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globalpipe No.343 27.12.2009

  1. IPEX Plumbing System PlumbBetter: New PEX Plastic Fittings and Manifolds
  2. PE pipes: energy costs an important factor says engineer
  3. AEI Compounds invests £2.5m in new UK facility
  4. Greater Support and Demand for Green Technology: New Options for European Heating Market
  5. Russian construction: will the storm have passed in 2011?
  6. President Medvedev: Russia paid small price in crises / On modernisation big and small
  7. Russia: OZTI, Omskij zavod trubnoj izolyaczii: One of the 5 most important PE-pipe manufacturers

globalpipe No.342 22.12.2009

  1. Plastic Pipe in Russia: A market with good long-term prospects!
  2. Russia: Trade Shows and Import of extrusion lines and other machinery
  3. Russia: Borodino-Plast produces PE pressure pipes up to 1200mm for Olympic constructions
  4. Coming Soon … Zurn PEX Fire Protection Systems
  5. Dr. Peter Nadig leaves REHAU – Rafael Daum now CEO in Austria and South-East Europe
  6. Schütz R50 Bathroom Package: The first step from functional bathroom to luxurious spa.
  7. Ray Hardee Writes Metric Piping System Fundamentals Book
  8. Hope springs eternal – green shoots for plastic pipes

globalpipe No.341 16.12..2009

  1. The Plastic Pipe Market in Russia: Big growth in 2000-2008
  2. The Russian plastic pipe manufactuers
  3. PolyPlastic Group /Russia: Leader in the market of filled thermoplastics and PE-pipes in RUB
  4. HeatLink announces Wade Peterson as New Vice President, Sales + Marketing for North America
  5. Plastica Alfa, Italy: A leading manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings
  6. Engineered Software Adds PEX Tubing to PIPE-FLO
  7. NAHB Connects Builders with New Financing Sources at the 2010 International Builders’ Show®
  8. Wilkins Becomes First Backflow Preventer Manufacturer Certified by NSF to New Lead Requirements
  9. Compounding extruder market faces tough ’10

globalpipe No.340 08.12..2009

  1. Borealis inaugurates international Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria
  2. Plumbing Africa: The case for Polymer pipes in hot and cold water applications
  3. REHAU in South Africa: New Plant in Port Elizabeth – Expansion of International Expertise
  4. Rofix/Belgium, leader in radiator and pipe hangers, offers the multilayer PE-Xb pipe Rhino-pex
  5. Solvay Plumbing: Polymers Solutions have some strong advantages over metal
  6. BSRIA: Heat Pumps guide – free download of fundamentals and legislation sections
  7. Vargon d.o.o. company will present at the leading trade fair THE BIG 5
  8. MCE: International event with focus on the key issues of research
  9. NPE moving to Orlando for 2012 and 2015

globalpipe No.339 24.11.2009

  1. Borealis inaugurates international Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria
  2. Plumbing Africa: The case for Polymer pipes in hot and cold water applications
  3. REHAU in South Africa: New Plant in Port Elizabeth – Expansion of International Expertise
  4. Rofix/Belgium, leader in radiator and pipe hangers, offers the multilayer PE-Xb pipe Rhino-pex
  5. Solvay Plumbing: Polymers Solutions have some strong advantages over metal
  6. BSRIA: Heat Pumps guide – free download of fundamentals and legislation sections
  7. Vargon d.o.o. company will present at the leading trade fair THE BIG 5
  8. MCE: International event with focus on the key issues of research
  9. NPE moving to Orlando for 2012 and 2015

globalpipe No.338 15.11.2009

  1. USA: PEX, an excellent piping material for plumbing with small environmental impact
  2. USA: Premier Edition of the Plumbing + Hydronics Expo in Baltimore, Maryland
  3. North-America: Market Share of PEX-Systems companies in 2004 and 2008
  4. Viega North America: Climat Mat for heating and cooling products with the ViegaPEX Barrier
  5. Independent Pipe grows East Coast site
  6. Polypipe floor heating systems: resistance to corrosion, lead free, electrically non-conductive
  7. Research and Markets: The Indian Pipe Industry – mostly steel and PVC pipe Companies
  8. Kalpana Industries Ltd.: Manufacturer of polymer compounds in India / PEX Pipe manufacturer
  9. Dow Presents Overview of Geomembrane Products + Applications at Geosynthetics Middle East

