KWD Market + Charts “Heating & Plumbing Europe 2009”

[inspic=305,right,,]Update 2009 now published. The current edition of the report is now available and encompasses two books:

Standard Version: Pipe Materials in figures 2006 – 2012, 4.190 companies, datas on CD + Print, 920,- €, Subscribers only pay 680,- €. Premium Version incl. Excel and PowerPoint Format costs 1.220,- € or 980,- € for Subscribers.

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Volume I. Marketing
Long-term charts from 2006 to 2012 illustrating how many pipes are sold in million meters, in tons, in million Euros and fittings sold in million units for 27 European countries and all Europe in total. Numbers for FH (under floor heating), RA (radiator connection) and SA (sanitary) pipes are shown separately and aggregated per country. In the text section, updated listings of inspection certificate holders granted by well-known institutes are provided (per August 2009). Also, detailed information on individual countries, market developments and pipe materials can be found. In addition, graphs illustrate Top Ten rankings of multi-layer, PE-X and PE-RT pipe processors for 2009.

[inspic=296,right,fullscreen,450]Volume II. Addresses:
The updated list contains 4,190 company names of the European heating and sanitary industry. All companies are listed in alphabetical order and by products to make searching easy. In the detailed country-by-country address section, street address, E-mail and web addresses, a list of products and a brief company profile are provided.

The Standard Version contains the two books and a CD with the pdf file for 680,- Euro plus VAT for subscribers in Germany. Shipping within Germany is free of charge.

In addition to that, the Premium Version includes the long-term charts from 2006 to 2012 for all 27 European countries covered and for all Europe in total in an editable Excel spreadsheet format. Here also, pipe lengths in million meters are shown for FH, RA and SA and aggregated for all three types. Default graphs for all major pipe materials are provided for each country but these graphs can easily be adapted to individual requirements. They are also included in the Powerpoint presentation of the Premium Version. Moreover, other useful information for each country is presented, e.g. number of inhabitants, largest cities, pipe manufacturers and new housing completion numbers. The Premium Version is available at 980,- Euro plus VAT for subscribers in Germany. Shipping within Germany is free of charge.