Aleris Pipelite: the new aluminium alloy for efficient pipe production

Michel Vanden Eynde, Field Engineer Aleris Aluminum, spoke about Aluminium Solutions for efficient pipe production. He presented the new generation of aluminium alloys: Pipelite®!

Aleris-MLT-Pipelite-0KWD-globalpipe, 20.12.2013. To provide excellent customer support and to recommend the right materials for the individual application of each, Aleris has developed a new generation of aluminium alloys.

Pipelite® complies with the corresponding EN norm, but has an optimized chemical composition and mechanical properties towards the specific application.

Dedicatied solutions for individual applications:

  • Pipelite® 801 HF, Pipelite® 105 HF and Pipelite® 120 HF are optimized for flexibility and bendability. It allows e.g. smaller bending radius in floor heating.
  • Pipelite® 806 SE and Pipelite® 120 SE are improved for higher to extremely high expansion as is required for special fittings.
  • Pipelite® 806 HP and Pipelite® 303 HP meet both the highest pressure performance in combination with maximum down gaging possibilities.

Aleris´ most successful multilayer tubing qualities are Pipelite® 806 HP and Pipelite® 303 HP.
Thinckness-tolerances at the minimum and maintaining good pressure test performance allow maximum cost saving possibilities: Cost savings for multi layer pipe producers are more than 100 €/ton!

Contact: Aleris Aluminum Duffel BVBA, Belgium,