1200 mm pipes are now more accessible and cost effective

SIBGAZAPPARAT Plant (Tyumen), part of POLYPLASTIC Group, launched a production line for manufacturing of 1200 mm SDR up to 13.6 (1.25 MPa operating pressure) pipes. The products have passed all necessary QC procedures and can now be shipped to the customers.

PolyplasticIn 2012, after joining POLYPLASTIC Group, the plant received investments and went through a full scale modernisation. The launch of the new production line is one of the full scale reconstruction stages of the plant.

photo: Polyplastic Group
photo: Polyplastic Group

Such big diameter pipes are in high demand in Ural and Siberia, where currently new pipelines construction and replacement of the worn networks is going on. The new line at SIBGAZAPPARAT is already fully booked with orders for the next six months. This is due to reduced lead time and faster delivery of the quality pipes to Ural customers, who previously had to bring them from very distant regions.

source: http://en.polyplastic.ru