company from Algeria.

The estimated pipe quantities in this KWD market report are calculated based on both the capacities and utilization of the production facilities as well as sales figures. So the tables do not only show the company name, the estimated quantities and the inliner pipe material with the produced diameters, but also the used welding option as well as the web address.

Please find attached a file with more information on the KWD Aluminium Multi Layer Report 2013 with explanations, table of contents and page samples.

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