globalpipe No.337 10.11.2009

  1. The Competition Commission busts pipe products cartel producing pipes for South Africa
  2. SOLVAY PADANPLAST: An innovative pipe solution for hot water applications under pressure
  3. WAVIN gives update on Q3 Trading: Markets Stabilise, Rebound of Operating Margins
  4. GF Piping Systems opens factory in India – mainly for expansion of IndiaŽs natural gas network
  5. WACKER Opens Technical Center for Polymer and Silicone Applications in India
  6. Krah AG receives silver “Best of Show Award” of ACEŽ09 (American Water Works Assoc.)
  7. Dow Introduces New Polyolefin Materials for three-layer Steel Pipe Coating
  8. Evonik: New Highly Flexible VESTAMID® for Cable Conduits
  9. LyondellBasell: New PP Compound used in Pipe Coating for Flexible Off-shore Pipelines
  10. Walraven goes Russia with the establishement of a representative office
  11. Pressure Pipe Developments – Results of the recent AMI-Conference in Cologne /Germany
  12. Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. – a leading PVC manufacturer in Pakistan

globalpipe No.336 04.11.2009

  1. Dow: Pipe Industry Trends for 2010 -What will happen next year
  2. Which is the most used material for under floor heating in Europa?
  3. Solvay Plumbing: How to Eliminate Corrosion? Just use plastics in water handling applications
  4. Pipelife capitalises on Turkish irrigation pipe market / new CET Extr. pipe line for Arili Plastik
  5. New Products Ind. Co.Ltd. (Neroplast) /Saudi Arabia: The first Factory producing PVC pipes
  6. Cincinnati Extrusion: Over 40 years of experience, an extruder model to fit every Polyolefine pipe
  7. Chinese Pipe Fittings manufactuerer Cangzhou Hengli wants to build up cooperations
  8. The North American polyprolylene market ist taking things to extreme this year
  9. Copper, Steel, Aluminum Prices On The Rise – same with other construction materials
  10. Dow: Review of Third Quarter Results – Sales still down, economic outlook seems to stabilize
  11. Just In Time For The Heating Season: New Taco Educational Videos
  12. MCE-MOSTRA CONVEGNO EXPOCOMFORT 2010, the world’s leading exhibition
  13. The Plastic Pipes Conference Series comes to Vancouver in 2010
  14. NEW BSRIA: Heat pump and solar thermal studies
  15. AMI: Next international conference on polyolefin compounding in March 2010 in Cologne

globalpipe No.335 14.10.2009

  1. UK-based PEX compounding group AEI Compounds invests £2.5m in new UK facility
  2. Dow Still Benefiting From 20-Year Old DOWLEX™ PE-RT Pipe System
  3. Geberit: New products in the entire field of sanitary technology
  4. Prandelli-Italy, a leading producer of sanitary systems in Europe: 5 systems in plastic and metallic
  5. Coprax, manufactuerer of PP-R pipe systems for hot and cold water in Spain and Portugal
  6. Prandelli Polska – exclusive distributor of the Italian manufacturer of sanitary systems Prandelli
  7. NSF Annex G Certification Supports New Requirements for Low Lead Plumbing Products
  8. Cannon Group: Technologies for Pipe Insulation
  9. AMI: Challenging Times for Europe’s Leading Pipe System Suppliers

globalpipe No.334 09.10.2009

  1. Demand for pipe material declining in Europe; PE-RT market share slightly higher
  2. Update 2009-09: KWD Market + Charts “Heating & Plumbing Europe 2009”
  3. Solin S.A., Greece, with its wide range of Plastic Pipes and Fittings at ISH 2009
  4. Borealis: Support the construction of temporary housing facilities in L’Aquila
  5. French construction sector waiting for the effects of public programmes
  6. Russia: Substantial Reduction in New Moscow Housing
  7. Arch-Vision: Confidence up upon European Architects – New tool for UK, NL, D, E and I
  8. Danfoss A/S: Half-year report 2009
  9. Sibur plans Russia’s largest polypropylene
  10. European solar thermal system market grew spectacularly in 2008.

