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Since about 1970 we strive towards market figures and trends of the market, within the scope of our information centre plastics, in the domain of the triumphal procession of the plastics in the building industry that began at that time. Firstly that were films and insulting materials and shortly afterwards also windows and pipes before fittings and other domains joined in at some remote period.

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Our Team – that is:

Editor in chief: Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Hix

Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Hix, chief editor of the KWD-newsletters and responsible for all customer services. Member in the german “Fachjournalisten Verband” DFJV.
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Editor: Michaela Hamich-Helbrecht

Michaela Hamich-Helbrecht, editor of the KWD-windows newsletter and responsible for all customer services and account staff.
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IT: Ralf Hamich

Ralf Hamich, our IT-Manager, responsible for all Internet and Archives matters.
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Some words about our Market Studies:

In the domain “Plumbing and Heating” everything began with the floor heating that just was available in the first years in Austria, Switzerland and Germany before the floor heating spread out pretty fast over Italy and Scandinavia in whole Europe. There weren’t (and aren’t) any statistic documents, neither in that segment nor in the domain radiator connection and sanitary systems. So we were relied on other sources with our efforts from the beginning.

We found these in the pipe and fitting producers: The good contacts to them that were built up during that long period of time make it still today possible for us to carry out pretty realistic market estimations.In addition there are of course the pipe machine producers and providers of pipe treatment plants that also have stunningly differentiated insights in that market. As corrective adverse the quantities the producers there are of course the delivery quantities of the raw material producers.

To always receive a just half-way realistic market overview further on, we increasingly had to account for the experiences of the system providers and the wholesalers and not least of the installing trade.

That is especially necessary in the domain of the also considered metal pipes (copper, c-steel, stainless steel). Particularly the market of copper pipes is getting more and more difficult, because here it is a matter of a semi-finished products domain, that calculates in tons and that is practically estimating its annual quantities not until in the 3-year comparison because of another kind of order. As in the pretty accurate quantity statistic of the copper industry also gas pipes and especially the whole industry branch are contained with the copper pipes, there are only estimations for the domain of heating and sanitary pipes and also the division in heating and sanitary has lately to be estimated.

Altogether we always try to create a realistic market overview in the domain Plumbing and Heating as well as a row of rule of thumbs and additional information that are useful for the everyday life.