Aleris Multi Layer Tubing Days: Successful conference

Aleris-glob-500-0More than 80 participants attended the Aleris Multi Layer Tubing Days. The seminar lectures and discussions extended over a broad spectrum of topics: From the aluminium as a raw material over the multi layer pipe markets to the production of the aluminium foil.

KWD-globalpipe, 11.12.2013. The well-organized Aleris Multi Layer Tubing Days took place in October 2013 in Antwerp /Belgium.

More than 80 participants from different countries came to hear the speeches and to discuss about the multi layer pipe markets.

The conference was a big success and participants used the get-together that followed for a lively exchange of opinion and experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Aleris promised to take this event as a start for a tradition. So hopefully in two years we shall meet again at Aleris.

The program of the Multi Layer Tubing Days

Aleris-glob-500-1was structured around four headings:

  1. Aluminium, construction and pipe market
  2. The regulatory challenge
  3. Aluminium solutions for MLT market
  4. Aleris service and support

In the following issues of KWD-globalpipe we will give a summary of the speeches. In this issue we will start with the part “Aluminium, construction and pipe market”.

Contact: Aleris Aluminum Duffel BVBA, Belgium,