globalpipe No.333 30.09.2009

  1. Mexican pipe manufacturer Manufacturas Globales SA de CV opens HDPE pipe plant in Mexicali
  2. Borealis’ BorSafe™ PE100 pipes deliver disruption-free water supply to Sicilian airport
  3. Italian machine makers see early signs of recovery
  4. CANNON GROUP, manufacturer of Polyurethane extrusion lines joins BIG5 in Dubai, Nov. 2009
  5. Maillefer: Water smart drip irrigation
  6. Goldstone, China: New composite pipe for sewage system, Sold production lines to China+Europe
  7. General Pipe Company: Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe Exported to Sudan
  8. Turkman Tubra: Steel Reinforced PE Pipe Line Startup in Turkmenistan
  9. Turkey: Crisis softens demand for building materials – Pipe markets flat
  10. Greek plastic pipe industry evolves only scarcely – Local demand increased in 2008
  11. First Olympic Pipes Delivered
  12. European construction output in June 2009 – far below the level of 2008, decline has slowed down

globalpipe No.332 21.09.2009

  1. Russia: Outlook gloomy for the plastic pipe market – demand expected to fall by 20%
  2. Poland: Falling demand for building materials in Poland – manufacturers delay investments
  3. Rifeng: Improved Manifold Kit to Perfect Heat Regulation System / Price Discount for Pipes
  4. Uponor USA Offers Free Factory Training on radiant heating and cooling, plumbing systems, etc.
  5. AFG: Holds Steady Against Economic Crisis
  6. Cincinnati: Presents complete line concept for glass fiber reinforced 3-layer pipes made of PP-R
  7. BC Extrusion: Top management change, Wolfgang Studener leaves, Jürgen Arnold comes
  8. AMI: New report highlights implications of downturn for European processors 2008
  9. 67th Euroconstruct: Lean times ahead for European Construction / Poland is the star performer

globalpipe No.331 15.09.2009

  1. AMI: MiddleEastPlasticPipes 2009 conference in Dubai – PVC dominates the world pipe market
  2. Plasson Industries Ltd – world class manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings
  3. Hot water conveyance: PlassonŽs innovative ElectroFusion PEX2PEX™ Fittings line
  4. Blansol – a spanish manufacturer of PEX and Multilayer pipes since 1955
  5. Comfort Corporation: UK Distributor for Blansol PEX and Multipex Pipes
  6. Obama signed the stimulus package:Now is the time to use plastic pipes for infrastructure projects
  7. Maharashtra/India used PE100-pipes to reduce leakage / drip irrigation through plastic pipes
  8. REHAU Academy USA: Hydronic Designers Seminar, Sept. 16-17 2009 in Leesburg, Va.
  9. Seminar: Can heating systems become Green? Hydronic Heating Concepts for the Next 10 Years

globalpipe No.330 13.09.2009

  1. First were press fittings then push fit fittings and now automatically compressing push fit fittings
  2. Blansol – The only press-fitting without tools “ixPress” – New in 2009
  3. REHAU introduced its RAUTITAN Plumbing System (PE-Xa Pipes) in Australia in the early 90’s
  4. FAR with new products: Metering system with local reading / Thermostatic head
  5. Vinidex Pty Ltd. – a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe systems
  6. PPI: HDPE pipe reaches milestone with nuclear power industry embrace
  7. TEPPFA International: Recycling of Plastic Pipe Waste – Recycling Targets – Green Declarations
  8. PIPA – PVC Technical Information: Long Term Performance of PVC Pressure Pipes

globalpipe No.329 28.08.2009

  1. Maillefer: New and improved forming and welding bench for composite pipe
  2. Wittmann Battenfeld: Everything under control with innovative process data acquisition
  3. German machinery exec doesn’t expect sharp upswing
  4. Huliot Piping System: One of Israel´s leading manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings
  5. Turkey: Arili Plastik /Pipelife Group – Pipe&Fitting systems for Hot&Cold Water (PEX + PP-R)
  7. SKZ: Int. Conference on Plastics Piping Systems Eurasia in Istanbul, Turkey, September 2009
  8. Solar power systems demand rises again

globalpipe No.328 24.08.2009

  1. Zewotherm: New automatically pressing push fit fittings for metal composite pipes
  2. SIMONA: Considers closure of Würdinghausen production plant
  3. China’s overcapacity in the chemical industry grows despite global recession
  4. WOLSELEY: Profits Slide by 60% – no sign of recovery for the rest of 2009
  5. Germany: VAILLANT – Production of Conventional Oil Boilers Stopped
  6. MYSON and VOGEL& NOOT: Heat Company On The Up
  7. Borealis and Uponor launch first water footprint initiative in the plastics industry
  8. World building controls service and maintenance market remains strong through 2009
  9. VDMA – Building valves Industry posts considerable Decrease in first Half-year
  10. Polypipe sponsors the Plumb Station at Installer Live
  11. Heat Pump Summit 2009 in Nürnberg/Germany – Environmental protection par excellence
  12. ISH China, Int.Trade Fair for Sanitation, Heating+ Air-conditioning, signs brand name exhibitors

