Aleris Pipelte Seminar has developed into a successful industry meeting place

For the third time after 2013 and 2016, Aleris has invited to the Pipelite Seminar. More than 100 visitors from many countries worldwide attended the industry meeting in Antwerp in April.

KWD-globalpipe, Datum. On April 11 and 12, Aleris organized another Pipelite Seminar and, as in 2013 and 2016, many visitors from different countries accepted the invitation to the multilayer industry meeting. In addition to many interesting lectures, the main focus was on the personal meeting and the exchange of information.

New this year was the division into different conference programs. So the participants could decide in advance on a “General Program” or a “Technical Program”. These in turn were divided into two groups, so that there was enough room for questions and discussion.

More than 100 participants attended the Aleris Pipelite Seminar in Antwerp in April. Photo: Aleris

Jack Govers, Executive VP, President Aleris Europe and Global Markets, opened the meeting. After a brief introduction of the area in which Aleris is active, Jack Govers pointed out two things that are important to him: “Building a Safety Culture – Zero is the goal”. The aim of this program is to reduce injuries and cases of illness (IIR) to almost 0. In recent years, enormous success has already been achieved here. It is also important for him to say something about the Aleris Quality Philosophy. Continuous improvement of product and service quality is a top priority at Aleris. Finally, Jack Govers presented the investments planned for the future. This was followed by the conference programme.

During the breaks there was a lively exchange of views. KWD-globalpipe editor Jutta Hix (right) also used the opportunity for discussions. photo: Aleris

Topics of the General Program were:

  • Composite Pipe – Industry 4.0, Alain Schiess – Maillefer
  • Consumption of ML-pipes in Europe in the context of alternative pipe solutions, Jutta Hix – KWD-globalpipe
  • Your story – Our commitment, Nathalie Janssens – Aleris
  • The Aluminum market for Multi-Layer Pipe: The Aleris view, Alain Dufour – Aleris
  • Moving towards reliable short lead times for Pipelite products, Gudrun Goeminne – Aleris
  • Primary Aluminum: Premium and Demand-supply Balance, Geert de Meurisse – Aleris
  • The European Construction Industry, Ann-Cathrin Rönsch – EBC

Topics of the Technical Program were:

  • Next generation floor heating pipes 100% diffusion barrier with thinnest aluminum layers, laser butt welded, Wolfgang Reith – THE-Machines
  • Adhesion: The key learnings, Els Verboom – Aleris
  • Advanced MLT systems with crosslinked PE for hot and cold water applications – A comparison of technologies, Holger Brüning – Basell Polyolefines
  • Stabilizers: The solution for almost everything, Prof. Dr. Markus Grob – University of Applied Science, Institute of Polymer Engineering
  • Admer adhesive resins for mujltilayer pipes – What we have learned over the years, Carsten Franke – Mitsui
  • Selection criteria of polymeric bases for adhesive formulation: A novel experimental methodology, Marco Bernabo – Ausserpolimeri
  • Caus of Bliestering and Bubbling in Multilayer Pipes – Effects in Temperature Cycle Test, Heiko Below – IMA Dresden
  • New revision of ISO 21003-7 standard for multilayer pipeng systems, Marko Mekes – Kiwa
For dinner, after a walk through the Antwerp Zoo, they met in the aquarium there to deepen their contacts. photo: Aleris

Johan Petry, Vice President Industrial Aleris, concluded. In witty words he gave a brief review of how he had experienced the event, thanked the visitors, speakers and Aleris staff and promised another Aleris Pipelite seminar in two years.

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