globalpipe No.327 07.07.2009

  1. Solvay Advanced Polymers: PPA grades approved for hot potable water
  2. Borouge addresses the world’s toughest water challenges at Singapore Int. Water Week 2009
  3. Polypipe: opens UK centre for customers / 1,500 m² underfloor heating by using PB pipes
  4. HALCOR with a new innovative solution: The CUSMART flexible copper tube system
  5. Tubos Neupex/ Spain offered a wide range of solutions for pipes and fittings at ish 2009
  6. Wuxi pipe solution Co. Ltd. – The Pipe Solution from China for PEX and PE-RT multilayer pipes
  7. PEX design guide for residential plumbing systems – Prepared by the NAHB Research Center
  8. Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI), Inc./ USA becomes first female chairman
  9. USA – National Association of new Home Builders: New Homes Sales Virtually flat in may
  10. Plastic Pipe Industry in Southern Africa: 130 000 t produced pa/ Piping Technical Conference
  11. WACKER Reorganizes Turkish Distribution of Silicone Elastomers

globalpipe No.326 24.06.2009

  1. New in 2009: Hakan fiberglass reinforced PPR pipes+fittings/ Agricultural Drip Irrigation System
  2. HALCOR: Unique advantages with insulated TALOS ECUTHERM SOLAR copper tubes
  3. Greenbuilding” seminar at REHAU grabs the attention of its audience
  4. SIKORA: Presents the new X-RAY 6070 TRIAX
  5. Parker Hannifin: New Tube and Fitting supply alliance provides price and Quality breakthrough
  6. Maillefer: Non-stop Production of Foam Insulated Composite Pipe
  7. Borouge’s investment fuels growth impetus in China – new compounding facility starts in 2010
  8. DuCool: Cut Energy Consumption by 43% with DuCool’s System
  9. Dow inks deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions – Dow and Gazprom have signed a momerandum
  10. JEC Composites: Asia demand for Composites is massive
  11. Vinyl 2010: Presents a construction project at the GREEN WEEK 2009
  12. NAHB: Housing Starts and Permits post gains in May after record lows in the previous month

globalpipe No.325 19.06.2009

  1. Industry-first 2″ Wirsbo hePEX™ Expansion Joint Kit Saves 50% on Install Time and Costs
  2. SIKORA: The management is “Entrepreneur of the year 2009“
  3. Aliaxis: Results 2008 – Revenue € 2,280 million, a decrease of 5.2% – Extremly difficult times
  4. Ingremio /Poland: Manufacturer of protective pipes and tubes / New at ISH: Inflex Solar CU
  5. Moscow’s trade fair duo creates positive impetus for the metallurgy industry
  6. Russian Lukoil to build 600,000 tpa PP plant
  7. NAHB: New Home Inventories continue shrinking in April
  8. MGS Progetti is Among the First European Manufacturers Certified to New Lead Requirements

globalpipe No.324 13.06.2009

  1. In Memoriam: Mr. Winfried Hamich, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of KWD – globalpipe
  2. Uponor Introduces AquaPEX® Reclaimed Water Tubing for Greywater Systems
  3. UNICOR: „The Ferrari among the corrugators“ produces corrugated pipe with speedy 30 m/min
  4. The PE100+ Association: Annual member meeting / New list of “PE100+ Quality Materials”
  5. SABIC Innovative Plastics: High-Performance Materials for Domestic Boiler Manufacturers
  6. European construction output in March 2009
  7. FREEDONIA: Construction Expenditures in China – to grow over 8% annually through 2013
  8. India-based Steer Engineering’s aiming for top of China’s market for extruders
  9. Trelleborg Offshore: Surge into South America
  10. THE Machines has acquired the ex Swisscab – AP Swisstech patents

globalpipe No.323 29.05.2009

  1. USA: Green Building growing at a surprising rate
  2. ISH China focuses on sanitation platform aimed at expanding market in northern China
  3. Building on last year’s success ASIAMOLD 2009 attracts more than 200 exhibitors
  4. Middle East Plastic Pipes 2009 held on 1-3 June 2009 in Dubai, U.A.E.
  5. Borealis joins the Business Friends of the Danube partnership
  6. Borealis and Dow Europe increases polyethylene and polypropylene prices
  7. Revel – Czech Republic: Manuafacturer of PE-Xb pipes for usage in hot&cold water systems
  8. FasoPlast – Greece: plastic pipe and pressure fittings production for water supplies
  9. LyondellBasell to feature polyolefin innovations at NPE2009 educational sessions
  10. Wittmann Battenfeld establishes sales and service subsidiary in Romania
  11. Photovoltaics: A fast growing market!

globalpipe No.322 24.05.2009

  1. Co-operation set up between LIANSU and iNOEX
  2. The KIWA & KOMO Certificates Just Obtained for Rifeng Mutilayer Pipes and Fittings!
  3. Uponor: The new generation of multi layer pipe systems without calibration and bevelling
  4. Viega Opens New Manufacturing Center and Celebrates 110 Years of Global Success
  5. Single-Family Starts and Permits edge higher in April
  6. LyondellBasell: New polyolefins distribution platform to serve fast-growing market in Turkey
  7. German investor buys 50% of LyondellBasell
  8. Canadian Hydronics Sales Up
  9. Canadian Safety Authority Warns Against Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels
  10. Santa Domingo Water line Pipes will be supplied by Turkish Giant Dizayn Group
  11. WAVIN Q1 2009 Trading Update – Strong decline in construction market activity across Europe
  12. In a volatile market, Borealis focuses on cost competitiveness and cash preservation
  13. College of Product Knowledge CD – understand a variety of plumbing systems and components

globalpipe No.321 14.05.2009

  1. Barbi Multipex Multilayer Pipes have received German DVGW approval
  2. Ipex invests US$6.6 million to make PVCO pipe BIONAX – “The Evolution of a Plastic Pipe”
  3. Bleak outlook continues in Uponor’s key markets / Interim report Q1/2009
  4. NSF International Provides Educational Information to Celebrate Drinking Water Week
  5. ITT to acquire Laing/D, broadening portfolio of energy-efficient plumbing and HVAC pumps
  6. UK: Housing Starts Fall 35%, Housing Sectors Slide, Non-residential Index down more than a third
  7. American Maplan to Promote Pipe Extrusion Capabilities at NPE
  8. Cincinnati and its partner Gruber break the sound barrier of 1,000 kg/h in profile extrusion
  9. SABIC Innovative Plastics invites to Free Online Seminar: Trends&Evolution in Electrical Ind.

globalpipe No.320 07.05.2009

  1. UNICOR signs pre-contract for takeover of machine business of FRÄNKISCHE
  2. Uponor Launches Microsite for Plumbing Alternatives to Copper and CPVC
  3. Roth wins EDT European Product Award with ClimaComfort panel heating system
  4. American Maplan expands as a supplier for large diameter polyolefin pipe lines in NorthAmerica
  5. Independent Pipe Products Inc. IPPI adding large-diameter equipment from American Maplan
  6. Uponor starts new savings initiatives / The subsidiary in Finland will close for 2 month at most
  7. ISH China returns to Beijing / “ISH China Goes Cross Country” program receives strong support
  8. CBI presents 24 manufacturers from India, Serbia and Macedonia at Achema
  9. CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions to Introduce New Products at ACHEMA 2009
  10. Vinyl 2010 determined to keep PVC sustainable development on track despite the global recession
  11. DÝZAYN GROUP/TURKEY, a Company Presentation / PP-R Elite Pipe / Spiral Oneself Pipe

globalpipe No.319 30.04.2009

  1. Fränkische Rohrwerke: alpex-plus the innovative push-fit fitting
  2. FAR: New product range for solar systems / New range of fittings for connection to pipework
  3. NSF Certifies First PVCO Pipe to AWWA C909 in North America / Manufacturer is IPEX Inc
  4. Borealis increases black PE80 and PE100 supply efficiency for European pipe manufacturers
  5. Great Britain: Housing rescue plan predicted
  6. USA: Single-Family Housing Starts unchanged in March 2009
  7. SKZ International conference: Plastic Piping Systems Eurasia, 29, 30. Sept. 2009 Istanbul Turkey
  8. BRUGG Rohrsysteme: Farewell to screws – let’s start clicking!
  9. MAINTOOLS achieves bulk order for 5 layer Alu/PE-Xb multilayer composite pipe extrusion line
  10. VDS: Germany Sanitary industry Downturn after upswing
  11. VARGON, Croatia-Skrljevo: Installation systems vargokor, vargoterm, Vargokal, vargoplen

globalpipe No.318 22.04.2009

  1. INTERPLAS: Reinforced Resistance and Protection with the Guarantee of an… ATLAS
  2. LyondellBasell Increases Fixed-Cost Reduction Target to $700 Million l/ P an of Reorganization
  3. Metallurgy-Litmash, Tube Russia, Aluminium/Non-Ferrous 2009 in Moscow:
  4. Q1 2009: Year starts badly for Wavin as construction tumbles… a 35% drop
  5. Freedonia: US Demand for Pipe to Exceed 11 Billion Feet in 2013
  6. Poland: 19,500 Flats Completed in January 2009
  7. Indian sanitation innovator awarded 2009 Stockholm Water Prize
  8. Uponor: Sale of the Irish manufacturing premises delayed
  9. Russia: Russian Government to Support Residential Housing Construction
  10. Cincinnati Extrusion to Present Leading Innovations at NPE
  11. USA: With Affordability up, Home Buyers are Starting to Return to the Market

globalpipe No.317 15.04.2009

  1. Ostendorf: New HT-pipe offering more performance at the same price? Open questions
  2. Bosch Thermotechnology division to take over commercial boiler manufacturer Loos
  3. SESTA SRL at ISH presents its Multilayer System enlarged by Press-Fittings
  4. Lubrizol: FBCT introduces Customized CPVC Piping Brochure for the Healthcare Industry
  5. SIKORA at the CHINAPLAS 2009: Innovative technology for a new level of refinement
  6. Hewing expands its product portfolio: Quality and experience
  7. NSF/ANSI for Drinking Water Products Incorporates New Requirements for Regenerated Water
  8. SABIC’s new High Density Polyethylene plant; first products commercially available up from now
  9. ISH Franfurt out of the NA perspective: At I Learned Overseas

globalpipe No.316 01.04.2009

  1. Ultra-productive with ultrasonic: SIKORA launches the new ULTRATEMP 6000*
  2. NSF Offers Certification for Low Lead Plumbing Products to Support New State Requirements
  3. Hewing is increasingly focusing on global market strategy / Expansion of export business
  4. Krauss-Maffei slashes 10% from workforce
  5. Don’t Be Left Behind: Dow is always within REACH
  6. FAQ frequently asked questions about key trends impacting REACH and the plastic pipe market
  7. AMI: Expanding Prospects for PVC Additives and Compounds/ Pipes have been a major driver
  8. Not for Pipe stabilizers: EC raises anti-trust concerns in PVC stabilizers business
  9. Innovative Hybrid CPVC/PEX Plumbing System from FBC™ Building Solutions

globalpipe No.315 25.03.2009

  1. Coes at ISH themed “Inside every building beats the Coes heart”
  2. Interplast of Greece with plastic pipes and fittings at ISH 2009 in Frankfurt
  3. Viega: Raxofix redefines pipe connecting technology in heating and drinking water installations
  4. Cincinnati Extrusion investing almost 3 million EUR in the future in spite of the general crisis
  5. New sizes available: New generation of Uponor Comfort Panels for cooling from suspended ceiling
  6. USA:. Pipe and fittings maker Freedom Plastics sold to four companies
  7. RIDGID® introduces the 65S, a brand-new Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter
  8. New RIDGID® CSST Cutter Now Available
  9. Novartec: A toolkit for all applications
  10. Novartec: Pipe cutting now made easy for pre-installed pipes up to 108 mm in diameter
  11. NAHB USA: Total U.S. housing starts to a annual rate of 583,000 units in February
  12. Pipelife Finland – An excellent place to work
  13. Freedonia in an other world or a bad marketing joke ??
  14. Freedonia: Global demand for Windows & Doors to reach $150 Billion through 2011

globalpipe No.314 17.03.2009

  1. Leoni: New plant in Bautzen for refining technical products/ Capacity 100 Mio m Heating Pipes
  2. Bautzen: The next big pipe producers
  3. Roca: production of acrylic jet bath tubes in Russia
  4. Lubrizol: First Proven CPVC-Compatible Antimicrobial Steel Pipe Coatings
  5. American Maplan adds to Pipe Sales Management
  6. LyondellBasell first achieves PP 125 classification for polypropylene used in pipe
  7. SKZ: Plastic piping systems Eurasia (Conference Announcement +Call for papers ) in Istanbul
  8. Geberit with convincing 2008, Annual results 2008
  9. SCHÜTZ “R50”: Innovative underfloor heati ng system for Renovation Projects:
  10. Roth wins EDT European Product Award with ClimaComfort panel heating system
  11. Georg Fischer – Adding Quality to People`s Lives

globalpipe No.313 14.03.2009

  1. WRW Selects Novelis FusionTM Technology to Develop Advanced Tubes
  2. PEX added to CA Plumbing Code
  3. ISO standard for assessing energy efficiency of new buildings
  4. Ireland’s Kingspan postpones a new greenfield PUR foam insulation board plant in Poland
  5. Borealis BorSafe LS-H solution generates 30% cost saving for rural infrastructure project
  6. Zurn: Super Flexible PEX Tubing
  7. Ostendorf adds new features to the popular HT waste pipe – on the market from 01/2009
  8. Battenfeld China to exhibit at Chinaplas 2009, plans to host Open House
  9. PVC PIPES Awarded Top Ecological Classification by Swiss ECO-DEVIS
  10. Northamerica: CPSC Announces Changes To Home Heating Vent Pipe Recall Program
  11. Borealis records solid performance for 2008 despite difficult fourth quarter

globalpipe No.312 04.03.2009

  1. Northamerica: Sioux Chief Buys Rehau Fittings Business
  2. Steel firms will be able to use the profits from 2008Žs high prices to ride through the current storm
  3. Port Elizabeth’s First Five-star Hotel Using Rifeng Multilayer Piping System
  4. Richter+Frenzel sells 8 branch offices – Efficiency increase through restructuring process
  5. Wavin, Europe’s leading supplier of plastic pipe systems, announces its 2.HY and FY 2008 results.
  6. Kiwa Nederland at ish on 2009-03-10: Rubber products – specifications versus lifetime
  7. THC Chile S.A.: Efficient and convenient connection for PEX pipes
  8. KE KELIT since 20 years in South East Asia – New pipe factory in Malaysia
  9. New products in VETEC product range 2009 punctual to ish
  10. Dow is looking forward to welcoming you to ISH!
  11. AMI: Pipe Coatings – Critical Components in Pipeline Safety
  12. District Heating:Sale of Star Pipe the best solution

globalpipe No.311 26.02.2009

  1. Rifeng’s New Connecting Method: PEX Pipes connect with Press Fitting
  2. Marketing: Push fit fittings most likely only successful as part of complete systems
  3. US-Newbuild-Desaster: Housing Starts Plummet in January
  4. Potter Pipe-Shield™ Corrosion Inhibitor Added to FGG/BM/CZ™ System Compatible Program
  5. BASF hopes US infrastructure growth will boost wire, cable
  6. Wood Floors and Radiant Closing the sale
  7. Townsend announces new identity
  8. Cincinnati Extrusion: Presents Rapidex 1000 single-screw extruder, at the Plast Milan.
  9. North American PE consumption drops14 % in 2008
  10. Sewerage & Drainage Pipe 2009 15-17 June 2009, Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany
  11. BSRIA: Global Opportunities in the HVAC Market at ish 2009
  12. Expanding throughout Europe: Tremco illbruck acquires Karochemie AG, Switzerland

globalpipe No.310 18.02.2009

  1. Uponor: financial statements for the year 2008 , Outlook for 2009.
  2. LyondellBasell: New PE-RT resin completes portfolio used in hot water pipe applications
  3. Obbekjer Foundation sells the activities from Starpipe to LOGSTOR.
  4. Cincinnati Extrusion Offers Innovative Complete Systems for Energy-Efficient Pipe Production
  5. Kabra, Gloucester joint venture to produce extruders in India
  6. American Maplan: CPVC screw design providing solutions for pipe production
  7. AMI: Pipe Coatings – Critical Components in Pipeline Safety
  8. USA: Mueller Industries, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2008 Earnings
  9. KWD-Market Report: PEX and PE-RT Heating & Plumbing Pipes worldwide 2009

globalpipe No.309 13.02.2009

  1. Aliaxis must look to achieve cost efficiency improvements Hunter looks for pipe production move
  2. Dow USA to Close LDPE Plant in Freeport , Texas
  3. Now published: KWD – Market Report: “PEX and PE-RT Heating & Plumbing Pipes worldwide 2009”
  4. AMI: Plastics in Underground Pipes May 6-7, 2009 at Orlando in the state of Florida.
  5. Velux : CO2 emissions to be cut by 50% in 2020 – referring to 2007
  6. NAHB: Crowds are 30 % Smaller at International Builders Industry Weathers Downturn
  7. USA: PVC pipe firm Freedom Plastics seeking a buyer
  8. AMIPLASTICS: Middle East Plastic Pipes 2009 1-3 June at the JW Marriott Hotel in Dubai,
  9. USA: California Certifies PEX
  10. US Housing market to show dramatic declines / PEX-PIPE Situation
  11. BSRIA: Heat pump market growing fast
  12. Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2010 shows Signs of Confidence in global economic recovery
  13. Techno Plast – Pipe Manufactuer from Syria / a briefly introduction to the Techno Group

globalpipe No.308 05.02.2009

  1. KWD-globalpipe: First global overview of the PEX-Market
  2. Company standard for LyondellBasell’s Akoafloor resin used in Chinas low-temp. pipe heating
  3. Viega wrapping up Kansas relocation
  4. Uponor technology to cool one of Europe’s largest shopping centres Dolce Vita Tejo
  5. Danfoss: Group Information / Lasco, largest manufacturer (25% ) of bathing fixtures in the US
  6. Charlotte Pipe’s ChemDrain® Pipe/Fittings System for chemical waste applications
  7. US-Housing Market (NAHB): Worsening Data underscores need for Housing Stimulus
  8. NSF Certifies First Geothermal Pipes to New Canadian Standard /Trinus and Vanguard Canada
  9. Mair Heiztechnik /D: VitaFloor – the ecological underfloor heating
  10. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX wins the China Top Investor 2008 Award
  11. AMI: Polymers in Cables: Conference March 31 to April1 in Phoenix, Arizona.

globalpipe No.307 29.01.2009

  1. AALBERTS INDUSTRIES Confronted with a total market slowdown
  2. INOEX: Measurement of thin pipe and tube layers now very easy!
  3. WAVIN announces further restructuring in the UK
  4. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX Acpuisition of BevEx Ltd./ developping +distribution of pre-isolated pipes
  5. NSF: World Health Organization Renews NSF Designation as a WHO Collaborating Centre
  6. From Hassfurt to California: UNICOR machines conquer the pipe market in the West of the USA
  7. Shiv Om Brass Industries /India: Manufacturer of all types of Brass Turned Components
  8. Borealis promotes discussion on sustainable water solutions for Central and Eastern Europe
  9. Vassili Modlinski named new general manager of OOO Battenfeld Injection Moulding Russia
  10. Uponor enters a provision to cover for product replacement costs in the U.S.
  11. Demand for Plumbing Products in China to Reach 121 Billion Yuan in 2012
  12. BASF: Water-repellant adhesive for thermal insulation of basements with Styrodur XPS panels

globalpipe No.306 21.01.2009

  1. Emmeti the new production site for 14 Million Metres multilayer pipe/year
  2. New Nibco Dura-PEX Facility in Lebanon, Ohio
  3. Hacker Industries Moves To New Corporate Headquarters to Newport Beach, California
  4. Borealis promotes discussion on sustainable water solutions for Central and Eastern Europe
  5. Higashio Mech Co Ltd: Extensive know-how regarding the manufacture of hybrid pipe fittings
  6. American Maplan: Small diameter PVC and CPVC pipes with tooling options and separator blocks
  7. USA: Panel Radiator vs. Radiant Panel, by John Siegenthaler , P.E.
  8. NSF Develops Standard for Low Lead Plumbing Products in Support of New Requirements in California
  9. Masterplast opens Serbian insulation panel plant
  10. SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Resins Optimize Water Valves with High Performance and Long Life
  11. Copper: A Market Of Extremes, by John Gross

globalpipe No.305 14.01.2009

  1. Uponor new fitting generation Riser system300 different fittings are replaced by just 27
  2. REHAU presents the new RAUTITAN generation at ISH
  3. Dow pursues claims against Kuwait’s PIC
  4. LyondellBasell Industries: Non-U.S. Operations Not Affected By Chapter 11 Filing
  5. Parker Hannifin: Innovative Tube Connectors is approved to Key Hydraulic Standard
  6. Lubrizol: New FlowGuard Gold®/Corzan® CPVC Plumbing System eliminates Corrosion in Risers
  7. K-Flex (Hong Kong) Insulation Co., Ltd. is now 100% owned by L´ISOLANTE K-FLEX
  8. WAVIN GROUP Trading Update
  9. Uponor plans further staff reductions in Sweden and continues with savings initiatives
  10. Freedonia: Global Demand For Plastic Pipe to Reach 8.2 Billion Meters in 2012
  11. AMI’s Polyolefin Additives 2009 conference in Cologne /D: Adding Product Value in Polyolefins